I had to wear a nightie

My parents had this rule i remember and boy do I remember it very well because it was a source of acute embarrassment and shame was that my mom made me wear a short nightie and my brothers had to wear pyjamas including pyjama tops. No boxers and tee shirts were allowed and the boys were certainly never allowed to be bare chested in the house. I hated it. When I went to sleepovers all my friends wore boxers and tee shirts but I had to wear this skimpy shiny white nightie with short sleves tight shiny granny pants.

The worst bit was that if we went anywhere like cousins houses where we were going to be home late, we had to take our sleeping clothes and change into them before coming home. I guess this was ok until about 10years old but from about 10 or 11 on until I was 17 and in my final year of high school I had to do this. I can tell you I was just mortified that I had to change into this skimpy outfit and then say goodby to my cousins. I hated having to go to sleepovers or have friends sleepover as mom would make me wear this. I just wanted to go to sleep in my own house and not have anyone see me. At times I pleeded with mom to be allowed to wear anything else. Longer nighties, Tee shirts, I would have even worn a quilted dressing gown in the middle of summer to escape the exposure I felt. But nothing would budge her. In winter the boys could wear long flanellete pyjamas but I had to wear the same skimpy nightie but with white tights. White tights! ugh! Although if we were going outside she would let me wear a dressing gown if it was cold.

Mar 14, 2013

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  • Pretend amputee

  • His is very sad please don't listen to the nasty people out there. It must of been bad for you just hope you can put it behind you and live a happy life. If I spoke about what my mum made me wear as a young boy then people would say nasty things to me.

  • I was put in a nightie by my aunty, I was nearly eleven at the time. At home I never wore pjs just my underpants and a tee shirt. Aunty told me it was unhygienic to wear my panties to bed and as I had no pjs she would find me something suitable to wear, telling me to undress she went and came back minutes later with a thin cotton nighty, she told me it was one of my cousins and as she was away I could borrow it. Ordering me to hold my arms up she slipped it over my head and as I dropped my arms I noticed it was quite short but fitted me snuggly, it had a drill around the Hemns and little capped sleeves, it reached to the top of my thighs and as I looked at her she said one word, “ Panties “ I felt my face flush, I slowly reached under my nighty then pushed my pants down stepping out of them, I bent to pick them up and as I did I felt the fresh air around my naked private’s and my bare bottom. Blushing I asked aunty if I could wear a clean pair of pants she asked me if all my panties were Star Wars printed, embarrassed I nodded and she told me to wait for her, returning she had a folded pull-up which she opened and told me to put on, it was for a girl as it had a Disney princess on the front, I pulled it on and she told me to tuck my p**** down, into them, my face burned as I did as I was told then she told me to lift my nighty, looking down I lifted it up then she bent down in front of me holding open a pair of milky white plastic panties which I knew she wanted me to step into, I closed my eyes as I felt her pull them up over my padded pull-up the elastic edges tightly gripped my waist and thighs as she turned me around then patting my padded bum
    I opened my eyes and looking down I saw the babyish night wear I had on, she told me I was not to touch them and to go and brush my teeth. I went downstairs and she asked if I had touched my panties, blushing I shook my head, I couldn’t speak. I was put in that babyish night wear every night.

  • I am so sorry I wrote my story. These comments just make me feel even worse and all I want to do is crawl away to my private space.

  • Fake as f***!

  • I would adore to meet you in your "private space"! We could be ever so romantic!
    Love You,
    Your Roxanne

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