Swallowing my s****

I want to swallow my s**** (sperm/c**). I'm a guy, and I want to know what it tastes like. And, I found out that s**** is an anti-aging element = Swallowing s**** can make you look better! But I also don't know if it would harm me. I have no diseases. So what do you think?

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  • It definitely won't do you any harm to eat your own c**. I've been doing it for years.

  • If it was not good I would not have swallowed my own s**** many times. I could self-suck and loved my c**. Cannot count how many loads I drank. I like the taste, I was hooked on s****. I miss it now.

  • Best to do it on a girls lips then you can lick it off, she will love you for it.

  • Pretty salty.. but what you eat before depends on how it'll taste. Also, I think peanut butter helps you c** more.

  • Hi, eating your own sperm wont hurt you at all. if you have an std, you already have it, so you cant recatch what you already caught. some guys (doesnt matter gay or straight) like their own sperm and some dont. i don't like my own, but i like others. its a matter of taste.

  • I like to kiss my wife after I c** in her mouth. She also likes me to beat off on her p**** and then lick my c** off of her until she c***.

  • From a girls point of view, go ahead but it doesn't taste nice at all. If you do drink pineapple or orange juice before and don't eat junk food, other wise it will taste a lot worse!!!

  • I don't like my own c** so much. You know why? Because I just came and my sexual desire is waning. But if I'm still hard and excited and a guy comes in my mouth I love, love, love sucking down every drop.

  • I some times eat my own c**. It isn't too bad, but i have read that your diet does help the taste. I see it this way, if your going to make your partner eat it, you might as well try it your self.

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