S*** in training.

I've known this guy Ben for less than 4 months, we go to different schools. We became quick friends and he took me on a really nice date. I also lost my virginity to him. But we're not really dating. If someone were to ask me if I had a boyfriend I would tell them no even though he's almost like a boyfriend to me. I lost my virginity to him maybe a week and a half ago over spring break when I went and visited him at school.
Now I'm back at school and last night a guy Dan who I've been kinda talking to came to my room a little drunk because it was the night before St. Patricks day. Long story short we have a shower party together. Although we didn't have s** because we didn't have condoms he did finger me and I gave him a handjob.
Basically I was with two different guys in less than a two week span. Before this I had only ever kissed one other guy.
I'm kinda worried that now that I've lost my virginity I won't deny advances like the one that came from Dan.
I'm also concerned about whether or not I should tell Ben about Dan. I don't feel the need to because we're not officially together and so it's not really his business.
Random but things were super hot and steamy between me and Dan. He really likes it rough which makes me want to have s** with him because I just find being grabbed and shoved against the wall super hot. ;)

Sorry about the length...


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  • How old are you? You sound like a teenager who is just exploring her sexual side. Nothing wrong with that just make sure you use protection.

  • Originial Poster here>
    I'm 19. My thing is that I've never thought I'd be ok with casual s** and now I am. So it's just weird realizing how much my views have changed in such a short time.

  • Don't worry even if you don't finish school there will always be a job for you as a h*****.

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