Parents supervised first s**

We had our wedding receoption at a big central city high rise hotel. Our grand departure was to take the elevator to our room. As we got in the elevator my wifes parents got in too.

This was a surise to me and then in the elevator my wife just started sobbing. When we got out we walked to our room and she was crying. We went in and I asked what was the matter. She said her parents had to be with us the first time we 'did it' to make sure the wedding was consumated.

wow like this just blew me away. We had not had s**. Both of us had believed in waiting until we were married so we were both very naive and to be honest, I had not ever seen a naked woman and except when I was little the only woman who had ever to my knowledge seen me naked was my mum.

We talked and my wife was adimant. I was scared, angry confused and a million other feelings all at the same time.

I opened the door and her parents were standing there and they came in.

She went into the bedroom with her mother and undressed. Her mother came out and said she is ready now. The father and I went in. My wife was just standing beside the bed completly naked. Just stood there. The rest of us were still dressed up from the reception.

Her mother pulled back the bed cover and layed a towel she had brought (not a hotel toewel) on the bed and told her to lie on the bed with her legs apart.

I wasn't even aroused. I was all floppy. I was embarrassed. Her father told me to take off my pants and I undressed but still not aroused. So I had my shirt on but naked from the wast down.

The mother told her to come over and touch me. My mother in law had a tube of lubricant and squeezed some into my wife's hand and told her to rub me and she did and I got hard very quickly.

Then the mother in law told my wife to lie back and I had to get on top and penetrate her. I only got partway in and my wife screwed up her face and got tight. It was painful for my wife and hard for me. My mother in law and father in law said to push harder. They were very forceful demanding and said to get on with it. I pushed harder and got in and I came and then I pulled out. There was blood. My wife was crying and she went and had a shower. My mother in law took her towel and they both left.

I went to see my wife but she just wanted to shower on her own. I had a shower after her and then we both lay together in bed and just hugged. We did not have s** again until the last night of our honey moon a week later. Then I was gentle and I think she just did it out of a feeling of obligation. Now we seem to not have s** very often but it is happening more and I am always patient and gentle with her but it is very very frustrating as sometimes I have to wait for weeks with gentle hints and doing nice things to try to get her in the mood.

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  • You must have married a Betazoid.

  • F*** them. You should have kicked them out.

  • G******* s***

  • Did you notice the father playing with his c***.

  • Rape.

  • C*** exploded inside young hookers c***.

  • This confession as the best comments ever lol

  • Oh my God. Seriously. LOL

  • Sounds like someones jealous of c***.

  • No....

  • C*** up ass

  • Cuntish.

  • Deranged s**

  • Awesome - the message poster strips out paragraphs. Friggin awesome.

  • A couple of questions:

    Do you know what a paragraph is? Next time, write an letter, not a g****** 1000 word text message.

    Second, is your wife Persian? Because, much to my surprise and chagrin, there was apparently a comparable expectation on my wedding night. This post struck me as odd, because who in their right mind would go along with this?

    The in-laws came up with us, presumably on the way to their own room. When they stepped in behind us, I suppose they just want to visit, and offer a drink.

    When the dad says that he needs to witness the consummation of the marriage to insure "legitimacy" in their culture, I about peed myself laughing. I replied with "It's a good thing we're in the US, because being a peeping tom would land him in jail.

    I sat down in a chair and flipped on the TV. Said they could wait until h*** freezes over, there was a 0% chance this was going to happen under their scrutiny.

    The father-in-law walked toward my taking off his belt, I stood up at this aggressive posture, and asked him what he thought he was doing. He said, incredibly "Whip you for your insolence." I laughed again, thinking this was a put on.

    But, when he raised his hand over his head, I incredulously stared, then reacted. I gut punched him (didn't require much, the guy had 45 years on me), and dropped him to the floor. As he lay on his back, looking up, groaning, and holding his stomach, I put my foot to his throat.

    I said, in less than amicable terms, that if he ever, EVER raised his hand to me or to his daughter ever again, the next time my foot would go down on his windpipe. I also said, if he ever sent any of his "friends" after me, they better get the job done in one try, because the very next thing that would happen would be a bullet between his eyes, not theirs.

    Fast forward to the conclusion: The only thing this guy respects is force. It's what he knows.

  • Perverted in-laws.

  • I am the OP.
    as you note the system gets rid of paragraphs.
    I did not consider hitting anyone. It seemed actually to be the mother who was the main motivator for this and she had obviously told her daughter and the daughter kind of understandably had not told me andthen when it came to the night she just fell apart and started to cry.

  • Which planet are you on.

  • The father probably filmed this charade and has uploaded it some where on InlawsWatchedMeFuckMyWifeTube .com.

  • This is just a n**** in the woodpile.

  • Evil, nasty s**.

  • What kind of tradition is that? i know some African cultures have strange tradition demands but this must be not them, have s** with in-law watching !!!!! completely ridiculous.

  • Next your have to watch your wife getting f***** by a group of fat dirty old men and j*** yourself off in the corner.

  • The father was probably j********** while you nailed his daughter.

  • Fiendish s** session.

  • Most boring s** ever, probably better to go get a nice h*****.

  • Pure perverted s** should of just f***** her nasty in front of them then told them to get the f*** out my room.

  • Evil s**

  • Parents probably gang banged her after you left.

  • Pervert dad and degenerate mother, nasty first s** very nasty probably best get divorce now.

  • Should have asked the mother-in-law for a little practice on her before you popped the wife's cherry.

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