I have a minor rectal prolapse, afraid of s** now?

I'm a virgin girl and when I was little I had rectal prolapse and now I'm having it again. My problem is that if I'm ever gonna have s**, my future partner will think I was a s*** or something, which explains my a***, when in fact I had this problem as a kid too. Plus I'm a virgin!!! What should I do? It's minor but it could get worse with time, and I wanna die so bad!!!



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  • I hope you get to read this post and that the other posts have not embarassed you into not looking here again. Obviously no one regarded the comment "Please have consideration for others when commenting" before they posted all of the snide, insensitive, rude,ignorant and cruel comments posted to this poor girl's condition. Rectal prolapse is a true condition. Not derived from deviant sexual acts, but from many different things such as genetics, disease, diet, aging (too many to list here),all of which any of us can develop in our lifetime. So I hope, since 2 out of every ten adults can develope this condition, that a few of you who posted the previous nasty comments will get the opportunity to experience retal prolapse for yourselves. This can be a life-long debilitating disease if not treated properly. If armed with the right information, I know people who have lived with rectal prolapse for most of their lives, and they do it quite well, and pain free I might add. Fro rectal prolapse you need to get plenty of high fiber foods, water intake of 1000ml-3000ml everyday, increase physical activity eat a mainly vegetable & fresh fruit diet (anti-inflammatory diet look it up). You must watch these things everyday, no exceptions. In addition you can take stool softeners, and there are Chinese herbs (Bu Zhoung Yi Qi) which have been used for centuries to reverse prolapse. If you have determination and take care of your condition it may reverse or improve greatly so that you may live your life in comfort both physically and mentally. I hope this comment helped, rather than the other insensitive posts which did nothing but show ignorance. I hope all of them get the opportunity to have rectal prolapse so they can see and experience how difficult life can be for some people in this world.

  • Whts ur dad?.tell me then ill tell u i wanna marry u or not.

  • You wouldn't get prolapse if you weren't taking it up the ass.

  • Don't worry. It's not like you have freakin AIDS or Herpes. If you get a man who loves you and cares for you he won't even care about it. Just explain what it is and if he freaks out and calls you a s*** then don't give him p****! Plain and simply put if some guy judges you for that then he is not mature enough for a relationship anyways!

  • Dont stress i will give u a good f***

  • Pound that f****** ass.

  • Big fat c*** kicked in your backdoor and destroyed your s*** chute.

  • Sounds like ass AIDS

  • Sounds butt hurt.

  • w h o r e

  • Wow d******* can't be nice

  • Ur obviously nastier than you admit...........

  • ditto - shes been taken it up the chute

  • Wow your a d***

  • Not without my a***,what show was that.i'll give you all a hint,oh my god,they killed kenny,you b****** or b******'s.

  • I think everyone has something weird on their bodies. If you take time to get to know your partner, and tell him before he sees you naked, I think they'll be fine.

  • Drink milk,or maybe try the medication lax or what ever it is called.

  • Please stop writing about your a***.

  • Jeez...........your problem isn't your ass...........it's your attitude. No s** for you!

  • Poontang... shittang shittang shittang

  • You could just tell the guy you got raped in the ass when you where a kid... That's what I did...

  • Sit your nice butt on my d***.and your rectal problem will go away.

  • if u have prolaps it means ur nasty

  • There's no such thing as a minor prolapse. If your insides are sticking out from your ass, it's major. And it's disgusting. You'll never get laid.

  • There is no such thing as a minor prolapse. If your insides are sticking out from your ass, it's major. And it's disgusting. You will never get laid.

  • You people don't know how to being sensitive do u that is a major problem and your going to mack find of her really a duch much

  • Sorry its making fun of I hate auto correct

  • .....you only get that if you been doing a*** a lot.........

  • Simply explaining the problem and the history will suffice. If the guy doesn't understand, or decides it proves "past sin", or finds it offensive, or thinks it's gross, then he's not somebody you want to have s** with anyway, and you should dismiss him IMMEDIATELY and never see him again. Most guys will probably think it's straight-up sexy..............because it is.

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