Ive orgasmed maybe ten times in my life, and one time i masterbated two days in a row and tried three. It was taking reaaaally long on thr third day so i gave up. Normally i take 10 minutes ive done 3 minutes once, so i then waited for maybe three days and tried again it took bout ten minutes and it wasnt very good. So then i waited about 5 days and it is taking a loong time i dont have the patients for it when it takes so long so i gave up this time, my walls were very tight. Why? How can i make it better and happen faster, does masterbating make it so u take longer?

Mar 11, 2013

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  • They say women who can't spell masturbation properly always have trouble orgasming. Just sayin'...

  • I have the same problem sometimes. It seems you need to try different types of masturbation and find which one can make you o***** faster. I've only ever tried two types. Usually the first type you try will work well for a while before you find the need for something new and better. Hunt your brain and try to find different ways to bring you to a quick o*****.

  • You might want to try using my tongue. It will get you there very quickly! I have a black belt in women's o****** :)

  • Haha, that's f****** awesome!

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