I never have had an o*****

I am married and have been with my husband for nearly 20 years. He always has been a premature ejaculator. S** can be over in 1-2 minutes. EVERY time.

I get all turned on by great foreplay and get the need to have hot raunchy s**. But he is done so quickly. Yesterday I went and bought a vibrator. One that looks pretty cool. It has a huge c*** head, and has beads that rotate. It has a c******* tickler. And the size of this thing is OMG. On my way home from the shop, I really wanted to pull over and rip it out of the box. I really need to o***** so bad.

I waited until last night when I was alone, and had a play with all the settings for about an hour. I was so excited thinking I was finally going to reach o*****. But no.

What can I do? Or is there something wrong with me? Are some people just not able to o*****? I have heard that some women actually can squirt during an o*****, and I really want that!



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  • Just to think that you want an o***** is good, i think you need practice your mind more, to find what turns you on more, don´t leave using the vibrator but try to imagine things, the o****** begins into the head....good luck

  • My girlfriend squirts almost every time she o****** and that happens several times when we have s** to the point where we have to used pads in order not to ruin our bed. Sometimes she can squirt by just looking at me or thinking about s**. I strongly believe that the brain is the most powerful sexual organ.

  • The main issue is that you're not in tune with your own body. If you can't reach o***** by yourself you won't with your partner.

  • You need someone who is patient and unselfish and knows what he is doing. I'm amazed that you have waited almost 20 yrs.

  • I would say for both you and your husband go see a s** therapist, separately, or together. I think both are mental issues (not saying you're mentally ill) but i think it'd be highly beneficial

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