Women Are Such C*** Teasers

After I read a confession about a woman sticking her t*** in a guy's forehead while doing dental work on him, it got me going about how women pull that s*** all the time. You're minding your own business and they lean over you and mash their t*** into you. They come up behind you and press their t*** into your back, or they brush them against your arm. And if they are cutting your hair, they take every opportunity to rub their t*** on you. But, God forbid, if you react and touch their precious t***. They either get p***** like prima donnas, or say "We have to be involved before I get 'intimate' (I hate that f****** word)." If a man stuck his d*** against a woman and she grabbed it, he wouldn't pussyfoot around. He'd mean business. I hate those c*** teasing b******!

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  • 2 of my FRIENDS girlfriends purposely let me see their t*** and p****, they wear no underwear and purposely sit opposite me in a position that gives me an upskirt view of their shaved p****, or they'll also do things like bend over in front of me giving me a view down at their big t*** or at their nice ass. Why do they have to tease so much? especially when I'm best friends with their boyfriends.

    It would be different if I repeatedly let them see my c***.

  • Happy International Women's Day

  • I must say it is indeed an absolute privilege to listen to someone with such a though-provoking philosophy on women. Real genius

  • ...snicker...

  • Just today, i was in our break room and i accidentally bumped a girls ass and she made it sound like i did it on purpose when she probably moved her ass to bump me just to be a tease

  • I totally agree. There's a woman I work with who does that s*** and it makes me soooooo mad. She presses her chest against you, or her butt, or her mound, and then when you respond in kind, or even ask her to continue, YOU'RE the bad guy. I stay away from her now, and totally avoid her, and so now THAT makes her mad, too. B******. I agree with your closing: "I hate those c*** teasing b******!" Totally.

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