Panty boy s**

I would secretly wear my sisters panties when I was a boy.
I started to have s** with other boys when I was 12.I experimented with this till I was 15, at that time I started to become interested in girls,but still would wear panties in private.When I didn't have panties on I didn't think about other boys, but when I did I would think about them and secretly wanted them to f*** me. Last year when I turned 18 I started wearing panties again, and I'm engaged to get married next year. The problem is there's this gay black man at work that would joke about how a cute young boy like me shouldn't get married till I've been with a man. Well.....I did, pink ruffled lace panties and all, and now I can't stop. I still sleep with my fiancee, but have been with at least a dozen different (mostly black) guys.The boys that I first had s** with were black boys, and it was consensual. I don't know if I should still get married?

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  • I too wear panties size 5, started with my mom's when she passed out one night on my bed I lifted her robe and saw the bulge of her mound I felt it it was quite warm I took them off and wore them, I still have those, she was 5foot 9 130lbs had a 31 inch waist, and size 38 c chest, have more panties been with three guys one made total love to me a real gentlemen the other two were f*** buddies the gentlemen loved it when I wore a teddy with matching panties either in thong or bikini my c*** would be hidden between my cheeks and I can move my b**** up inside me and he loves my "p****" when he pulls down my panties my c*** plops out and he's right on it and it's 9inches by 2 and 3/4 inches round love feeling his love juice deep inside me and running out down my leg and I swallow and deep throat his 9 3/4 inch c*** he loves it when I look up at him when he shoves it down my throat and lets a huge load and I love it when he pits me on my back and gives me the best head and then mounts me with my legs over my head and makes passionate love and lips locks me when I feel him pump hard as I squeeze his love tool then explodes big time in my man p**** shoving it deeper

  • Any guys or boys want to see a boys panties you can

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  • Yes definatly get married still.Wait a few months then get your wife to watch p*** videos with you making sure to slip a few of black men f****** girls that have the same hair and build and all as your wife to get her interested and soon she will want a black c*** making her feel things she never did with you.When she is hooked on black c*** you will know because she will not want your tiny little d*** any more and then it is time for you to get involved with them.It will be easy to get him to let you jack his big c*** off,,and guide it into your wifes c*** and definatly her ass,making it possible to get to lick on his c*** and before she realizes it you will have it in your mouth making you and your wife her black boyfriends property and you will get to show your wife how baddly you crave a black c***.

  • Yes! In hers and my panties!

  • I'm a boy as well I love wearing girls panties

  • If you still have attraction and desire to your fiance, and you're bi-sexual, you need to have a looooong think about this. If you don't have attraction to her, break it with her and continiue your wild life.

  • I think you need some time to be alone all by yourself. being alone make you think and decide and find the right way. but as you are in relationship you won't be able to figure things out. ask your fiancee to give you this time.

  • Fake story.

  • No it's real. I know this guy. Been there.

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