Drove his shiitt off a cliff. Cheatin ass B******.

I was with my ex for 4 years straight. AMAZING relationship. Best one ever. I had to go to michigan to see my mom and help her she has cancer. This was JUST two weeks. I had surprised him by my flight coming in a day earlier then he thought it would arrive. I took a cab home. I walked into MY apartment that I pay to find him in bed with someone I knew. So I shut the door. I got his car keys. (He has a Nice old school cadillac, his pride joy and his baby, worth about 22,000 altogether.) I took his car drove up to pikes peak. the highest mountain in colorado springs colorado. Drove that Mother Fuucker right off the cliff. Didnt think anything of it. Walked down to the bottom of the mountin like a damn boss. Bought a plane ticket back to Michigan the next day,

Mar 14, 2013

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  • You're a b**** get over yourself

  • Too funny.I am cracking up.

  • Sounds butt hurt hahahaha

  • He's an a-hole. So are you. The two of you deserve one another. You should be together.

  • Why is it acceptable for women to destroy a guys possessions?

    Why is it acceptable for women to beat on a guy?

    But when a man does such a thing, it is viewed as morally reprehensible.

    Too big of a word for you?

  • Hahaha you sound butt hurt.

  • My cheapo boyfriend wouldn't even buy me a to die for diamond fashion ring that cost $3,000. He said it was too expensive. I told him he could open a credit account and make payments, but he wouldn't. To try to appease me he said he buy me a s***** thousand dollar ring. No way. I don't settle. I was so p***** I screwed my boyfriend's best friend. I don't care if my cheapskate boyfriend finds out. It will serve him right. And he won't leave me. I got that boy wrapped around my finger. I just might leave him though if his friend will buy me that diamond ring.

  • Well aren't we little Miss Priss! $1,000 Ring isn't good enough? It's too bad your BF doesn't see your Posting, maybe he wouldn't agree you are worth a $1,000 Ring!

  • Oh my god. You stupid ass w****. You are REALLY going to s**** your boyfriends best friend because he wouldn't by a 3 F****** THOUSAND dollar ring? You know what? I hope you shove that ring up your ass because you're an over-rated ho. :P You obviously don't deserve a guy who wouldn't slap you after b******* at him about a g******* ring. You give THOT a new definition b****.

  • You don't deserve this guy. he offers you a thousand dollar ring (pretty damn expensive) because he can't afford a $3000 one?! is this an important ring? or just a ring for the sake of a ring? think about it ... and then go be with your bfs best friend. you and him are perfect for each other.

  • Get a job and buy the damn thing yourself, ya f***** w****!

  • Thank You.... What b**** go f*** ur self b****** today

  • Good for you, don't let anybody get buy with "cheap" or you will regreat it for the rest of your life.

  • If your boyfriend or his friend won't buy you that ring, I will. Why? 'Cuz you are unbelievably sexy.

  • Dude we've covered this hateful b**** before just ignore her and she'll go away

  • But I don't want her to go away. I want her.

  • Well your causing her to continue acting like a t*** please I beg of you ignore her make the rest of our lives bearable please

  • I don't care about your life.......I only care about her life, and getting her to be with me instead of those two other guys who refuse to take care of her like she deserves to be cared for. I want her, and I want to be the one to take care of her.

  • If I may her actions are not that of someone deserving of care

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