This girls ass...

I really think I need some help here. This girl in my school, whose name is Brittani, is just amazing. Many would consider her being the hottest girl in the school. I know it's normal for teenagers to always have crushes. But this isn't a crush. She is very attractive. It's just, her ass is truly amazing. I try to stare at her or her ass every time I see her. And I have always attempted to 'accidentally' touch her ass when I saw her and walked past her. So, the other day, I was walking to Science I think, and as I opened the door she was there, she looked up from her phone and I stepped backward so she could walk through the door. She said "thanks" however, just as she walked past, her ass was just there. Right there. I don't think I have seen it as a clear view as this. I had seconds to think and before I knew it, my right hand grabbed her a***. I couldn't let go. She got both hands to pull my hand off. I had realised what I had done. She looked very angry as she looked at me. I thought she would slap me, but she just carried on walking. And I guess she has not said anything to anyone. Or reported me. So now, I am keep thinking, did she maybe like it? I mean, she hasn't reported me? But she did look angry? I know I did wrong, but I had to do it!!

Mar 4, 2013

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  • I'm a girl, and if a guy did that to me, I'd be angry for a moment and then be like "Hey my ass is hot" and them probably find you later and grab your d*** for revenge... :L

  • She was Probably angry for like 10 Seconds Im a girl I would know we just brush it off ...It depends on how well you know her

  • Ur gay.

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