One time gay s**

I was in the service in the 70's many years ago, and after Basic I went to advanced training.
One day for breakfast they had SOS, and everybody said that they hated it, but when I put out my tray I told the cook how much I liked the stuff..
He went and gave me a bowl of the stuff. The next day we were all squezed in to the chow hall because it was so cold outside, and the cook walked back against the line to get something.
He was going slowly because of the crowd and when he got next to me he stopped and gave me a quick feel while we looked in each other's eyes, then he moved on. I was 18 and he was about 5 years older.
This was before homosexuality was ever discussed in the open, so I didn't know what was happening, I guess I was naive.
Later in the week it was my turn for KP, and he took smoke breaks together with me, but didn't say anthing about the his touching me, we just talked about the army and stuff.
We hit it off together, and It was cool becase he strarted to give me extra portions of whatever he was serving that day.
Two weeks later it was my turn on KP again and during our smoke breaks he just asked about s** and what kind of sexual positions I liked best.
Then he asked me if I mastrubated while I was on the base. I told him I did, but not too often because it was hard to find a private spot. He said that what he liked best was to bring bread dough back to his room.
He said that it was better than mastrubating. Then he said that his roommate was on leave this weekend and that he was going to bring some to his room. He asked me if I wanted to give it a try.
I told him I would think about it, and on our next break I told him that I was willing to try it. I went to his room that Satruday after chow, and he showed me a tin can with a lid on it.
He said that he brought enough for both of us, but that we would have to wait for it to rise, and pulled out a bottle of Johnny Walker Red. We drank while the bread dough rose.
We were starting to get drunk, and then he told me that he thought the dough was ready, and told me that I should go first.
He told me to get naked and lie on his bunk, then close my eyes, and not to open them because it would feel better if I just kept my eyes closed.
He told me to keep my eyes closed while he got everything ready, and I could hear him moving around getting it ready.
He told me he was done, and if I was ready to try it I needed to mastrubate until I was hard. I said OK and started to mastrubate. He told me how large I was, and how good I looked, and then asked me if I was ready.
He was right, it was one of the most pleasurable thing I had ever felt, only it wasn't bread dough, it was his mouth!.
At first I wasn't sure because my eyes were closed, but after while I opened them and saw that he had taken all of his clothes off. I just layed there and watched him suck me.
It was better than the BJ's my girlfriend gave me, and since it was some time since I had mastrubated I didn't care that it was a man sucking me off.
I came in his mouth and he kept at it until I was spent. Then he asked me if I would watch him mastrubate. I told him OK, and got up and traded places with him.
He said to have another drink and then to watch him pleasure himself. He kept talking to me and asking me if I liked watching him.
I was pretty buzzed, and didn't know what to do, but it did look pretty h**** to watch him. Then he asked me to kneel next to him and give him a hand job while he touched himself.
I did what he asked. He said that I didn't have to suck him, but that he wanted me to use my tongue on him while I stroked him, so I did, and then I could feel his hand on the back of my head guiding me toward him..
I was young, drunk and h****, so I let him enter my mouth. I was shy at first, but finally really got into sucking him, and finally he climaxed in my mouth.
I neverwint to his room again, but he still gave me extra portions and a wink during chow the rest of the time I was there. I haven't done it another man since, but sometimes I will think about it when I mastrubate.

Mar 19, 2013

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