I’m having incredible s** with my enormously fat coworker.

First of all I’m an in shape guy 6’1” 190lbs, athletic and active, I’ve been told that I’m good looking by a lot of women. I’ve always been attracted to thin athletic women who take care of their bodies and work hard at staying in shape. But lately I’ve had some disturbing personal interaction with this obese woman at work. There is a woman that works in my office who is morbidly obese. She is about 5’4” tall and probably 400-500lbs, that’s right 500lbs; grotesquely fat by most people’s standards. I have no idea how she got hired because I know the HR manager in our company pretty well and she views fat people as lazy and poor employees and would never voluntarily hire a woman who is 500lbs. The woman in question is in her late 20s or early 30s at the most. She is married to a j*** who verbally and I think might be physically abusing her. She has a face like and angle, an incredibly sexy voice, long strawberry blonde hair, b****** the size of water melons but the rest of her body is a quivering jiggling mass of what I would normally view as a hot mess. She also has 2 children from another relationship other than her current husband (normally another b**** killer). She is sweet and always has a sunny disposition despite the personal turmoil I know she endures. The poor girl is so fat that she literally sweats profusely just sitting at her desk working on her computer. She works hard and does exemplary work but never seems to get any recognition for it. She is known around the office as Piggy Sue (not her real name) and most of our coworkers treat her like a disease. One of our fellow coworker went out to lunch with her once and reported back to the rest of us that she doesn’t eat her food, she devourers it like a starving hog. Everyone thought it was funny as h*** but I only felt bad and ashamed of the way the rest of the office was acting. I think my desire for her is purely out of lustful curiosity because I do not want to get caught up in her personal drama and I’ve never found a fat woman attractive before in my life. Unfortunately to complicate matters I’m married as well to a lovely thin woman who keeps herself in shape and whom I have been married to for 10 years. I have never strayed from her and I have never had the desire to seek out other women before but our s** life even while dating has always been tame and kind of boring at best. The woman at work is nowhere near my type and is as fat as f*** but for some unexplainable reason I am drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Fat women have always revolted me but I now find myself fantasying about her whenever I am not with her. I think about having s** with this woman all the time and I can’t get the vision of her huge wobbling blubbery body out of my head. It has gotten so bad that I now actually avoid having s** with my wife because I fantasied about the other woman while doing it with my wife and I have a fear of calling out the other woman’s name in a fit of ecstasy. Although I have hooked up with the fatty only a 4 times the s** was absolutely incredible, off the charts incredible, shear bliss and it gets better with each encounter. It was nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my 35 years of life. They say that fat women give the best head but this chick not only give incredible BJs (golf ball thru a garden hose) but her fat doughy p**** is as plush and as soft as riding in a Rolls Royce and she is an a*** freak too boot. I’ve never had a woman that would do a*** let alone enjoy it like this woman does. IMHO if you ever find a woman that loves a*** she is a keeper of the highest order. Her huge ass is like a soft cushion and I can only describe it like riding on a cloud. Her a*** is glide smooth and snug. The suction is almost too much for both of us to handle. I’ve never heard a woman make so much noise before her moans and grunts and squeals are like a symphony of sexual delight and when she comes it’s like the earth is moving beneath you. She arches her back so high and hard that she literally rises off the bed like a whale breeching in the Pacific Ocean.

Now what to do about this; we’re not exactly in love but if things progress as they are I can envision it happening very easily. I don’t want to divorce my wife because it will ruin me financially and hurt her emotionally. I don’t even want to think about how badly it will hurt her. But on the other hand I don’t want to give up this incredible woman and the incredible s** she gives. Unfortunately life is full of hard choices.


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  • Thank you for sharing, you made me laugh a lot! Thanks!!

  • I'm 4'11" and around 125lb my weight is mainly in my butt and t*** 34c. I think it's just having a bubble butt is what makes a*** fun. I sit in bed and f*** my ass with a hairbrush watching my butt cheeks ripple when I go down. it's mesmerising

  • I understand and thank you for this confession. The situation only seems strange because people seldom talk about it for fear of somebody's judgement. My judgement simply says you are a realistic, happy and sexually satisfied man. You are going by how it feels to you and not how it looks to others. It sounds as if you care very much about this woman and respect her.

    I make love to a woman here in the Pacific Northwest. She is probably in the upper 200's and it is incredibly satisfying. She was a great teacher, mom, etc. but the professional and domestic side of things were sort of stacked against her due to the weight. She was enlightened when she had to turn to escorting to make ends meet. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with business and was very popular with young men, old geezers, and everything in between. She knows she is a goddess and has embraced it. She is also well-educated and cultured in everything from comedy clubs to opera. Beyond the s**, there is nobody else I would rather talk to or attend a social event with. She is around 50+ years old.

    You have found that satisfaction and love are too bundled up in physical standards that are unrealistic. Don't let anyone define what your happiness has to look like. You have inspired and refreshed me. If love has to do with a perfect dress size or photo session then we are living in a warped society. Carry on friend and thanks again!

  • How odd I am in the same situation however my wife could care less about me, She pretends to give a c r a p but I know its fake. Anyway I met this new girl about 400 lbs of pure lard, just a jiggling mess of fat and a FUPA the size of a truck. She is short, sexy and fat and I have been s******* her since April, pretty soon gonna drop the news on my wife because I am tired of thin girls I want me a sloppy porker it just FEELS SO GOOD to do her.

  • You must be a pathetic n***** or a loser neckbeard to have s** with such a fat sow. After all, nobody in their right mind would f*** one of these f***** hambeasts.

  • Karma is coming for you, you will have 12 years of miserable luck and then endure pain like you have never felt it Ashaka Derir Nakescur so be it

  • The original post was fetishizing fat people and I don't condone that either, but you're just fatphobic and racist (if you're white). Shut the f*** up

  • Only whites can be racist? That's racist right there. So YOU shut the f uck up.

  • I know what you mean. My beautiful wife is 292 pounds at the moment, and s** is incredible. She slowly keeps gaining, about 10-12 pounds a year, which is just fine with me.

  • I like them between 200-300 pounds and I say this with respect. I can't analyze it; I just know how I feel when I am with a plus size woman. It is not just a sexual experience. It is a feeling of comfort, happiness, and sexual satisfaction that I can't compare to any other sexual, mental situation.

  • I love being with really fat women as well. The biggest was like 650 lbs. I am only 140 lbs mind you. They are the easiest to please and seek attention, love.

    The biggest one had the legs of an elephant. Each leg was more than 40 inches wide. The time with her was the best in that I came on her and in her so easily. She loved the attention. She would tell me stories of how poorly others treated her but found happiness with me. The down side was that she was clingy and needed lots of support for every little thing. I just couldn't continue providing her that type of support.

  • So do I. I've helped my wife get over the whole "Don't be fat" thing & she's now 540lbs & so fat & sexy.

  • F****** a big fat hog is one of the great pleasures in life. They will do just about anything for some loven pleasure. I love the fact that so many guys don't like fatties....more p**** for me.

  • You're allowed to find fat women attractive of course, but please don't objectify and insult them. Fat women are just as valuable and worthy (as more than just their sexual organs) as any skinny or average women

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    Thank you.

  • Yeah I get it totally. I had intercourse with my first fat woman 23 years ago and never looked back. It the best. I'm a good looking man myself. My wife is 340 lb. of burning love. I especially like it when they smell a bit. Don't know why but it turns me on. We have lots of s** all over the house and have even visited nude beaches and she gets more looks than me. Other men I catch them looking at her all the time. It's crazy but it happens.

  • They look cause she a whale. They have never seen a whale walking before

  • I went to the beach this summer and man not even naked those huge women make me sick. I almost barfed up my lunch the one day. Gross! Sick mofos

  • F*** off troll...Not everyone is brainwashed so badly that they think their is only one standard of beauty.

  • You should have walked over and puked in her mouth like a seabird regurgitates its dinner to feed its helpless chick.

  • That would require that he remove his head from his ass...You should try it sometime as well.

  • TL;DR

  • Guys who fuvk fat pigs are losers. Just remember that the next time you want to smash her fat smelly vag.

  • F*** you, you're just as bad as these people objectifying fat women.

  • Keep s******* her, marry her, dump your wife and have her dump her husband and live happily ever after. I did exactly that and am now married to the fat girl of my dreams. I always liked fat women just denied it for so long.

  • I remember my first obese co worker, her name was Holly, we HATED one another, she would always try to make my job harder and I would s**** with her to make her job more difficult.. thing was we both had a crush on one another. One night she was being overly nice to me, I could not figure it out. Next night she comes up to me and asks me out. I was shocked. I always liked fat women but she was HUGE and curvy with huge b**** too. We rented a hotel room and had s** for hours. 20 years later I Still check in on her facebook page, she is still hot and sexy, but has really porked up

  • I'm having s** with an obese coworker too. She's kind of pretty, short brunette with glasses, but she is very fat. She has some height to her--she's 5'10", so that makes it her wear it better. She just divorced, so I'm getting her on the rebound. Even after she's had two kids, she's tight af and kinky as h***. I've never had better s** in my life. She is so eager to please.

  • I say you should go for it buddy. It's just basic reasoning that fat women give better s**. You get more BANG for your buck I'd say. Also, I'd say that the reason why you must've been hesitant about it before is because society must have had an influence on your thinking of women. Now that you're getting the right idea, you should favor the s** with a fat woman. :)

    I've had s** with very fat women and it's been so deliciously good. My d*** is always extremely long and hard just seeing an enormous belly on a woman. In fact, my d*** retracts when I see a skinny woman. S** with fat women is much better is what I'm trying to say. More food in her belly means more fun. A larger ass means better facesitting and a*** s**.
    Get a girl with t****** that can punch you and knock your lights out.
    Being dominant over an extremely fat woman is great. Feeling through all that fat will be orgasmic for her and you. A fat woman does enjoy when you touch her enormous belly and butt. F*** those skinny b******.

  • Pig f*****!

  • Amen to that, if my chick isn't fat then it's a no go. She has to be enormously fat.

  • Do you wipe her big fat disgusting a too?

  • Disgusting pig s**. How can any one find a blob girl attractive? I don't care how pretty she is, smart, funny, or how great her personality is, how do you get past that swollen, jiggly, gross, lumpy, body? It's almost like they are deformed.

  • It's because other people find it so disgusting that I find it so attractive. The more repulsive people find a woman to be, the more attractive she is to me.

  • That guy is an a******. Stfu all women, any shape and size is beautiful no matter what. Sorry but not all humans are going to be skinny and bony like you probably want them to.

  • Fat girls are beautiful. If you see that, then is your loss.

  • P**** so good make you wanna write a story about it😂😂

  • Loooool

  • Go f*** yourself

  • No YOU go f*** yourself.

  • I'm a single guy who has hooked up with a fat woman too. They are the best. The woman with whom I hooked up was married and pregnant at the time. She was about 5'5" and probably 260-270 lbs, glasses, short blond hair, big t***, and built like a brick.

    I was working with her as part of a six-month professional internship project, and she was more in a mentor role. We got along great, and after a couple of months we exchanged our first kiss. That first time was just deep kissing. The second time was kissing/feeling. We eventually graduated to f****** in her office, and she was so sexy when she reached the big O: she'd turn red and her eyes would damn near roll back in her head. I would always lose it in her at that point.

    I ended up working elsewhere, she went on maternity leave, and she never responded to my subsequent emails. It was over. However, she was hands down the best lay I've ever had. Her husband is a lucky, lucky man. Big girls rock.

  • I have this woman in her late 30s, weighing about 250 ibs, single, beautiful, sexy and obese. She gives to her p**** to everyone hoping to hook someone but in vain. I had the chance to f*** her couple of times (and still do when she invites me for drinks). The first time I did, my hard 8" c*** almost lost into her wet and warm soft p****. In missionary position I had to do most of the movements. But In doggie, it was a great fun. I f***** both the holes. The ass f*** was heavenly - using little lube. It was already lubed enough by my saliva when I ate her thick meaty p**** good and sucked on her 1" c***, then turn her around in doggie position and just drove in my hard c*** and she was writhing in joy till I dump my load deep into her!!

  • Fat women are gross pigs. They obviously have no respect for themselves. Obese c*** sucking pigs should be ignored, only hard up little wankers would even touch a fat slob.

  • Ithis guys in denial about his love for fat women so much so he has to attack them.

  • Fat women are the best f****.

  • Pig s**..


  • You

  • If you want to know if the fat pig is a keeper just lube her up and shove a big black d**** up her huge dimpled ass. If she screams out your name in the process, hold on to her and never let her go. If she screams out the name "Jamal", drop her coal burning ass like a boiled t***.

  • Nail that hog. I'll bet her c*** is nice and soft and juicy. Hopefully she doesn't smell too nasty.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I thought that I would do a fat girl that I met in a bar, a favor and f*** her like a p*** star, one time. I took her home and assumed that it would take her forever to make me c**, due to her lack of a sexy body. So, I would just have fun and destroy her p****. Fast forward about 17 minutes and I a have just had the most amazing o***** that I have ever dreamed was possible.

  • Big fat chicks are amazing in bed. They are soft, sexy and have amazingly talented vaginas. Plus many of them willingly do a***. I'm glad that so many guys have been brainwashed against them because it leaves a multitude of tremendous tubbies for those of that can appreciate them for what they are. But on the flip side.....never marry one. Once you put that ring on their sausage like fingers they be come demanding, selfish, greedy, lazy and many of them are simply slovenly. Also having a grossly fat girlfriend or wife is the kiss of death socially. Nobody wants to associate with or hang out with a guy and his 400lb hippo of a girlfriend.

  • I agree 100%. They are fun to f*** but NEVER marry one or even seriously date one. They are usually screwed mentally in some way and they are generally f****** slobs.

  • F*** that pig and have baby piglets with her. oink oink oink

  • 😂😂😂😂 that's f***** up

  • This is the funniest story I've ever heard, especially how you describe her and stuff

  • F*** that fat piggy, we love it

  • Dump your wife. You're not right for her. Take up with the pig, until something better comes along.

  • F*** that pig in the ass. Fat girls love it.

  • Word to the wise. Any girl who has that much drama is going to be a problem long term. You already crossed the line and you're going to have a mess on your hands should you decide to break it off and go back to your wife. Ask a colleague who has done something similar before how it ended up for him. Not a unique story.

  • Fake. No way you would leave your wife for this chick. Bang her on the DL sure, but you're not taking her out in public as your woman. Just not going to happen.

  • Why is it fake? Because you are too insecure to be seen with a person that may not exactly fit societies concept of acceptable? Eat s*** you narrow minded toad.

  • I think its interesting how you put your wife’s happiness after the thought of money , when thinking of divorce. Its also interesting that you just seem to stand back and let things happen for this girl and not reach out and befriend her, I would think something must have happen for the two of you to become lovers.
    I also find it of interest that you don’t bring any fitness/health info into the story. I guess finding healthy fit women is all you know and you don’t think of how they get there?

    I think she could be healthier, but saying she is a mess or full of drama etc, just because she is fat is wrong. larger people are not any more or any less likely to have problems with body and/or life as anyone else. its childish and simple to believe something like that as you imply your lives are flawless.

    and lastly, anyone can be a freak in bed, fat or thin, beautiful or ugly etc.. are not going to be thankful or grateful, nasty or kinky etc. just because of those things. they are just honest with what they like and not so weak as to care what others think. and in the case of your story with how she is overlooked for her work and treated like trash by the others in the office, its understandable how she doesn’t care.

    If its going nowhere then enjoy it, treat her well and try and help her become more healthy for her kids. and if you have feelings for her, you need to become more honest with yourself and do what you need too so that you don’t bring more pain then is worth to everyone around you. and try not to have a work place romance again.

  • Divorce kills bank accounts. Especially with the mind f*** that is alimony payments.

  • Wow, someone thinks a little too much over a bullshit story, lol.

  • Just keep tapping that fat ass on the down low. I'll bet she loves the c***.

  • You can watch the film "Blubberella" and have a good w***

  • This is a perfect example of the fact that even if ur fat it doesn't mean ur useless. and it doesn't mean ur f***** up

  • Http://www.xvideos.com/tags/pawg

  • Your situation just proves that attractiveness does not determine the quality of s** possible with someone. A good lesson eh? LOL

  • 500 lbs a bit much. My wife is 200lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tight p****, nice b****** 38DD, big ass and a belly on her.
    Nothing like laying a big woman back, spreading her legs out wide and pumping her fat wet p**** hard. I c** hard, every time, when f****** Pamela.
    Enjoy !!

  • You're all a bunch of sick hog lovers.

  • And you're a sad, bitter incel who can't do any better than your own mother. So what's your point?

  • I found this very hard to j*** off to. The breaching whale imagery was beyond comedic

  • I found this very hard to j*** off to. The breaching whale imagery was beyond comedic.

  • You are f***** up

  • My only comment would be that you're both married to the wrong people!!!

  • Hilarious story but good for you bruh! Keep tapping that fat ass...life is too short. If you're happy with her, maybe she could be the right one.


  • That's beyond incredible. Hard not to judge on that one. Don't listen to all these f**** out here screaming for therapy. Your situation is absolutely f***** and noone can figure it out except for you. I just hope you don't have kids.

  • Who are you to judge anyone, you f*cking creep!

  • Why not accept that you are an immoral creep and hope that your behavior never gets found out or hurts your wife? Your other better option is to man up and move on with your life and stop risking destroying your near virtuous
    marriage. Therapy would help you quite a bit. Please consider it.

  • F*** off, you little t***. Who the h*** are to judge?

  • Just feed the porker your d*** and STFU.

  • Sounds like a f***** up situation alright!

  • Well, you could spend more time with her at work. Take breaks with her and be seen by other employees treating her like a human being, rather than a disgusting disease. People can and are usually cruel to those who are different. Make an effort to change that. Tell her, in front of coworkers, that she does a great job.

    Once you befriend her, consider helping her lose weight, for her health sake. You seem to know a great deal about diet and exercise. Maybe you could go for short walks with her at lunchtime.

    No one is disposable. We all matter. Do something about it.

  • Lmao did we read the same story? He's already "befriended" her, and if she lost weight, it would no longer be like riding on a cloud.

  • Just keep f****** her fat women are the best i love c****** up my fat girlfriend's ass

  • Try it.

  • Good God that is DISGUSTING. 500lbs!!!!!! Really I have no words. It must be like b*********. I'm she must be like f****** a hog. Get help.

  • You should leave your wife and THEN go to the other woman. Stop cheating it's very rude and you should have had the self control to keep your s*** in your pants. Men like you are god awful.

    You also don't love the overweight woman either, you love the "desperate s**" that she is willing to give you. That's all you love. I say desperate s** because she is most likely not getting it from any other man. Instead try to get to know her soul, get to know what makes her tick and her personality not what's in between her legs but since your already very familiar what the f*** do you know?? as I stated men like you suck.

    I also STRONGLY advise that you don't have love affairs at the job out of all locations, s***'s going to get very weird for you guys down the road since this most likely won't last.

  • Fat girls never say no; take it up the a***; and are always more grateful.

  • Fat girls are the best. At least that's how I see it.

  • I read your narration with deep sense of empathy. A lot of folks have had enough confusion from a "confused world" to last for a life time! Lack of "personal identity" can bore oneself sick even to having suicide thoughts . Have I once considered suicide in my life? Yes and indeed, many folks you see that walk the streets are full of challenges and pains that were inflicted or innate. In my own case, in my teens , I thought I will not be able to achieve anything because I was abused as a child , lived in a home that always felt like an explosive device was about to ignite. I struggled with these feelings and tried to fill the void via alcohol and "street smokes". I found fake boldness that was transient. I envied and wanted to be like others. I began to steal. Well, I am an adult now, well educated, employed, married, had kids, drug/alcohol/smoke free, and really free from all my demons. How? Yes, I know that this will be the question in your heart. It sounded foolish and dreamlike but it was real. Someone gave me a copy of "New Testament and Psalms and proverbs"; a little blue covered book which could fit into my pocket. It was published by Gideon international. I began to read it from "The Gospel of John" like he advised me. I love reading and it made sense. Well, I may not be able to tell you all that happened to me but I discovered that as I read it daily, I began to be attracted to and talk to the main character in the story; Jesus and it seemed like and old self of mine was dropping off daily. At some point , I was shocked when I was out with my friends and realized that I hadn't touched alcohol in the past 2 weeks! And the stranger thing was that alcohol lost its appeal to me. In fact, it disgusted me. My friends told me that they will "give me just three months" and I will drink myself to stupor like before. well it has been years and I keep getting better; more pleasant than the person I ever tried to be. Jesus is beautiful.

  • Good for you dude. Fat girls rock when it comes to s**. Unfortunately they have mental and emotional baggage that goes along with all that fat. If you can deal with that then more power to you.

  • You need to find the nearest bridge and jump off it. Nasty ass f***

  • You need to STFU.

  • Lucky you

  • Weird j*** off!
    today, was a kind day. kind because, i met a lotta people and i made out with one of them. i met ma childhood friends Erythia and Sam. then we went out for lunch and played some games in the park. then after they left i browsed some toon p*** and masturbated to it. it was also the fact that Erythia had turned into a beautiful woman, with nice burgundy dyed hair and nice and firm looking b**** and good amount of ass topped with all her white skin. i was in awe, when i saw her after(must have been around 4-5 years) a long time and was thoroughly overwhelmed to notice how curvaceous she had become. so basically i was jerking off to Erythia, watching hentai. how weird could it be! But wait, it ain't over! i dunno i must've been on a s** frenzy i guess. it was raining today and it felt quite cold. so i was wrapped in ma blanket and was feeling cozy and everything, when ma cat Mori jumped in the bed and started rubbing herself off my face. i dunno the warmth of the blanket, superimposed with the nice furry touch of my face and plus Erythia's voluptuousness, all in all made me go for one more shot. and so i came. i felt good and had a nice nap thereafter (as i had fallen asleep with all that buttery snug and intimacy). so i got up to find my hand inside my undies and all coated with the stickiness of the whitish cream and who esle but Mori sleeping beside me. but even after waking up i still had the image of Erythia's tight nipples and round bums in my mind. And yeah! she's got a tattoo down her waist which i had seen while she hauled herself down the see-saw.

  • Is what you're doing fair to your wife? Are you taking precautions to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy? Is this something that you intend to continue, and will doing so or discontinuing it put your job at risk?
    A word to the wise, do what is honorable and avoid sleeping where you swim.

  • I know a lady who had irresistible sexual urge. She confided that hers started with her first s** . . . she just got addicted to it like cocaine. This girl was a virgin until she was 24; a decent girl who wanted a career as a pilot . . . and due to peer pressure, she accepted to date a guy who because he was a pilot used the girls prospective career as a bait to lure her into a distracting relationship; distracting because he never intended marriage just play. But baby girl understood it as marriage in progress. She put a "no s** banner" etc. and the guy agreed . . . due to peer pressure again, she succumbed to alcohol (do pilots get drunk?); it was at a party and all her girlfriends were doing it and she did. She was just borderline drunk just as the pilot boyfriend. She entered the pilots car for a drive home and was the one unfastening his his pants' zipper. She was on top of the situation for hours and that was it. By morning; from her own words "I just could not stay a day without s** . . . many times, I used every object I could find to pound myself but the need for a man was so overpowering . . " When she sought help, the minister quoted just one scripture . . . a person is a slave to whatever has mastered him/her. second Peter two vs. nineteen. She told her that she needed another master and . . . led her to Christ. Then the desire left instantly. Subsequently, she had to learn to fast and fill her mind with the word of God. she learnt fruit fast and normal fasts etc. And apart from being in control of her own mind, she lost the excess fat on her abdomen which she had for long yearned for.

    "Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest".

    Experience and scripture wise, I've found out that in s**, there is a transfer of spirit involved; once s** is done outside of marriage, manipulation is the rule. . . .

  • If you want to go through life with a big pig at your side (who am I kidding, EVERYONE is at her side) then go for it. Just remember that it was your decision to hook up with a whale when you end up in a trailer park married to a blob that rides an electric scooter just to get to the refrigerator. Huge fat chicks are for beta male losers. Look i'm not going to fault you for f****** that pig; everyone makes a few bad choices in life. Just don't do something insane like marry Jabba the s***.

  • I think its perfectly normal to feel a desire for this woman. Obviously she's left a mark on you somehow. I wouldn't cheat on your wife, but no harm done if you are thinking about this woman.

  • Okay everyone calm the f*** down because in the end it doesn't matter what other people think about you because it's your life and your body and if you want to eat your way to an early grave, or be a gluten obbessed health food snob no one gives a s*** yeah in public they might look at you funny but guess what to them you don't matter and whether they think you look like a pig, a troll or a super model their just gonna see the next person and forget about you fat/skinny ass so stop ranting about stretch mark and health because who gives a f*** like seriously you discriminating s*** eating keyboard typing shallow ass holes i hope you get raped with a spiky mace. :)

  • How shallow are you why couldn't you find a fat women attractive that's disgusting

  • Fat girls with pretty faces are the best.

  • Fat jokes only now people

  • First of all.. I’m a lying little c***.

  • BBW(big buffalo women) have usurped the definition of “curvy” and actually want us to think that a 300 or 400 pound landwhale qualifies as “curvy”. You fat f****** nasty black mans meat slobs

  • P**** you POS!

  • I bet every time someone calls her fat she gets so depress she cut herself... a piece of cake.

  • Damn this fat b**** needs a bell hanging from her neck!

  • Hack admin –> http://www.simplyconfess.com/admin

  • I dont think I have ever dated a thin women, I actually find women in the 300 lbs range to be far more sexually attractive to me. Just how I am, I say keep on porking piggy sue, and let her know she is your side girl but you care for her. Should work out good, I know I have boffed a few huge girls in my past that I regret giving up.. Should have married Ami when I had her, the girl was so fat she did not have Calves, she had COWS, and her puss was so tight and good.

  • This post made me hard. I like the big girls as well.

  • Watch out you don't get eaten by those fat nasty ass cheeks nail a plank to your ass when entering that whales a******.

  • Yea fat chicks are a easy lay and their p**** is a lot tighter than a skinny mini.
    Fat girls are easy for they feel they are degrading and no one wants them but in reality fat chicks you please them they will stand by you through h*** and high water.
    Fat chicks are the best.

  • I have done my share of fatties, but I like them. Go for it, fat girls know how to s****, suck d***, have huge t***, eat like pigs, do not worry about the small stuff and can f*** for hours. Bang them fat chicks.

  • I agree 100%. Fatties are the best.

  • Yeah leave the chunks nobody wants to the black men.

  • I'm white and my ex girlfriend cheated on me with black guys(plural)

  • Chinese men have small d**** and bad breath. Chinese woman are uneducated and rarely douche so the smell like rotten fish.

  • Enormous fat chicks rock.

  • This confession makes me hard.

  • Hello

  • Fat people are discussing!
    Chinese are sexy!

  • Let me guess your chinese

  • What are they discussing, you dumb, slope headed, f***?

  • Chinese are ugly. They eat dogs, cats and road kill. Their breath smells "disgusting" and they smell like cheap cigarettes and rot gut whisky.

  • I f****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.

    never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

    1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language f****** yellow skinned c***.

    2) The females of these species is unbelievably shallow and stupid. My Goodness, I have never girls doll themselves up like that till they look like a blow up doll. No probs with the guys I bet dont they have anything better to do? Preening on makeup and eyes and whatever not? Wont any Chinese girl simply wear a sweatpants and shirt and for crying out loud be NORMAL FOR ONCE! I have only seen Chinese girls put so much effort into this, Caucasian girls are better in looking natural. African American women are beautiful why cant anyone see that? They like this pale skinned waif skinny b**** who looks underaged.

    3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat s*** as well.

    4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.

  • 5) All goods from China are questionable. H***, have you read the news recently? They distributed FAKE EGGS in Malaysia. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FAKE EGGS WHEN THE PRODUCTION OF EGGS IN MALAYSIA HAD ALWAYS BEEN OPTIMUM??? The milk scandal, the writing utensils, their handphones and h*** anything that was made in China - im sire as h*** not gonna but it. These people care only about money.

    6) They breeds spoilt kids. I know every race has this but look at a Chinese couple with a son - then you would know what Im talking about. The treat the daughters like trash but the son...WOW. They grew up to be some piece of work.

    7) Most white dude wants a Chinese girl. In fact, they are trophies! Whats so attractive about tiny, skinny, jaundiced slit-eyed freak anyway? I dont get it.

    Im racist yes, Im just more open about it then you pretentious m************. I hate the Chinese and before you judge me, I want you to know that I am Asian too but not Chinese - thank God Im not. Such a despicable race.

  • The goods in China are bad is a product of US strategy. The NSA spies all goods that are made in US and China has started to do the same so it is suddenly a huge issue?

  • Wow really dude well anyone who makes fun of anyone for any reason let those who are without sin cast the first stone.they should be ashamed.help her lose weight. get her on the 21 day diet plan i have lost weight so fast on it.21daydiet.com..........lost 20 lbs in one month.i lost 50 so far.she is my height and that's to much weight she should be at the most 150 lbs but should try for 130 lbs she must do 30 minutes exercise it comes with that, if she cant do it she should sit in a chair and do something.with hand weights leg lifts until she can do the dvd, she eats cause of her home situation,she needs to divorce him, and you help her get on a weightloss program.member ship at the ymca for a year or 6 months. get her that 21 day diet. talk to her ask her if she would like to get healthy and in better shape. do it before her weight kills her.swimming anything.

  • F*** that pig.

  • Yeah Right! blahahahahahah!

  • Dude leave the gravy balloon to the beta males. Stay with your wife. Fat chicks are the kiss of death socially and professionally. if people see you with one you are forever branded a loser.

  • Wow never had that problem with my wife who tips the scales at 350 lbs. Funny I managed to make my way up to VP and six figures even with a fat wife, that I PREFER to have fat

  • Missionary Impossible: When 2 fat people try to have s**.

  • Do it almost every night with my 535 lb beauty queen with delicious heavy hanging gut almost to her knees, several acres of ass, and basooms that weigh about 20 pounds each that I suck while doing two or three other things. I'm considered morbidly obese too, but I'm only 360, with a hanging gut, but nowhere as stunning as hers. Missionary is no problem; especially easy if you rear back on your haunches, work her belly back, lift yours and put it where hers was, and f*** the bejesus out of her. Sure, a few positions are difficult when you have my large gut and her humongous all-over-the-place one, But just moving all our fat around is thrilling, and we spend a lot of time doing that. When you're an FA like me, you love every minute of it, even when it challenges you and impedes where you want to go. That's part of the thrill, and the c*** just throbs even more when you actually worship the sexuality of endless love handles and hanging jiggling fat rolls, some so humongous they are really fat sacks. I go to sleep soundly, wake up in the middle of the night woody, and woody for a quickie before work, when I drive her to her job because the gut under her 74-76 inch waist cant' fit behind the steering wheel of her car these days. After my work I pick her up in the late afternoon, and we start pawing like teenagers as soon as she leans towards me to get the door shut. We then proceed to a restaurant or pub and eat like elephants - we don't give a crap about some people staring at us - until our clothes start straining at their seems and buttons. Obviously, we avoid eateries with booths, for obvious reasons. After two or three appetizers, two or three entrees, and several deserts and boozes of various types, we waddle home right to bed, and have another soiree just like the one described above. Life is an orgy, Work, eat, orgy, sleep over and over. Pure Ecstasy.

  • That does not surprise me she probably cannibalized all competition.

  • You need jesus in your life to learn to love everyone.your no better.

  • You should have outgrew fairy tales by now.

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  • Absolutely f****** hysterical, real or not. Well played, Rump Ranger.

  • I didn't read the post it's to f****** long . have her sit on your face while you eat her p**** ... make sure u wash down there ...lololol

  • You didn't read the post because like most of nitwits you are too scatter brained to read more than a sentence or two before you get distracted. You probably have the attention span of a fruit fly.

  • LOL .. yup I have ADD besides the head line says it all :)

  • Well at least you recognize your limitations. :D

  • Shame you don't

  • Dude stop, be serious, no one wants to f*** a 500 pound gravey balloon. You're off your tracks.

  • Cool beans bro give the big girls some lovin.

  • You will never find her bean ahahahaha

  • I found it!

  • I love this confession because I really understand your desires. My current girlfriend is a large woman and she rocks my world in every way possible. I can't even imagine life or s** with a skinny woman anymore.For me it's just not worth settling for less than a SSBBW. So I'm going to give you a big ATA boy on this one.

  • Another pig f***** heard from. There seems to be a lot of you freaks around here.

  • I'm a girl I'm not fat or anything I'm relatively skinny but I'm really attracted to fat guys. I told my friends about it, they laughed and said I deserve someone hot and in shape and they all think it's really weird but like I can't help it. I just really love fat guys and let me tell you they know what they're doing in bed.

  • Nice. I run about 340, and I have banged a thin chubby chaser. It was awesome. Fat boys worship their chasers because they are not stuck on themselves.

  • At 340 you ain't running.

  • Go for what turns you on. As long as you aren't hurting anyone or breaking any laws don't let anyone tell you differently.

  • PIG F****** RULE!!!

  • You are a lucky guy. You need to pinch that jumbo chicks chubby cheeks each day and tell her how wonderful and special she is. You be a real man; make her feel like a princess and keep her safe from haters out there. If you don’t someone like me will and you will be SOL. Dump that skinny chick you are married to and get with the big girl who really does it for you. There is no shame in this unless of course you are a weak ass punk and believe what small minded a******* have to say. Big heavy girls are marvelous works of humanity don’t let one get away simply because lowbrow nitwits are criticizing you. Rise above the subpar vision that society forces upon you and experience what a nice big soft fat girl can bring to your life. I did it years ago and unlike so many of my friends that went for the skinny chicks I have no regrets.

  • I can concur. Fat girls are the best, skinny chicks can just stay the h*** home. Who wants to hug a bag of bones?

  • AAAA-Men, bro. Use n***** need to respect the fat white b******. It's the n****'s game to impregnate as may of them fat cracker c**** as we can. It makes the tiny dicked white bois all twisted up and s***.

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  • Look white boy, your fat cracker women be ours. Better get used to our shortys because we be all up in that s*** and there ain't nothing you can do about it. We improve your women when we plant our seeds in them.

  • When did rape become an improvement.

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  • I’m not normally into fat chicks but this confession made me want to run out and find a 500lb woman and f*** her brains out. If fatties are as amazing as this confession claims then every guy needs at least one hawt fat girl in their bed. There is a nice very large one right in my condo complex and I think she is single so I'm going to check her out. BTW, don’t mind the haters they are just small minded creeps who think they have some magical right to point their s*** stained little fingers at others. The world is full of their kind and they are to be ignored. I wonder just how many of them actually have the guts to criticize someone directly to their face in the RL? I guess not many because they are cowards and they know what would happen to them if they did.

  • L love your body l wish f*** your fat ass


    Any of you fat chicks h****? LMAO

  • Careful you don't cause a stampede, buddy.

  • To the a******* trashing big ladies. These are our bodies and what we do with them is none of your g****** business. And, by the way, f*** you. - Shelia "Beautiful Fat B****" Carrigen

  • What you fat f**** do with your bodies is not really your business. Fat people cost society millions of dollars each year in the form of excess healthcare costs, food costs and lost productivity in the workplace. They cost travelers thousands of dollars more each year because of the excess fuel and seating required to move them by plane, rail, or bus. They also consume more than their fair share of tax dollars in the form of disability, unemployment benefits, Medicaid and welfare. This affects each and every one of us in society today. So your big fat bodies are not really your own so stop being arrogant and selfish lay off the Ring-Dings and potato chips.

  • Just another skinny dickless asshat that believes people are fat because of what they eat... sometimes, you brainless pathetic piece of s***, injuries ensue and fat is caused by an inability to exercise... or perhaps, you brainless f***, you might look around and realize that in today's world it is cheaper to purchase carbohydrates (which CAUSE FAT) than it is to buy healthy, decent food. Therefore, if you follow this logically, those that have been hurt and have a problem with pain (often those that were previously skinny stupid f**** like you) are broke and forced to eat foods that are bad for them (as carbohydrates are cheaper than lean meats, vegetables, and fruits) and through no fault of their own put on weight that they later can't get off (you stupid piece of s*** brain dead moron) and end up on welfare when they'd rather be productive members of society. So, the moral of this story, YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING so get off your f****** high horse and shut your worthless mouth. Good day... I SAID GOOD F****** DAY...

  • Everybody has money to buy healthy food and yes fatties eat a lot more there's no other way you can get fat anyway. i had a fat GF she would tell me look i don't even eat dinner or something and nibble on a pack of crackers all day.

  • STFU, you have no clue what you are talking about. All you do is parrot the media hype. Fat people actually cost society very little when compared to other segments of the population. The highest cost to society is criminal activity and drug abuse. That s*** costs society 100 times more than what fat people do. If you are going to be a f****** crusader you could at least try to find an issue that is worthwhile. Leave the fat people alone because with all your nonsense you are just acting like a g******* creep. You are so loony over this issue that I can only conclude that some chubby chick must have turned you down for a date to the prom or publically humiliated your worthless ass in some way. Get over yourself and move on.

  • I read a lot of hate here about differently-bodied people. What a f****** shame. Speaking of shame, all you people writing hater stuff should be ashamed of yourselves. Try to grow up, okay?

  • I can't stand fat guys. I hate their blubber and their slobbering and their body odor. I don't know why I'm not more tolerant of guys like that. I probably should be since I'm a really big girl at 250 pounds. But, I can get skinny guys, so I don't need to be.

  • The fat girl double standard, lol. Fat chicks DEMAND that they be accepted by society but most of them will shun fat men. Why is this; because as humans we automatically avoid unhealthy partners. It is a primal survival mechanisum that is part of our genetic make-up. That is why most NORMAL guys avoid the so-called falsely labeled BBWs.

  • Don't worry there are plenty of ABNORMAL guys out there

  • I know all about it. That’s the exact problem I face. I’m 25 years old 6’2” tall, 550lbs and I’ve never been laid. I’ve been heavy all my life and have had no luck with women. Although I’ve been told that I am not bad looking facially and I have an out-going friendly personality, women want nothing to do with me. The last woman I asked out told me point blank that she would never date a guy my size because she was not attracted to fat men and being seen in public with a guy as overweight as me would be embarrassing. The ironic part is that she was a very large girl herself; probably easily over 300lbs. And to top it off she wasn’t even one of those pretty fat girls you see. She had a face that was very average and a shapeless body that was all belly and no ass. At this point I’m just about ready to give up entirely on women. I’ve even considered trying to strike up a relationship with a gay man. It’s my understanding that there are a significant number of gay men that like fat guys; I think they call them “bears” or “chubs” or something like that. Even though I’m not attracted to guys I would at least like to experience some love and physical sexual contact with another human being before I die. Well that’s my sob story.

  • Sorry but if you are even inclined to have a guy f*** you you must already be gay. no straight guy says i can't get women so I'll get men.

  • Dude don't give up. Don't take some AIDS filled d*** up the ass simply because you haven't found the right woman. In my experience there is a ass for every toilet seat you just have to keep looking for it until you find it. Why don't you join one of those internet dating services for fat people and see what you can come up with.

  • Fat people are weighing the internet down now hahahaha

  • Made my day!! ^^^

  • I was in the same boat as you. I met a real fat woman at work who repulsed me at first. We locked horns at work and often got into p****** contests over small work s***. One night when we both worked late, she walked into my office and put her arms around me and kissed me. I don't know why, but her aggressiveness turned me on. Before I knew it we were swapping spit and doing it on my office couch. Long story short, a year later, I decided to leave my wife for her. Instead of being decent and understanding, my wife turned into a vengeful b****. She gave me the shaft in divorce court. She took the house and got big child support payments. The b**** didn't stop there. She called my company and told them I had been s******* the fat woman in my office. We got caught. I got fired and lost a great paying job. I hate my f****** ex. The b****! Now I am living in a trailer park with the BBW and just getting by with a suck ass low paying job and driving an old, beat up car. But, you know what? It was worth it to be with my big, beautiful gorgeous woman. I am glad I got rid of my f****** vindictive wife after she showed her true colors and did everything in her power to s**** me over. That b****!

  • Don’t be delusional; the fat chick will do the same thing to you if you cheat on her. Obese women are generally not mentally stable. Their fat causes an excess amount of estrogen to be produced in their bodies which cause them to be emotionally and mentally screwed. The only difference is if the fat one decides to kick your ass to the curb, she will take half of the s***** stuff you have right now. You will be left as a total loser with only 50% of the garbage pile your life consists of currently. So where will you be then? Pumping gas, living in a welfare motel and digging thru dumpsters for your next meal? Better not cheat on that land whale and do everything she commands you to do. If she says lick the s*** out of her crack, you better do it because she now has you by the short hairs. Fat chicks are damaged goods and hooking up with one is a social death sentence. Fatties are a no-no for any alpha male who wants to get ahead in life. I hope fondling all that blubber was well worth throwing away your future, you moron. Or maybe you are just a beta boy twink so it doesn't really matter. LMAO

  • Hey, you Christianity-bastardizing fearmonger, I see your wheel is still spinning but the hamster is dead.

  • Eat s*** you hamplanet moron. You seem to think that being fat is wonderful. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for the rest of us, only a small percentage of really, really, stupid people think that way. I wonder if you have ever even read a book or do you sit in front of the b***-tube all day eating cheese puffs and whacking off? If obesity is so da-bomb then why are the rates of type 2 diabetes increasing faster than the numbers on your bathroom scale and why is heart disease still the number one killer of Americans. In fact the rates of heart disease directly correlate with the rise in adult obesity. If fat is so great them why is every medical organization in the world concerned about the rise in childhood obesity. I supposed it's because they are all sheep and have some ulterior motive for persecuting fat people, lmao. Get a grip on reality fatso; right now the only difference between your fat f****** ass and a farmers hog is that the hog is probably a lot smarter.

  • Yes you go girl/guy/human !!!!!

  • Ass moons to the haters and the smug, recovering fatty.

  • “The recovering fatty”??? “Recovering from what pray tell? It must mean that you see her as getting better in some way. People don’t recover from a better state of being or situation; they recover from a poorer state or situation. That’s how it works, dumbass. The word “recover” means to gain back what was lost. In this case the “recovering” fat chick is gaining back her health, happiness and overall wellbeing. What is wrong with that and what exactly does that say for the obese chicks? Obviously to any intelligent person obese people would be seen as in need of a recovery in which case they are considered in a poorer situation or state of being. Even your clueless prattle betrays the fact that you know that being an obese slob is not where you want to be. Stop lying to yourself lose that weight and come on in for the big win.

  • It's a joke you stupid s***. Only a dumbass would interpret it literally and rant on like a lunatic. God, you are so stupid. In your myopic, intolerant world only barbies are acceptable. That's how screwed up you are. You probably hate people of other races too. Anything different from your misconception of an ideal is trashed by you. You are like those morons in white sheets who burn crosses. You're probably a card carrying member of a similar wackjob group. And look at you. You are so f***** up you come to a confession website to insult people who are bigger than you. What is with that nonsense? Does hiding behind your computer and insulting people with bigger body shapes make you feel like a big man instead of the cowardly, sniveling little man that you are? Maybe it's a twisted sexual thing with you. Like a serial killer getting a rush snuffing out people you get off insulting them. Face it. You are a twisted, sick f***.

  • Shut the f*** up pig f*****. Fat people suck and apparently everyone but you understands this.

  • Why do fat people suck it's just another body shape even if is a less healthy and desirable one skinny people suck too and they can also be unhealthy and "normal" body shapes can be unhealthy all depending on what you eat and how exercise some people are just born with the fat gene soo...... Suck s*** mother f*****!!!!!

  • I gotta get this off my chest. Some dumb assclown wrote something stupid about plus size women. He wrote they are not good at s** because they are so fat. FALSE! Every boyfriend I have had has told me I am better than the skinny skanks they were with before me. Why is this? I'm glad you asked. Just as with our big appetites for food, we have humongous appetites for s** that no skinny-ass s**** can ever match. That's right. A BBW can do it all. Get this. I got a girlfriend who lost so much weight she became an ugly twig. Seriously. When she was fat, she was beautiful. After she went nuts and lost all that weight, she got ugly with lines in her face, crow's feet under her eyes and a flat, saggy ass. Her boyfriend she lost weight to please, left her. He said when she got skinny her s** drive went down just like her appetite. She probably had icky strech marks too from all that weight she sacrificed to be what somebody else felt she should look like and being untrue to what was her beautiful self. March to the beat of your own drum. Don't sell out and become a skinny s****. Yours in all my BBW beautifulness, Bertha.

  • You get "icky stretch marks" from forcing you skin to expand not from getting smaller you stupid fool. Your post is a prime example of how dumb the average fat chick actually is. Instead of being jealous of your friend and spitting fat girl venom her way you should be congratulating her for a job well done. You too could become a normal human being if you are willing to put in the effort but your type will always live in denial. That is until you are lying in a hospital bed recovering from toe amputation surgery or from cardiac bypass. Wouldn't it be smarter to wise up ahead of time and possibly save yourself the pain and grief? Wouldn't that be easier on you and your loved ones? Just sayin.

  • Duh, you uninformed stupid s***. Let me educate your dumbass: "Wide fluctuations in weight over a short period of time can cause both women and men to get stretch marks." http://www.livestrong.com/article/31082-avoid-stretch-marks-losing-weight/ "The following put you at greater risk for developing stretch marks: .... having dramatic weight loss or gain." This shows how stupid your weak arguments are and how you are clueless about what you deliriously rambling on about. You are a prime example of a dumb troll. It must be your undernourished body impairs your limited "cognitive ability." What a dumb twit. Gawd! I'm tired of messing with intellectually challenged trolls with delusions of smarts. This is like a great white shark wasting her time on a p*** ant minnow.

  • Really who exactly is "mentally challenged here"? Denying the well-known and well documented health risks that are cause by being too fat is what I and the rest of the world call “mentally challenged”. This makes you fat pigs and your wobble watching admirers akin to the retarded.

  • I am proud of being fat. Nobody messes with me and I can even beat up guys. If you are fat you should be proud to. We are special. We are bigger and better. Never forget that and be proud of what you are.

  • I'm proud to be fat too!

  • Yeah be proud of being a land whale. Hold your fat head up high as you waddle up to the register at your local fast food joint. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for ignoring the handicapped and the elderly as you glom onto the last available electric mobility cart at Wal-Mart. Be proud of that foot amputation and show off that pace maker you were fitted with at age 35. Be proud of the fact that you eat enough for a family of four and wave the flag of fat acceptance as you huff, puff and sweat your way to an early grave. Remember you're so lucky to be such a fat slob; everyone is just jealous when they look at you in disgust or laugh at you behind your back. Don’t be ashamed of your 200lb 8 year old child. It doesn’t matter if he/she can’t even walk 100 feet to the school bus stop because he/she is a wizard at playing Xbox and can eat enough Cheetos and potato chips to choke a hippo. Eat, eat, eat, consume, consume, consume, my sweaty, bloated, porklings; after all gluttony is the new American way.

  • Best post^ Unfortunately talking common sense to fat lard a**** who don't want to hear the truth is a waste of time. They are too butt f****** stupid to listen to reason.

  • Another dumbshit.

  • Yes, yes you are.

  • That is the stupidest bunch of s*** I ever heard. I am even prouder to be fat now. Fat people are the best.

  • Proud of what; being disgusting??? I'm no expert but that might actually be a mental illness. It's certainly not what most people would consider normal or acceptable.

  • Obviously you are no expert. You're a f****** idiot.

  • Fat people suck

  • Fat sows for the slaughter. Yeah be proud of all that blubber, Hambalena. We'll see how proud you are when you are attached to an insulin pump for two hours a day.

  • Blah, blah, blah. All I heard was "I'm an a******."

  • And all I’ve heard is I'm a big fat pig with my head up my ass. Go ahead live and die like a fat slob, as we can tell from your fat loving belligerence here the world will be a better place without you.

  • To all you stupid s**** who think fat people die young and get all these disease, my 80 year old grandmother is fat as f***. She eats whatever she damn well wants and is healthy as a race horse. Her holier than thou, 70 year old vegetarian neighbor is a sickly skinny f***, who eats soybeans, bean sprouts, wheat grass and s*** like that, and is on a walker and losing her marbles to some old age mental s***. Put that in your dumbass pipes and smoke it! Fat people rock!!!

  • Wow it's not even bedtime and we got told a fairy tale. LMAO

  • You know what I hate? I hate smokers who quit smoking and get all righteous telling everyone to quite smoking and be special like them. You know what I hate worse? A BBW who cops out and loses weight and goes on a bragfest about it and lectures others like the annoying former smoker. As my momma said, just be your big ole self. I may be fat, but at least I'm real. Ass moons to the haters.

  • Yeah you're “real” alright; a real horror show, you fat disgusting slobbering hog. God forbid some should try to give you some lifesaving helpful advice. Obviously your lazy fat ass would rather listen to big old fat mammy because that requires less effort and we all know that your kind is all about putting in as little effort as possible. You're a big fat sloppy mess of an idiot and a HUGE waste of skin.

  • And you are a waste of skin, deranged hate monger. With that heart full of hate and that mind full of delusions you will leave this world long before those you insult. Good riddance.

  • Yeah, okay, so says the Queen Lardass of cholesterol County.

  • I read where a hater said all us big women are on welfare. Poppycock! I have fat friends who work at fast food restaurants and retail stores. I just happen to be on welfare, but it's a choice. I get more benefits by not working. To work I would lose free health care, oodles of food stamps, about $350 a month, my subsidized housing, and other free stuff. I do better than my friends who work at boring, s***** jobs working their a**** off and taking s*** from customers and flipping burgers. I sit home and watch all the channels on Cable TV and all the movies and live like a queen. I have a sports car, a brand new TV with a screen like a small movie theater, and I go to a spa to pamper myself and get massages and facials and manicures. I wouldn't have all that working at some stupid job.

  • How many half breed piglets have you given birth to, you lazy disgusting sow? You should be chopped up and sold as bacon to starving Africans.

  • DUH. Fat people aren't to blame for starvation in Africa, it's the technological backwardsness and extreme lack of fertile soil. You religious freaks really need to check your facts before you spout your evangelical bullshit.

  • I didn't say they were to blame now did I, you intellectually substandard, proggy, r*****. But in a perfect world they could be used as an emergency source of food and fuel. Most fat slobs who are on the dole are worthless anyway so why not put them to good use? AND here is another good idea; worthless weasel faced twink progs like you who want to save the land whales could be used as packing material when we ship the land whale meat to Uganda.

    BTW since you have NO idea what you are saying why don’t you look up the word "evangelical" and then look up the word "bullshit". You will be amazed to find that nothing I said had anything to do with evangelism and everything you said comes straight out of a bull's ass.

  • You are the bull's ass and talk utter nonsense. Many words meaning nothing. Get a life, Loser.

  • Fat people are notorious for NOT being the sharpest knife in the set. You're a classic example.

  • LOL. What a joke. You think you are bright, yet the height of your bogus intellectual accomplishments is insulting people on a confession site. You are a classic example of a dumbass trying to pass himself off as a person with some brains. You are the one who is a prime example of someone not too bright. I seriously think you have a mental health issue.

  • I'm not here to insult "people", you f****** tard. All I've done is shame fat pigs in the hopes that they get a clue. Unfortunately white knighters like you do your best to prevent them from getting their s*** together and living as healthy lives. So are you a fat pig or a feeder or are you just one of those ignorant liberals who believe that no one should ever have to have their feelings hurt and that human nature can be ignored in favor of namby-pamby idiocy.

  • Oh my, I got me a psycho poster. Did um's forget to take um's medications today? Oops! Here come the men in the white coats. You better hide and don't forget to take you meds, hun.

  • LMAO, nice troll.

  • Nothing turns me on more than a 200 pound plus woman in a mini skirt. You can keep those skinnies with their disgusting, bony, chicken legs. Yuck. I'll take a women with some fine, U.S. prime on her thighs and ass any day of the week over those flat-assed, anorexic twigs.

  • I hate fat chicks. They are obnoxious, full of themselves and they think the gas that that the gas they emit smells like roses. Fat girls are lazy deluded people who have no self-respect and they have no concern for those that have to look at them and smell them. They are disgusting piles of misshapen goo that no normal male wants to get anywhere near. BTW, I'm a woman and I speak from experience. I used to be a fatty until I woke up and realized that I was lying to myself. No man wanted me for me when I was a fat pig. All the guys that wanted to f*** me were fat fetishists who had an unhealthy obsession with my fat. Furthermore all that health at every size crap that size acceptance organizations try to feed you is a sham. There is nothing healthy about being a fat whale. All you have to look forward to is emotional pain, heart disease and diabetes. Smarten up and face the truth; fat is unnecessary, unhealthy and unattractive. Sorry but that is just the truth.


  • I'd rather be healthy, happy and attractive than a unhealthy fat fetish object while living in denial like most fat women do. Empower yourselves sisters, lose the weight. living as an obese woman because you were sold a bill of size acceptance goods or because some guy is obsessed with your fat or because you are too lazy or scared to take the steps toward self-improvement is no way to live. Please help yourselves and stop eating the KFC and the all the rest of the processed junk food and get healthy and happy. it will be the best decision you will ever make.

  • Blah, blah, blah. All I heard was I'm a loser who had to get anorexic to feel loved. Pathetic!

  • Anorexia has nothing to do with it fatty. I eat more now than when I was fat. I just don’t eat high sugar, high fat foods. You could do it too if you really wanted to be healthy. But I know your type you would rather be lazy and fat because you have been brainwashed by the false premise that being a so-called BBW is good for you. That is completely untrue and it is tied to a social agenda that wants to keep women from being the best they can be. Fat women face all kinds of unnecessary health risks and social discrimination, why would you want to be subjected to that all for the stupid lie that being fat is somehow acceptable. Don’t be stupid all your life; become the person you are meant to be. Shed the burden of the excess poundage and be truly happy.

  • Nothing worse than a holier than thou twit. Face it, you caved in to what people felt you should look like. You lost your soul to to be a wimpy pleaser. Next you will probably join some wacky cut cause you are so easy to brainwash and so fast to cite the party line. Yuck!

  • I’m not going to comment on the holier than thou aspect of what the former fatty is trying to say but fat pigs like you shouldn't accuse others of being brainwashed. You porkers will do anything for the promise of a little food and male attention. It is a known fact that fatties can't control their base impulses like the normal people. They simply do not have the self-control to stop themselves from being lead in the wrong direction. That is why they eat too much, exercise too little and make overall poor life choices. Studies show that fat chicks are 3 times more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy and or an STD. They are twice as likely not to pursue a form of higher education and are 4 times more likely to be unemployed (laziness). All in all your kind is a burden on society and it's long overdue that things like fat taxes be put into place to try and offset some of the societal damage that you cause.

  • Just like an ex smoker who goes around lecturing everybody. Just like a born again nuisance that tells everyone Jesus is the only way. So ignorant, arrogant, and smugly annoying. Oh, I almost forgot. And so boring. Zzzzzz.

  • Yeah it's boring. It should be a bit more lively as we watch you fat f**** eat yourselves to death. That should be a real hoot. Speaking of smokers; have you seen what happened to them in the past 20 years? I can't wait until the Gov. really turns their greedy and malevolent gaze toward you fat bastards and comes down h****** you with fat taxes and food restrictions. It's going to be hilarious as you whine and cry about being singled out for persecution. Just like smokers, you refuse to address the problem on your own so Big Bro is going to have to do it for you.

  • You are a very sad person. Being fat and faking happiness is no way to go thru life. Face it fatty, you too would rather be thin, desirable and healthy. Stop lying to yourself and come join the thousands of us that have said "no" to obesity and illness. BTW, anorexia has nothing to do with this. I actually eat more now than when I was fat. It's the choices of food that are different. Healthy food and exercise is the key to being a healthy weight and when you are a healthy weight you are happy and you can love yourselves. Eating a ton of processed high sugar, high fat food is not loving yourself; it's abuse of your body. Don't abuse your body; you only get one in this lifetime and when it fails because you abused it, you will be very sorry.

  • You are sad. I'm happy as can be. You, on the other hand, kowtow to whatever people tell you you should do. You, on the other hand, eat whatever they tell you to do foolishly thinking they and your opinionated, egotistic self are right. In your cult-like, mind controlled world, you are pathetic and you too glazed-eyed dumb to know it. As they say, ignorance is bliss and you are a walking zombie example of that. Wake up and smell the real work, Dingbat.

  • I don't kowtow to anyone or anything. Unlike you I know right from wrong and I know what is good for the human body. You are obviously challenged in that respect. Talk about glazed eyes; you given yourself and your wellbeing over to the size acceptance crock of s*** that says being a big fat monster is good for you. What’s the matter Tubby; self-discipline and a desire to better yourself too much for you to handle? Do you have some insecure weirdo boyfriend telling you that your huge fat ass is beautiful? I’ll bet you do; be careful he is probably a feeder. Truth be told I don't care if you are a or if you remain a big fatso, I'm just trying to save you the grief of feeling stupid when your health fails and you end up with diabetes or heart disease. In fact you are probably well on your way to having one of those afflictions as we speak. You may not be aware of it yet but the probabilities are very high. If you don’t want to take good advice when it is offered that’s your problem; it's unfortunate but being stupid is your God given right.

  • I'm sorry. I didn't understand you. I don't speak Stupid.

  • "Stupid is as stupid does". Most people would agree that denying the health risks of obesity is pretty damn STOOOOOPID.

  • When you caved into wrong-headed, social pressure and starved yourself to lose precious pounds, you ruined a womanly work of art. What a shame.

  • OH! How very sad that they lost a lifetime of heart disease and the absolute bliss that is the feeling to have a pacemaker embedded in your chest. What a shame.

  • Don't make fun of fat people. They have enough on their plate

  • Your fat or your weight does NOT define you as a woman or a work of art. Talk about "wrong-headed", you take the cake.

  • When you lost weight, you lost brain cells and became, to write it politely, "mentally-challenged." P.S. Kiss my fat ass, TRAITOR!

  • It's a medical FACT that obesity destroys your cognitive ability. So if any brain cells have been lost they are yours, fatso. I suspect that you are just a troll writing stupid s*** so you can get your jollies. I refuse to believe that an adult woman could be as dumb as you.

  • Nonsense. Your skinny-ass limited cognitive ability disproves that pseudo science bullshit. Jesus! Did you come up with that s*** while you were undergoing the alien a*** probe or was it when you had your stupid tin foil hat on? Do yourself a favor the check into a psych ward. You need help with all the delusional bullshit you spew. At the very least, stay on your meds, you half-baked, Nancy boy, wackjob psycho. P. Freakin' S., Your mother is calling you, Norman.

  • Look you G******* Hamplanet; I really don't give a f*** what you do to yourself. You can eat and eat until you explode for all I care. Just don't expect the rest of us responsible individuals to pick up the tab for your medications, bypass operations and diabetes treatments when your abused obese body starts to give out. The reason why you are so hostile toward anyone that tries to tell you to lose weight is because deep down you know they are right. It's not delusional to understand that obesity is a killer. Millions of medical and scientific studies agree that obesity is a leading cause of death. It’s quackery that says otherwise.

  • OMG. Now you are the great payee of medical expenses? Don't worry. I'll be paying for yours when you have your heart attack from all your pent up hostilities. I have seen many of what you would categorize as normal weight people who have had heart attacks, and even skinny ones. They also get cancer in droves. But, remember my words, you will suffer health problems long before me. And I won't b**** and moan about my tax dollars paying for the high medical costs of people like you. In fact, I'd be happy to pay more taxes so even you would never have to worry about medical costs. But, I'm sure that's wasted on you who would probably rather see people die than pay more so no one would ever go untreated. I sense a hater like you would be as heartless as he is hateful. Must be nice being you. Not.

  • Yeah that clinches it; you are about the stupidest person on the planet. Not only do you think being obese is okay you are willing to pay more in taxes so that obese slobs can remain obese. You must be a follower of the "dear leader" Lord Obama. Only an empty headed incredibly dumb f*** would think like that. BTW, I'm not denying that people get sick and die all the time. But what I will point out is that there is a HUGE difference between people who get sick thru no fault of their own and people who purposely temp fate and abuse their bodies while ignoring common sense and conventional wisdom. People who knowingly ignore sound medical advice are fools and are really undeserving of prime medical treatment. But because of soft headed, gooey, sissy pants, liberal retards like you it has become unfashionable to separate those who truly deserve and those who simply glom onto the system thru their own stupidity selfishness and greed.

  • To the wimpy BBW haters: Kiss my ass girly boys. I can't call you men since you don't have the b**** to get with a BBW. P******!!!

  • Who are you kidding besides yourself, you f****** fat hog? Anybody can get with a "BBW" (Big Bloated Whale) all you need to do is be drunk enough at closing time. Oh and if you have a donut in your pocket; that really seals the deal.

  • Hey, you book-burning evangeliclown, your health insurer called. They're denying treatment because stupid is a preexisting condition.

  • Get another line, pig f*****. Your bad taste in women isn't the only thing that marks you as sub-human. Your obvious choice in political affiliation says volumes about what an immoral bottom feeding slob you are. You another example of why abortion needs to be available to ALL women.

  • Tell me, you bitter, brain-dead, Bible-thumping, FOX News Loving, lunatic, which dark crevice of your d***-infested ass did you pull that bullshit from?

  • Pig f****** like you are obviously one note hacks. But what can be expected of a person who thinks obesity in a woman is the neatest thing since sliced bread? Pig f****** breeds piglets and of course it lowers the human gene pool. You are an example of what comes of accepting the unacceptable.

  • LOL, I break mindless convention by breaking away from the dumbed-herd, like you. Unchained by ignorance and spoon fed bullshit, I am my own man and my woman is a big beautiful princess rather than a lesser woman ass kissing, t*** burglars like you think I should have and you settle for.

  • The only thing you “break” is the bed when you and your sow get tangled up in the sheets, you freaking moron. The “break” from “mindless convention” you seem to be so proud of is nothing but plain old garden variety stupidity. The misguided notion that leads you to be promoting obesity either for yourself or others is quite possibly one of the dumbest things you could find yourself guilty of. It ranks right up there with purposely sticking your d*** into the whirling blades of an oscillating fan. People like you are one of the reasons we as a society will never move much further beyond the trees. You are too stupid to see what is good for you even when it is shoved into your faces. Unfortunately your kind are legion and those of us that know better have to carry your stupid a**** in the form of society expenses throughout our lives. I guess there is no sense in being stupid unless you show it off, but G******* it, can’t you show at least a glimmer of hope that there is something happening behind your eyes?

  • The only thing you break is wind, you smelly, rabid, nonsense-spewimg troll, lol.

  • Yep you are a lost cause. There is absolutely nothing happening behind those eyes. You and your sow have a nice life in the trailer park. Don't say you weren't warned when your big fatty keels over from a heart attack. Maybe we will be lucky and she will fall on you and smother your ignorant ass when she goes down. If not hopefully the fire department will send YOU the bill when they have to haul her bloated and deceased corpse to the nearest morgue with a slab big and sturdy enough to support her racid ass.

  • The BBW haters are history. I, Bertha, Queen of the BBW, and card carrying Mensa Member, drove those half wits off with my superior brain power and killer repartees. Good riddance to the losers! Hooray!!!

  • Horseshit I harpooned Bertha the dumpster whale and I'm rendering her down for lamp oil.

  • Excuse me, you planet-trampling hypochristian, but I think you've got a leak in your think tank.

  • You sound kinda cute. What are you wearing? Lickies, Misty

  • WTF? A hater impersonator? A hater's last gasp before he crawls away a verbally beaten and bloodied twit. Well, not to worry, this Bertha will finish his sorry ass off. Beware hater! - Bertha, The BBW Badass

  • Bertha the big bellowing blimp has been deflated by her own idiotic position. Defending the indefensible is a fool’s errand. Fat is UNHEALTHY, UNNESSARY and UNATTRACTIVE. 99% of medical professionals agree, obesity and its related diseases are a health crisis in the US today. The other 1% who don't agree are quacks. Now STFU pig f*****.

  • The only thing here idiotic is you and your nonsense dribble. I take that back. There are probably other stupid idiots here who lost their ways and got tired of pulling their mini d**** for entertainment. So, they come here to play insult the beautiful BBW and get their cheap thrills. When, in fact, these sorry losers are lonely morons with no b**** and no lives -- like you, you Anorexic Twink. Now you STFU, P**** BOY! P.S. Speaking of Quacks, how is your personal proctologist, BUTT BOY? This is way too easy. I need a more intelligent troll to mess with. Hahaha.

  • All pig pokers are beta boy TWINKS. It's hard to believe that some dudes are so screwed up that they consider fat chicks an acceptable lay. I guess it just goes to show that the practice of hogging is still alive and well.

  • Dude, seriously, you are a wackjob. If the Man told you f****** sheep was the norm, you'd be putting your hip boots on and arguing with the world how boning beasts was normal. Pathetic!

  • "Boning beasts"????? Isn't that what guys who f*** fat chicks do?

  • Creatures like you....

  • I'd say that is accurate. Why do you think it's called "hogging"?

  • Bahahaha, I remember my first beer too.

  • Yeah but do you remember the first pig you f*****?

  • As a matter of fact I do. Junior year in the back of my pick up truck parking at Horn Pond in Woburn, Mass. Her name was Cindy. She knew how to use her deliciously buxom 200 plus pound bod. Best damn lay I ever had. Damn she was good at s**! I wanted to keep porking her, but she went away to college and left me for a skinny b******.

  • I'll bet she weighs about 400lbs by now and have a s*** load of little piglets dragging on her teats. That's what basically happens to all fat chicks who don't wise up and lose weight.

  • May a commune of gay, Marxist Muslim illegal immigrants use your tax dollars to open a drive-thru abortion clinic in your church.

  • You are obviously one of the dumbasses that watch too much Bill Maher. Stay home with your nose glued to the liberal agenda and remain stupid. BTW, speaking of abortion, I’m all for it if it means getting rid of people like you before you have a chance of falling out of your mothers abused and oversized t***. You f****** fat pig.

  • Hey, if you're trying to be a clueless, armchair-warmongering reactionary, mission accomplished!

  • Hey if you are trying to show off how to defend the indefensible you've accomplished your mission as well. But the difference is you are either a fat pig or a pig f***** and you will always be laughed at by the rest of us normal people.

  • If you're normal, I'm Jesus. You are a brainwashed stooge of the media and the movies. You lack the brain power to have an original thought. Your brainwashed, ugly head is so far up your ass you probably have to open your mouth to wipe your butt, which explains why so much bullshit comes out of it. P.S. Bite the big one, Twink.

  • No matter how you slice it, obesity and the attraction to it is NOT normal. The state of being obese in NOT a normal state for the human body. That's not from the media or movies, it's biological FACT. Get it thru you thick skull, n*******.

  • Thank you Bertha. You are the WOMAN! I hated those troll fucktards!

  • Aint nothing like feeling a real woman with plenty of meat on her bones wrap her juicy plus size thighs around you when you are buried in her soft ass body. Aint nothing like it.

  • What would Jesus do? Well, for starters, he'd probably run away screaming from a tobacco-juice-dribbling, fat-assed-woman-loving douchebag like you.


  • I'll be the first to admit this sounds screwed up. But it's what for me has become normal and fun. After a woman broke up with me a year ago, I got so sick of taking crap from women and the heartache of break ups that I bought an inflatable love doll online. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't about s**. I just wanted a woman-like blow up doll to cuddle with. That way I got the nurturing benefits without the hassles, and I wasn't hurting anyone or wasting my money on hoes. It's so awesome to come home from work and see my blow up doll sitting in my bed as if she waited up for me. I go shopping to buy Veronica (I named her Veronica) clothes and perfumes. I talk to her as if she was real. Sometimes I even think she understands me. A couple of times I drove around with her in my car late at night when most people weren't out. It was just like being on a date with a hot lady. Veronica is as hot as a Victoria's Secrets model. No lie. You would not believe what a comfort an inflatable love doll can be to a single guy. They are better than the real thing in many ways. Best of all, they are low maintenance and never give you any crap.

  • Can you buy fat ones?

  • They used to make one in the likeness of a p*** star named Teighlor. But since she is no longer alive I'm not sure it is still available. If you didn't know Teighlor was a 500lb p*** star from back in the 1990s. She was really hawt and sexy and you canstill find a few of her videos on sites like dailymotion and YouTube.

  • They were discontinued because the company that produced that inflatable mess almost went broke buying the amount of latex need to produce that rubber horror. LMAO

  • This 6’1” 190lbs, athletic dude is my hero. He didn't give a s*** about the dumbass fat women haters. He went boldly forth and got the gusto in abundance. Mah Man!

  • Maybe I am a sick p**** but I like licking my BBW's big ass. That really makes me h**** as h***. And she loves it too. She wants me to lick her s*** hole, but I just can't go there. I ain't no s*** licker. Not even for a hotter than h*** BBW.

  • I had one BBW for a girlfriend. Never again. She used to fart when we were doing 69 and laugh her ass off when I got p***** about her blowing smelly farts in my face. That cured me of BBW fever. Never again.

  • You should have done like I do. I have a SSBBW wife who farts a lot (can't be helped when you eat constantly). I just stuff her ass with oversized a*** beads before oral s** and it stops her from farting for a while. She b****** about it and tries to resist a little but if she wants to get her big fat love mound serviced she just has to deal with it. Just be prepared when you pull the beads out as she c*** because she can and will let out some big old blasts. It can get kind of stinky but that's part of the experience of being with a supersized s** goddess. Big fat women are the best. All they really need is food, s** and a little attention. It’s all about the oral pleasures for the huge fatties. That’s why they are so big and fat and sexually hyperactive. Their appetites for life’s pleasures are insatiable and any guy who isn’t into a girl like that is probably gay.

  • Take care of the big fat wife of yours. She sounds like a real keeper.

  • Tell me, you apocalyptic, Earth-defiling misanthrope, which dark crevice of your rear did you pull that from?

  • What is your f****** problem? I try to post something nice and helpful regarding relationships with fat girls and you get all pissy. Go f*** your self with a saw.

  • Bow down before me you reeking smelly crotched nipple who gripes about the butt kissing w***** and the apish donkey.

  • I'd tell you to eat s*** but a fat gobble hog like you eats s*** all the time.

  • Go drool on somebody else, you horiffic anatomically incorrect snot gobbler who dines alongside the pathetic noodle brain and the imprudent ape.

  • In the real world there is no excuse for being a s*** eating pig. In other words, there is no excuse for you.
    Nuff said.

  • Go drool on somebody else, you airheaded hideous imbecile who flies over the belligerent penile colonist and the moldy sock devouring slob.

  • Speaking of slobs devouring gross objects; isn't it your feeding time again?

  • No. It's yours. Have fun at the cumfest, lol.

  • Eat my sausage, fatty. That's all fat chicks are good for anyway. A quick BJ in the parking lot at closing time. Just shoot your load and get the h*** out of there. Don't even wait around for them to wipe their chins or you will end up being stuck having to take them to an all-night diner or some other drunk filled greasy slop house.

  • Can I press your stomach, I have a stomach fetish and I want a to press a girls stomach with my stomach I cant find no one to do it with.

  • Don't press on fat girls guts. They fart like hogs when you do.

  • Jealous much? LOL.

  • I like to deep-throat popsicles; it satisfies my oral fixation and tastes a h*** of a lot better than sucking d***. - Brian

  • How about if I dip my huge c*** in some fruit juice before you suck it?

  • How about you dip your c*** in a meat grinder and make hamburger out of it?

  • Listen, you ammo-stockpiling neocon-artist, you shouldn't have entered this battle of wits unarmed.

  • Why don't you stockpile some ammo in your ass and do us all a favor and light it off?

  • Listen, you hope-hating sociopath, you're such a disaster, even FEMA couldn't s**** you up more.

  • Go f*** yourself you fat disgucting slob. Probably the only chance you'll get for s** in your short lifetime.

  • Congratulations, you nuclear-bomb-riding wackjob, you're a walking refutation of the theories of evolution and intelligent design.

  • Look you grotesque parody of the human physical form. Why don't you go back to the freak show where obese slobs like you can at least feel like they are normal by comparison? How do you manage to roll that disgusting, bloated, wobbling shape of yours out of bed each day knowing that every normal person on the planet laughs at you?

  • Listen, you tea-bagging hypocrite. Forget death panels—you should worry about being euthanized by a stupidity panel.

  • Speaking of being euthanized, that's what should be done to all you obese slobs and the pig f****** that stick their little pee-pees into your fat folds. It would improve the physical and mental health of the nation 100 fold.

  • You suffer from impulsive a*** sensations, which explains why you are so a*** and your butt is so sore. Now quit assing around here and STFU.

  • You suffer from blubber on the brain. Your ability to reason and use logic has been smothered by your obsessive need to have disgusting odorous s** with women who resemble obese farm animals. I other words you are a “PIG F*****” and you need psychiatric help.

  • I am a guy and I like sticking things in my butt im not looking for some One to tell me it's wrong I just want to know if it's normal? I've never had s** I just like the feeling.

  • It's "normal" for you because everyone is different. Just leave it at that.

  • Yup, this is a typical BBW hater. They are all a*** like him.

  • You know what really rocks my world about my BBW wife? She drives me crazy when she wears tent-size, see through negligee. Oh ... my ... God! That is so f****** hot!!! I just got a woody thinking about. I must go now. I'm getting too aroused to type anymore.

  • Oh I agree, it's a total turn on. All that soft flesh just under the flowing fabric of the see thru negligee is as good as it gets. My wife is over 500lbs and when she waddles accross the floor in a see thru outfit I get rock hard. We FAs may not like what is considered normal but at least we aren't the media brainwashed little jack-offs that don't know what a real woman is.

  • I so know where you are coming from, no pun intended. I go crazy when my BBW bends down in front of me with a low cut blouse on and I can see most of her humongous t***. Man, that drives me nuts!!! And she does it on purpose because she knows I am a big t*** loving man. And, wow, her t*** are big as watermelons. Damn! They are so hot!!!!!

  • Maybe I'm bat-s*** crazy, but to me noting looks hotter than a fat women in a string bikini.

  • You are definitely bat-s*** crazy.

  • No he is not crazy. He just likes something a little different. Get a grip, not everyone like vanilla ice cream.

  • Excuse me, you book-burning hillbilly, but aren't you late for your Flat Earth Society meeting?

  • Why are you still posting? Isn't it lights out at 11 where you live?

  • Did you have to pass a sanity test to get into your militia, or do they admit any firearm-fondling, conspiracy-theorizing hatriot?

  • Yeah, I'm very sane, thank you. Unfortunately for you pigs and the pig f****** that objectify all that blubber you aren't as lucky. Anyone who would purposely eat themselves into a state of disgusting obesity and then defend it must have a severe mental defect. As for the nutball, drooling, moonbat, idiots who want to f*** them, they are even worse off mentally. They have a destructive fetish that defies logical reason. Anyone who thinks unhealthy fatness is attractive or desirable in a partner needs to have their head examined. Stop defending tax-sucking fat slobs.

  • That's exactly the kind of laughable logic I'd expect from a brainwashed, Bible-banging tool of the Religious Reich.

  • Yeah "brainwashed" LMAO. That's why fat f**** are denied treatment for things like hip and knee replacement and bariatric surgery in places like the UK and Australia. The fatties have been all up in arms about it over there but the Gov doesn’t give a crap and the tax payers are tired of subsidizing fatties who abuse their bodies and then expect someone else to pick up the tab. Their NHCS can't afford to waste good money on fat f**** that destroyed their health by eating like pigs. Do you think the same thing WON’T happen here? LMAO Let's not talk about being a “brainwashed tool” shall we? Because you are only a “brainwashed tool” but you are a butt blind one as well. Enjoy your next dozen donuts or your next bucket of chicken beluga; you'll be paying dearly for it later. LOL.

  • Listen, you uninformed, tax-sheltering, fat-phobic bigot, you'd be out of your depth in a parking lot puddle.

  • Go eat another bucket of lard you f****** blow pig. I hope your heart explodes the next time you have to force a massive s*** out of your poor abused bowels. You and fat ass Elvis can eat cheeseburgers and fried peanut butter and lard sandwiches in the afterlife together. You f****** wobbling slob. LMAO

  • Hey, you bunker-dwelling Neanderthal, I'd hate to be the attorney at your sanity hearing.

  • Is it true that “Soo-weeeee” is your mating call?

  • Are you always an idiot, or just when you open your mouth and take a break from sucking d****?

  • AAAAAAAA-MEN!!!!!Fatties in bikinis are hot as h***.It doesn't matter if they are 200 pounds or 700 pounds all that bulging soft flesh gets me hard as a rock. F*** the fattie haters.

  • Guess what? I am not wearing any panties. Big hugs, BBM Fred

  • How much can you take up the ass fatso? I got a 13 inch d*** that is ready for some f***** action.

  • I'll never tell, tee hee. Big hugs, BBM Fred

  • I'd like to see if you can take my one eyed monster. I'll bet I can fill you up to the brim.

  • I have always been "pervy" about looking at Dog s** on the internet, girls (especially obvious wives)letting dogs lick their c****.. My wife would kill me for even mentioning it but ONCE, about 2 years ago after coming home after a really drunken party on New Years Eve we started to make love on the couch and she was so drunk that she passed out afterwards, laid back with her legs still open wide and, after I had let our Boxer dog in and snapped my fingers in front of her p**** he licked her clean without her knowing (I think) anything about it. I grabbed my camera and now HAVE about a dozen photos of my OWN wife having her p**** licked out by a dog. Despite, (she says)thinking b********* is "totaly disgusting". I bet she would die if she knew her photo (not her face showing) is on the ontgernet with a dog licking her own c***.

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  • Are you auditioning to be a FOX News host, or do you just enjoy being a homeschooled, mentally challenged freak show?

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  • One note, brain dead, proggy, pork puller say's what?

  • Dude, you are making less sense than usual. Did you forget to take your zanax?

  • My wife and I have been married for 4 years and shes a BBW about 200lbs but self-conscious about her curves so 2 weeks ago we visited a hypnotherapist to get her over her fear and while he had her under I had him tell her that before she awoke she would have a weight gain fetish and since then shes gained 50lbs and she looks amazing but im feeling a little guilty since i had the doctor add my little fetish, if I tell her she'll go nuts and if I dont i dont know what i'll do. what do you think I should do?

  • Just let her eat and eat and see how big she can get. Nothing wrong with that but you should be ashamed of what you did. Now you are going to have to take extra special care of her and make sure that when she gets too big to move or walk, you take care of her every need. You made your bed now lay in it like a man.

  • I have been married for over 12 years to a SSBBW. She is 5’4” tall gorgeous redhead and she weighs over 575lbs. Our s** life is incredible and what she lacks in mobility she makes up for in sexual appetite, seductiveness and sexual desire. We also have 3 beautiful healthy daughters ages 6, 9, and 11. We couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately there seems to be a few crude rude and clueless a******* around here who think it is their job to run down large women and their admirers. Personal preference for in female attractiveness is not for ANYONE to judge. The very fact that these jerks feel that it is there place to criticize fat women and the men who love them shows off an extreme need for self-validation. These little two bit critics are simply looking for confirmation that their feelings are valid because they are insecure in either their taste in women or their sexuality. Also they are most probably HS age little boys who have only ever seen a naked women in pictures or on TV. Pay no attention to them as their ridiculous child-like ranting and personal attacks are not worthy of debate. As for the confession here I think it’s fake but it would be very nice if it isn’t. It would be nice for once to see that people are human and that male/female attraction is not dependent on what the media says it should be. The truth of the matter is attraction cross all boundaries of size, weight and appearance. The little s**** mouthing all this criticism need to grow up and realize that by attacking people that they have never met or seen or dealt with, they are just being complete and utter fools. There in NOTHING wrong with being a big woman and there is NOTHING wrong with being attracted to one.Haters need to get their s*** wired straight and learn this asap.

  • Your wife is a fat whale I'll bet your children are fat little piggies as well. OMG! 570lbs that's just F***** UP. Keep that s*** in the circus where it belongs. Being attracted to a women that big is not normal. You are a certified sick freak.

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  • I do not like messing with skinny women. It is like laying on skeletons. You can keep those bony b******. Give me a woman with meat on her bones and lots of it.

  • The bigger the better.

  • Men who insult pleasingly plumb women like me are emotionally immature and most likely impotent, so they go after what they see as a big easy target. To these sub-human males, I say KISS MY BIG BEAUTIFUL ASS. - Chandra

  • The woman mentioned in the confession is NOT pleasingly pump. She is a 500lb landwhale. No one here is insulting plump women; it's the size 24 and up monsters that are being slagged.


  • Go away fat beast. Isn't there a bakery someplace you should be raiding?

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    Just remember, when the heart attack hits, don't be stand anywhere near innocent bystanders. Because it's going to be so f****** big anyone within a 20 foot radius will get hit with the shock wave.

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    You fat lazy slobs live in the Obama fantasy world and I can't wait until it all comes crashing down on you. Who are you going to blame your stupidity and laziness on then?

  • This is the best confession ever and certainly better than that stupid confession by that doofus who hates Chinese people.

  • A failed attempt by the OP to resurrect his dead and boring confession. Zzzzz

  • The whining of a jealous twink.

  • I don't have a very big d***. Is that a problem if I got big beautiful girlfriend? If so, would a p**** extension or a strap on d**** be a good substitute? Please help me. I'm serious about this and thinking about hitting on a gorgeous BBW I go to college with.

  • Anybody got a reply for me?

  • Yeah, don't f*** the fatties no matter what you use.

  • At last someone responds. You sound too intelligent to be one of those chubby chasers who didn't have the manners to respond to my question. Maybe boning those big babes sucks the brains and the manners out of them.

  • I don't think you should use a strap-on. The large lady in question probably doesn't care that you have a small d***. Fat chicks are grateful for any kind of attention. They also love to suck d*** so you don't have to worry about intercourse. And who knows there are a lot of positions you could try provided she isn't hugely obese. Just Google sexual positions for fat people and you will find all kinds of helpful hints.


  • That's what s******* fat women does to them. It makes them stupid and unhelpful. It probably makes them ugly too.

  • P.S. I forgot to mention this. Don't go there. You don't want to end up like them or get crushed to death.

  • If you get offended by the jokes and comments on here, go ahead and blame your parents... for raising a p****.

  • I love this confession. Same thing happened to me. This fat woman starting working at the women's lingerie factory I was working at. I saw here and said oh no she is so fat she will never be able to do this job. But she was fast. She did the job good. I dont know why but I got to liking her. I got to liking her so much I saw past all her fat and asked her out. I lucked out. She said sure. We went out made crazy love and became an item. That was a year ago. I am 18 and she is 40 but it works for us and she is the best women I know. I love this fat beauty and I always will. We are getting married in June. I am lucky she said yes. I think God had his hand in this. I dont care she is fat. I love her.

  • We'll see how much you care when that 40 year old landewhale becomes a 45 year old health insurance anchor. Never ever enter a relationship with a fat pig. They drag you down financially and socially. Your going to be spending her final years which are coming soon, taking care of that big fat hog. I hope you like wiping big wobbling butts and washing cheesy folds of flesh because that the future you are heading for. I hope you like life in the poorhouse with your porker.

  • You got nothing. So's you are jealous of me. You would give your left nut to have a hot babe like mine. It's not my fault you can't score so's don't take out your frustrations and small p**** complex on me. Go blow your butt boy friends.

  • Pig f*****, LMAO. Go sweep the s*** out of your girlfriend's sty and give her a nice big bucket of slop for me.

  • I think you are sicko f*** who gets sick, s** sanctification from insulting women out of his league. Yes, that is you You probably look like a Walking Dead zombie extra, which is why you cannot get hot babes like I can. Up your bum home!

  • Yeah! I see you ain't saying s*** now! I beat your ass!

  • Hey pig f*****; I never insult women. I only insult fat hogs and the creeps who f*** them. Women are wonderful but if you comsider a two ton tilly a women then you are the sicko. Go f*** you fat welfare hogs, they are about as good as it gets for pig f****** TWINKS like you.

  • I think you are girly boy scared of real women. That is your problem. You are a big women fearing p****. You probably get f***** in the butt by men too. That could explain why you are so a***. Hahahahahahah!

  • Blah, blah, blah goes the pig f*****. You've obviously f***** so many sows that their stupidity has worn off on you. G******* pig f****** TWINK.

  • Yeck! Sickening. Has to be a bogus confession crafted to provoke disgust and opposing comments. Excuse me while I go to my bathroom and throw up.

  • Maybe it's bogus and maybe it's not but one thing is certain, there are a lot of guys that will f*** anything as long as it has a hole in it. That's how fatties usally get laid.

  • Starships are meant to fly; big b****** like me are hard to come by. Mooning to the haters!

  • I'll bet your ass looks exactly like the moon…..all lumpy and grey.

  • Starships are meant to fly, eat s*** and die i i i. My humongous ass in your face!

  • I'll be t you couldn't even get that ass of yours off the floor whithout the use of a Saturn 5 rocket. I bet flying for you means pushing your scooter to its limit in a bid to be first to the potato chip bowl.

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  • I have no doubt you can manage all those deadly and nasty things with your huge disgusting lumpy ass cheeks but that only reinforces my premise that fat chicks are a close cousin to the rhinoceros. Fat, stupid,smelly and violent are all typical hallmarks of the obese b****.

  • Starships are meant to fly; I'll kick your butt by and by. Yes, I am very violent. I could leap into the air and land on you butt first and knock the wind out of you with the anguished cries of your foo foo boyfriend in the background. If I saw you on the street, I would give you a good kick in the butt. If I were your doctor, I would prescribe a beat down for you to smarten you up. Otherwise, I would just kick your butt. That is what you need. An old fashioned ass whooping.

  • Leap in the air??????? Only if someone had a donut on a string and was waving it just out of your reach! LMAO

  • Starships are meant to fly; that was a lousy try. P.S. The smartest thing that ever came out your mouth was a p****. LMBAO

  • P**** bigger than yours

  • What was a lousy try was when you claimed you could move that fat a*** fast. Everyone knows huge assed slobs like you move like sloths. Who the h*** are you trying to kid besides yourself? Here piggy piggy, I got a ding-d*** for you. Please try not to slip and fall on your own sweat as you breathlessly waddle toward me.

  • Starships are meant to fly; I'd like to poke you in the eye. I'm so sorry I didn't understand you. I don't speak Idiot. Kiss it, B****! LMBAO!

  • Idiot is your language. Everyone knows that fat f**** are mentally challenged. Studies show that obesity impairs cognitive abilities such as critical thinking, memory, and impulse control. In other words you are big fat, stupid and unable to control yourself. This explains why you are a fat sloppy pig and proud of it.

  • Starships are meant to fly; I'll kick you in the b**** and make you cry. Mentally challenged? LOL. I'm Mensa material, Baby. I got more smarts in my chubby little finger than you have in your dumb head. Too bad there is not a Dumbsa. You are so dumb you could be a poster boy for it. Now get your head out of your ass and kiss mine. LOL!

  • "Mensa material"?? BULLSHIT you're more like dumpster material. Hey speaking of dumpsters I'll bet your vag smells like a dumpster in July. All fat hog chicks smell like ass. All that booty sweat and cheese filled creases between the blubber rolls make for a rancid f****** odor. You can usually tell when a so-called bbw is near if the wind is right because their odor arrives 5 mins before they do.

    Being a big fat slob isn't normal and you know it. Unfortunately you are just too fat, lazy and deluded to do something about it.

    BTW, you can't even lift your hoof 6 inches off the ground so you can forget about kicking me in the b****.

  • In all honesty, a fat woman couldn't even make my d*** hard. That is how unsexy obese women are. They don't give a s*** about their health or their bodies. Foolishly involve yourself with one and your skyhigh future medical bills will put you in the poor house. I cannot understand how any sane man would find women like this desirable. It has to be some kind of mental health problem that needs interventions just as much as women who let themselves go into disgusting obesity need menatl health help. Those of you who find these female monstrosities appealing are, in plain English, sick f****.

  • It's a mental and moral defect. Men who are attracted to pigs are in need of psychological help. F****** a big fatty is similar to sexually molesting a cow.

  • You are crazy man. I think d*** deficient too, which is no doubt what makes you so a***. And I am sure you are receiving end a***,

  • I'm sorry but deviant activities like pig f****** is a sick fetish. You may not want to believe it but it's not consider normal or healthy. Just like eating your own s***, f****** a pig is not socially acceptable.

  • Pig f******? I would never f*** you. You too ugly and stupid. I f*** the big beautiful woman. You f*** the corpse cause anorexic women is all you can do. You too weak and d*** too small for real woman. Suck my small d***, Mother B**** F***!

  • Face it TWINK, you f*** hogs because you are a deviant. It's evident by the massive size of the b****** you stick your thing into. The fat whales you are partial to live on junk food and slop. They do not care about their bodies and all they want is food and attention from stupid guys like you. Enjoy your land whale women; I guess someone has to take one or two for the team.


  • In all honesty, you are a TWINK.

  • These numskulls who fail to realize the infinite beauty of big women are like those ignoramuses who believed the world was flat before it was confirmed it was round. Mark my words, in time even the dense numskulls will see the truth, that no other women come even close to the beauty and the elegance of a big beautiful woman in all her immeasurable glory. Hail to the BBW! -- Max, BBW lover for 30 years.

  • You fat women lovers are screwballs. That is all I have to say and it covers everything.


  • Weak. Two goons mentally incapable of appreciating true beauty. Hey, why don't you dickheads get a room. No doubt you would have an analicious, man to man buttfest. Losers!

  • Please we all know you pig f****** are all closet TWINKS. You're gayer than a f****** blade. The reason you try to stick your d**** in those lumpy piles of dough you call women is because you think your parents and friends will stop wondering about your sexuality. Only a beta boy Twink or a closing time drunk would even consider having s** with a BBW (Big Beast Woman). Get real and face the uncomfortable truth. No guy with any self-respect wants to f*** a fat chick.

  • Reading your surreal bullshit is like watching Alice in Wonderland with the screwy Cheshire cat grinning like a deranged psycho. You have built a wonderland of delusion inside what's left of your right wingnut brain. Big babes are a connoisseur's delight. Being on top of one in the throes of unutterable passion is like floating on air and bubbly delicious. Real men aren't afraid to scale those voluptuous peaks and dive into the deep ravine of a BBW's honey pot where pleasures abound and a man's erogenous zones bask in boundless ecstasies. Since your p**** ass hasn't the b**** to go there, you don't know what the f*** you are talking about. Man up or go home, P****.

  • BULLSHIT. Real men don't go anywhere near fat chicks. Fat chicks are stupid, lazy and the smell bad. It is a known fact that fatties are less intelligent as well. They tend to be less educated, have higher rates of unemployment and have poor impulse control. It’s no surprise that most women who are on welfare are f****** fat. You call my opinion surreal when the fact of the matter is it is you who is living in a fantasy world. Fat chicks have very low sexual and social market value and everyone with exception of sick-o pig f****** are aware of that sad reality.

  • You are just jealous because you don't have a BBW instead of only young hand and the occasional blow up doll.

  • To any rational person a blow up doll is still preferable to a woman in living full elephant mode. Did you know that a survey was taken a few years ago and that participants were given a theoretical choice between being fat and losing a limb? Guess what, most of the respondents chose losing a limb over being fat. In other words most people would rather have and arm ripped off than have to carry around mounds of rancid putrid blubber. That's pretty telling because it’s only a batshit crazy few who think otherwise. So go ahead keep pig f******; just don't cry when it is eventually and rightfully classified as a mental illness.

  • BLAH,BLAH, BLAH. That stupid survey was probably funded by a Prosthetic Company to hawk their goods in an attention seeking, grandstanding ploy with hand picked stiffs paid to say whatever the company wanted. In other words, Bullshit survey to sell product and belittle innocent people with bigger bodies. It's cruel and unusual bullshit, to say the least. Mental illness? More psycho nonsense. Men, I should say "real men," who break away from the mindless herd of drooling idiots with their heads up their a****, are more stable, more mentally sound than the dimwitted losers who cannot think out of the box when it comes to true feminine beauty. They are like wandering zombies in a wasteland of mindless mediocrity. The BBW lovers are an advanced breed of men, like a higher evolved species marching to the beat of a real drummer rather than dancing to the bogus tunes of dumbed-down, fake standards of beauty. The BBW lovers are the torch bearers of the coming age of the BBW when, at last, even the herd will left its head to the skies of an enlightened reverence of the unsurpassed, the incomparable, beauty of a BBW in all her pristine glory and breathtaking grandeur. Awake from your slumber BBW haters. The truth will set you free.

  • BBWs are going to be the thing of the past. Very soon they are going to be the new health pariah much like smokers have. It's going to be like this; want to be ostracized from society?...be a f*****. Want to receive substandard medical care?....Be a f*****. Want to be treated like a second class citizen in the workplace?.....Be a f****** f*****. With socialized medicine a reality fat f****** are going to drawing the ire of every taxpaying individual in the country. It’s already in the works so be prepared pig f******. Government fat taxes are coming to offset the healthcare costs that the human swine cost us and that’s just for starters. Enjoy your greasy porkers while you can because they ain’t long for this society. Obesity is not a NORMAL physical state for humans. It is an aberration; a sign of either a diseased body or a diseased mind. You fat f**** are in for a rude awaking and you pig f****** are as well and it can’t come too soon.

  • This is my BBW confession. I love to go to BBW p*** sites. My wife would kill me if she knew, but looking at these hot women in action gives me a major b**** and, no pun intended, keeps me coming back for more.

  • Your wife should beat you with a telephone book. Stop looking at those fat slobs, your integrity, self-respect and reputation as a man depends on it. If you keep looking at the pigs and jerking your bird to their disgusting imagery, you will turn into a complete beta boy TWINK.

  • You are like a lost soul, Man. You just don't get it. More's the pity.

  • Keep thinking that Twinkie boy. Better a lost soul that lost in the fat folds. Go find some flour to roll your fat beast of a woman in.

  • I consider myself a lady's man. I have boned loads of women from skinny to obese from Brooklyn to Bangkok. So, when it comes to the bedroom skills of the ladies, I am a voice of authority given my vast intercontinental experience with many sized women. I can unequivocally state out of the legions of women I have porked in every imaginable size, big beautiful women are hands down the best in bed. Curiously, some dipshits are too dumb to get that. Slaves to the media's portrayal of thin women being some kind of starved standard, they buy into the thin is in bullshit. Of course, these are shallow little sheep easily hoodwinked and controlled. The elite BBW lovers are the real heroes who break away from the dumbed down pack and enjoy the plus sized fruits of their resistance. Power to the Chubby Chasers! In you faces to the haters!

  • My big beautiful babe changed my life. I was a plain-looking slob before she came into my life and made me a better, handsome man. The first thing she did was to get me in brighter clothes instead of the drab grays and browns I wore all the time. She even cured me of my dislike of the color pink. Now I am man enough to wear pink shirts and pink pants whenever I get the itch to look a little hotter. When I want to give her a sexy surprise, I wear the pink underwear she bought me. She got me to take botox injections to make my face look younger and handsome and use a skin rejuvenating skin cream on my face and male make up to made my best face features stand out more, thanks to her. Because she said I didn't have a butt, she paid for Buttock Implants for me. And man oh man do I have a hot ass now! None of those below par thin woman would do all that for a guy. BBW women rule!

  • Yep, a f****** pink shirt wearing, silicone assed, TWINK. All piggy f****** are the same.

  • There's not a thing wrong with a man wearing pink unless he is homophobic like y'all. My boyfriend is man enough to wear any color he likes. You obviously are not.

  • Your boyfriend is a beta boy loser if he is f****** a big pig like you. Hey it's nothing personal, it's just how society views fat women and pig f****** who claim to be attracted to them. The only guys attracted to fatties are skinny little geeks whom no normal women will give the time of day or men hiding from their true sexuality. I guess those hiding from their sexuality haven’t figured out that being openly gay carries more self-respect than being romantically involved with a landwhale. Don't believe me, that try this; go on a diet and lose weight. Watch your boyfriends professed sexual attraction to you diminish with every pound you lose (that is of course if have the discipline to lose any weight). The more you start to look like a normal woman the less attracted he is going to be to you. The reality is he is using you because he either can’t do any better or he is actually gay. Fat chicks get used like that all the time they provide a big, fat hiding place for closeted gay men afraid to face their sexual self. Too bad most of you sows are too stupid or to far in denial to figure it out.

  • More cushion for the pushin. that's what i'm talking about.

  • I like that too. Feels so good to have a lot to work with. So hot!

  • I always loved big a****. That is what attracted me to bigger women. You want ass? They got it. You do not want it? Then you want woman with ass like man. Maybe you really want man.

  • I think you hit the nail on the head. The dude going on about pig f****** in the comment below sounds light in his loafers to me. Not that there's anything wrong with him wanting to be f***** in the ass by other men. He was just born that way. He hates big women because they are ultimate symbols of womanhood and he can't even be a skanky woman because presumably he has a d***. He certainly has no brains.

  • Ultimate symbols of womanhood????? Who is f***** in the head here? Pig women are not the “ultimate symbols of womanhood” in fact they are the exact opposite and it's not just me saying that. Human biology bears out the FACT that fat women are less healthy, less fertile and less likely to be considered to be desirable mates. Normal men have a genetic desire to mate with the healthiest physical female specimens. Obese wobbling slobs who cannot breathe while climbing a flight of stairs do NOT fit the bill. The concept is "survival of the fittest" it is NOT survival of the FATTEST. The only reason they even exist to the extent that they do is because of our disgusting fast food and electronics addicted culture. Fatties cannot remain fat or survive without the laziness our over-consuming western culture has created. This is not a normal physiological course of events for the human race. It is an aberration that will in the coming decades eventually correct itself thru natural selection. Enjoy it while it lasts pig f****** because as we move further and further into this century you are going to see big changes from the government in regard to their tolerance for obesity. Socialized medicine is here to stay and the most worthy individuals are going to be the ones to receive the best health benefits. Eventually there will be no room on the tax payer funded medical dole for the human porcine freaks, smokers and other individuals who ignore their health. Think that’s not true; just look in place like the UK where fat bastards are routinely turned down for knee and hip replacements unless they submit to a doctor’s prescribed diet. Or in places like New Zealand and Australia where obese blobs are turned down for emigration visa’s because they aren’t wanted as a burden on the government medical plans. It’s coming to America very soon so enjoy becaus your fat pig women while you still can. Soon but not soon enough their nightmarish presence will be a thing of the past.

  • OMG! This is an Obama supporter.

  • H*** no, I’m no Odumbo supporter. IMHO the word "n*****" is too good for that guy. All I'm saying is that fat f**** beware. The days of living large are going to be drawing to a close soon. The obesity epidemic of today is going to be curbed dramatically thru the Affordable Health Care Act. Why do you think MO is so down on the fat blobs? This current admin views fat people as a blight on society. One of the uses of Obamacare will be to stop the trend of the ever expanding waistlines of the American population. Your BBWs are going to be a thing of the past if everything goes as planned. Fat people are going to be viewed as expendable third class overweight freight and it's about time. Fat people cost society billions of dollars in healthcare costs, lost productivity in the workplace and they are just all around unsightly. There is no logical reason for their existence other than pure gluttony and laziness. Never in history have there been so many fat f****** waddling around. Today it is not uncommon to see young girls in the early 20s weighing as much as 3 or 400 pounds. This is a travesty and it is a trend that needs to stop. So f*** your pigs while you can because you and your obese piggies are running out of time.

  • Oh, Man, you are cracking me up. All those bogus hateful words are just a cover for what you are -- a closet fat woman groupie. You are fighting it like that song "I can't fight this feeling anymore." You know. You know you want to embed your d*** in those fleshly folds and experience what your intuition rightly tells you would be paradise in bed. Deny it though you will, you know I am f***** A right. You are only kidding yourself with all those denial-ridden comments. Let it go man. Live large, literally! Fulfill your secret fantasies with an incomparable BBW. You ... know ... you ... want ... it.. BAD!!!

  • Please you are making me throw up. Fat chicks are good for one thing and one thing only; slump busting. But that dubious honor has to be performed by a desperate lonely pig f***** because real men like me have too much self-respect and besides we can't handle the smell. The back end of a fat chick usually smells like road kill in July.

  • I hear you crying out. I hear that behind all that bluster and bravado, you hunger like an unfed pig for some BBW s**. Like men with jungle fever, you have BBW fever. Stop fighting it. Let go and experience an enlightening night of bliss with a real woman instead of wasting your time and j*** on those skinny skanks you've been halfheartedly boinking.

  • No thank you. I prefer my women to have less of a chance of developing heart disease or diabetes. I also prefer them to look like females not misshapen blobs of pulpy dough. I also prefer them to smell like women and not like livestock. Never a pig f***** and never will be.

  • The title of this should read "Confession of a Pig F*****". All you Twinks raving about how happy you are with your BBWs (big bloated woman) have no clue what you are talking about or in for. The guy in this confession is cheating on his slim attractive wife with a human swine and you all are deviant enough to sympathize with this loser creep. LOL. What does that say about you? It says you are all pig f****** and that you should just turn in your keys to the MEN'S washroom. Real men don’t f*** pigs and they certainly don’t marry them or profess to love them. If you must f*** a pig now and then please keep it to yourself, it’s not worth losing your self-respect over.

  • I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!

  • Go pork a pig, you f****** TWINK.

  • Twink my twinkie T*** Burglar.

  • I have been going out with my first BBW. We have been together 3 months and it keeps getting better all the time. She does everything for me even my laundry and manicures and pedicures. How freakin' wonderful is that?

  • Another closet k*** gobbler heard from. All you fatty f****** are r***** pillaging homos. The only guys who get manicures and pedicures are metrosexual twinks. I bet that fat b**** of yours has a bigger d*** than you do.

  • Sweetie OP, one more before I take off my clothes and take a sexy shower. wink wink. Are those Guess jeans you're wearin'? 'Cause guess who wants to get into 'em. Hugs and lickies, Susan. Bye for now my hot, horn dog prince.

  • Kiss, kiss, OP SWeetie, it's me, Susan again. What do you and the weather have in common? You're both Hot! wink, wink, xxxooo.

  • Dear OP Sweety, my love for you is like diarrhea, I just cant hold it in! wink, wink. Hugs and lickies, Susan, Queen of the Big Beautiful Woman

  • I like wearing BBW panties. I'm a BBM so I can pull it off. If I was a skinny puke dude I would drown in those big ass panties. Thank God I am not. When I was a chubby teenager I used to steal BBW panties off clotheslines. Now I buy them and say they are for my girlfriend, even though I do not have a girlfriend right now. I love to sniff those panties and rub them all over my bod. The panties of big women are the best. Believe it or not, if you luck out and get some freshly worn ones, they smell better than skinny women panties. Nothing like it. For real.

  • H*** blubber loving Twink. Why don't you go find a beached whale and stick your little pee-pee in it's dead blowhole. Because that's what f****** a fat chick is like. Guys like you need mental help.

  • Sticks and stones will break my bones but stupid names will never hurt me. Blow it out your ass!

  • I can relate. I'm forever messing with my BBW wife's panties. I can't get enough. I have one pair under my pillow so when I wake up I can sniff them. I wear them too, but since i and one of those skinny puke dudes, I have to use tape to make them fit. I love the swimming in them feeling I get. I even stuff those babies in my mouth. I love sucking and licking them! I really get off when I rub them on my boys. Love it!

  • Go with the BBW. They treat their men right and give them the best s** ever. 10 years married to one. Left a skinny chick for her and never looked back.

  • I agree with this. My girlfriend is a fatty and I have never been happier. You might think of me as just Meow the Confession Post Spammer, but I used to be a ladies man and porked a lot of babes until a BBW won my heart. With her unequal loving ways, she tamed my restless d*** and settled my ass down. Very soon I am going to propose to her and make her my wife. A relationship with a big beautiful honey is that freaking good. Seriously!

  • Hey everybody! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss UP!

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss UP yourself!

  • My d***; this confession was stellar. SSBBWs are the best.

  • Best for what; extra ballast to keep your trailer from blowing away during a tornado? LMAO.

  • Totally agree!

  • FACT: Fat women do give the best head.

  • FACT: Fat women will gobble just about anything and do just about anything because they have to make up for being so physically repulsive.

  • Bbrrrr! My hands are cold. Can I stick them down your pants to warm them up?

  • You stink!

  • All I heard was, "Blah blah blah, I'm an a******."

  • Really who is the a******; the fatty f***** or the guy who f**** slim nubile women?

    Guess who 90% of the world would pick? You f****** loser.

  • Well, well, well, yet another alumni of the University of Stupid. Where do they get these clowns? Is this nutcase the byproduct of too much plastic in the environment, did he get dropped on his head as an infant, or is he just a genetic freak of unbounded stupidity? Or, given nobody could be that dumb, he is a p**** deficient troll who overcompensates for his shortcomings by acting like a d***.

  • Nice try at deflection; too bad it doesn't cover for your deviant behavior. F****** a fatty is for losers. The whole world knows this except for a select few morons like you.

  • Hey titless twink chasing loser. If I wanted to hear from an a******, I'd fart! Now kiss my ass and get back to sucking off your boyfriend. Enjoy and STFU.

  • Pig f*****. Your taste in women is laughable. Only closet butt pirates and beta boy losers f*** fatties. Can't change reality.

  • I would love a c*** up my ass. - Ben

  • Guys who f*** fatties are closet queers so glad to see you out of the closet. How big of a c*** can you take?

  • You sound cute. What are you wearing? Kisses, Mikey

  • I think I could manage a good 12 incher.

  • How about if it's 12" in girth? I got a fat one.

  • TWINK!

  • Yep fatty f****** are closet twinks. Good call.


  • K*** Gobbling, wobble watcher.

  • Ben, just do some kind of crime, like robbing a bank, that will get you thrown into the Big House. Loads of drooling Bubbas there would be more than happy to ram their incarcerated c**** up your budding, butt hole. You'd be like the Queen of the Prom with c*** fests night and day. You'd need a dance card to make appointments with all the a*** assassins just dying to get some of that ass action.

  • He'll need more than a dance card; he will need to wear an adult diaper within the first week. Loss of a*** sphincter control and a*** prolapse is common among f****** queers.

  • My, my, it's curious how you know all about that. You sound like someone who has been there. Tee hee. It's just me. one of your BBW fans. Blah!

  • I know this because women who like it up the ass can develop a*** sphincter control issues as well imagine what a prison b**** must face. Do you think an incarcerated animal is going to be gentle our use a liberal amount of a*** lube? Get real. LMAO

  • Oh, Baby. Hurst do good. Give to me you big bad boy. xxxooo.

  • "Hurst so good"????? what, are you butt riding a gear shift you f****** h***???

  • How about a fist? Kisses, Glorianna

  • If I had gotten a shot at that, I would have tongued the s*** out of that juicy a***.

  • Hmmm. I am a BBW and I would love to have you do that to me. Makes me wet thinking about it.

  • Wet? Yeah under your arms. Relax that's normal for a fat sweaty Betty like you.

  • You are, in layman's terms, f***** in the head. Probably in the ass too. Bahahahahahah!

  • Mostly fat chicks and queers take it in the ass, I;m neither. The difference is homos have limited options; fat chicks NEED to do it to attract the opposite s**. Fatties will do anything for attention because they know that they have very little sexual market value. If you don't want to face reality that's not my problem.

  • You know what your prob is? You are not ready for the big leagues of big beautiful women. You are stuck in the minor leagues with skinny skanks. Big beautiful women intimidate your ass, P****.

  • Don't kid yourself, fatties are only found in the farm leagues. Do you know why it's called a farm league? Because it's full of pigs, cows and plow horses. Closet k*** gobblers like you f*** those fat animals because you think it makes you look less like effeminate twinks. BUT I got news for you there H*** erection-less, f****** an obese swine just makes you look like an effeminate twink loser. Enjoy spending your days in a trailer park or some rent subsidized s*** hole eating mac and cheese with your bloated b**** hog and your dirty diaper covered little brood of piglets.

  • What he said. The BBW hater is scared. Don't be scared, Homie. LOL.

  • Any rational man would be scared. Those smelly gluttonous pig b****** are things to be very afraid of. Who in their right mind wants to be hooked up with a female that weighs more than a family of four combined? It’s a proven fact that associating with fat lazy slobs drags you down financially, socially and professionally.

  • Your reality is your boyfriend's b*******. Bahahahahaha!

  • Man! I gotta get me one of those super-sized honeys.

  • Please don't; take my word you will regret it.

  • Doing it with a big beautiful woman feels as dreamy as lying in a waterbed. To the uninitiated no words can really do justice to describe how out of this world wonderful making love to a BBW is. Once you have been there you never want to leave or lose the priceless treasure you have found in a big cuddly woman. After you have been with a BBW, being with a skinny woman is like eating cheap store brand ice cream instead of premier Häagen-Dazs or drinking cheap beer instead of champagne. There's just no comparison.

  • You must be a f***** b**** or a fatty f****** twink. No real man uses the word "dreamy" to discribe anything. You're either a closet q**** or a fat f****** cow.

  • Whatever.

  • The guy who wrote this confession must be a "n****". Only "n****" hood rats would even consider f****** a woman that big, fat, and nasty. But hey to each his own and if f****** a nasty hippo floats his boat then who are we to judge.

  • Damn! I go such a woody reading this!

  • I creamed my pants halfway through it.

  • Me too and I'm terribly ashamed of myself for it. This confession is just nasty as f***.

  • I am my own WOMAN. I choose to be fat and love it. No man controls me or dictates how I should look or act. Well, maybe a man could DICKtate, but on my terms and he would have to be a hottie.

  • Well just wait until diabetes and heart disease gets control of you. That ought to be fun.

  • Blan, blah, blah. Zzzzzz.

  • Yep it all leads to an early "big sleep".

  • You must be a debate club refugee. You got your ass kicked so bad in your school boy debate club you sought refuge in online forums and such to attempt to salvage your wounded ego by bashing people with teen boy barbs. Sheep are another problem for you, which explains why they get nervous when they see you in your hip boots and smell your essence of sheep s*** cologne plastered on your face and crotch and with that glazed look of l*** in your eyes. Baa! Baa! Baa!

  • These aren't "teen boy barbs"; they are just reminders of what the world already knows. It's not my fault that you fat f**** are going to die young. Just keep stuffing that cake hole and keeping pretending that everything is okay. I'll be the one laughing when you end up in the hospital at age 40 begging the doctor for a few more days of life. You fat ass millenniums are on track to be the first generation in history to have shorter lifespans than the generation before you. And it’s all because of your penchant for being big fat f****. Well enjoy yourselves blobs; life is short and yours is going to be shorter than most. LMAO!

  • You are beyond all doubt, The Man.

  • Sweet! Wish I could have been you and enjoyed that! Some guys have all the luck.

  • Don't worry his fat nasty b**** will roll over and squash him flat someday. Then you can be thankful that you are not him.

  • My name is Big Sumo Barbara. I take offense at your rude post. I would like to Sumo Wrestle you and kick your scrawny ass. I know you would go ga ga at seeing me in the loin cloth with my humongous, hot ass hanging out with my crack as big as a canyon. I would use that lapse in concentration to bulldoze you to the ground. I would gracefully leap aloft like a freakin' Boeing and do a swan dive on you to pro wrestling style put the finishing touches on your arrogant ass. I live in Queens, NY if ever you grow enough b**** to sumo wrestler me there. COME GET SOME!

  • Take your own advice sweetheart and go "GET SOME"....cake and stuff your fat face. You know that's what you REALLY want to do. Applying the concept of graceful movement to any f***** b**** is f****** hilarious. Obese b****** like you can only wallow and lumber like hippos on dry land. Don’t delude yourself there Big Bertha, or whatever your name is. You are probably about a graceful and as fast as the movements of a glacier.

  • You wish! Come to Queens, Queen, and I will sumo your ass back to whatever psyche ward you escaped from. You really do not want to mess with me. You have no idea of how badly I could f*** you up. You are the minnow and I am the great white shark. Now STFU before I slap you and eat s***.

  • Queens? oh s*** you're probably a hood-rat. I'll bet you are a freaking Met fan too. Can you be anymore of a loser you fat f***?

  • Really?

  • My name is Rhonda and I'm a recovering skinny woman. I used to be so weight conscious that I was almost anorexic. Then one day I broke free of my obsession with looking like those unnaturally skinny models. I stopped the nonsense and started eating again. Now I weigh 270 pounds at 5'5" and have never happier. I live my life to the fullest and eat whatever I want. It's wonderful and liberating being me.

  • So you went from looking like an "unnaturally skinny model" to looking like an unnaturally fat disgusting slob? Good job dumbass. No sense in being stupid unless you show it off.

  • I am a prayer warrior BBW. Today Jesus laid it on my heart to pray for your eternal salvation. So I'm standing in the gap for you beseeching Jesus to expunge the demons of hate from your heart. Jesus, I ask in your holy name that the demons in this man's heart be cast out! And that he accepts you as his personal savior so he can be saved and freed of his sins and afflictions and gain entrance to heaven. I am naming it and claiming it. JESUS! SET THIS MAN FREE!!! Satadaa kiimmaaa nam chand brewcushko sattaman daala chand maaaa brecusko saaa saaa! Thank you JESUS! I know this sinner is saved! I know the demons of hate have been bound and driven out of his heart! Thank you JESUS! THANK YOU JESUS!!! AMEN!!!

  • Okay, alright, enough. Now you are really reaching.

  • Oh my, I got a hater, lol. After reading your dumb comment, I realized you make stupid look smart. Ta, ta. O Dumber Than Rocks One.

  • Really? Do us all a favor will ya? Just plug in your insulin pump and STFU.

  • Oh my goodness. You poor thing. Is it your time of the month?

  • No it's not but isn't time for you to devour an entire cow?

  • Okay, and I will leave the b**** and the thingy for you. I am sure you would love sucking on those as light in the loafers as you are. Ta, ta, Mr. Fancy Britches.

  • I am a fat woman. So what. If you don't like it, kiss my plus size ass!

  • Which cellulite dimple would you like smooched first, there piggy?

  • You wish you could kiss my ass and more. But, unknown to your limited brain power when I said you can kiss my ass I meant f*** you. Do you know what f*** you means? CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORLDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY KEYBOARD?

  • Of course I can understand them but what I can't understand is the words coming out of you mouth. Maybe thats because it's always full of food.

  • Duh, Wingnut, you cannot hear me talk unless you are so deluded from that crap you eat and the drugs you must be on that you have lost your grimy grip on reality and think you have super-normal powers and s***. Reality check. You don't! And there are no words coming out of my mouth for your ass to hear. Damn, I hate having to school dimwits. I don't get paid for that s***. Are you like a pre-teen twit or do you just act like one? Star ships are meant to fly and bad fat b****** like me are hard to come by. Waka! Waka! This one's for big beautiful b******!

  • OMG, what do we have here; a fat sow who fancy's herself as a clever human being. Your type of fat chick is kind of porker that everyone hates. You're obviously just as full of yourself as you are full of Krispy creams. Furthermore don't kid yourself the only thing you could ever probably school me in is competitive eating. So just stop over working your tubby little fingers and your less than average mind and STFU. Oh wait, what’s that noise? I think I hear Betty Crocker calling your name.

  • Duh, Wingnut. You're so dumb, blondes tell jokes about you.

  • Is this the best you can do, Tubby? Maybe you should stop exercising your jaws for an hour a day and exercise your mind. Maybe you should stop stuffing your face with sugar and let your body purge itself and normalize; you will be amazed at the improvement in clarity of thought. Otherwise just stop responding because you are a f****** dolt.

  • I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and s*** out a smarter statement than that, Wingnut.

  • I'll bet you are good a s*******. Probably fused yourself to your chair with your own feces you fat disgusting asexual slob.

  • This is the hottest confession ever. It should be number 1.

  • This is serious. I would like to meet a nice gentleman between the ages of 25 and 45. I am a BBW with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition. I like guys who are intelligent and funny. You do not have to be rich or handsome. I am more a personality person. Let me know if you are interested. Fat guys need not apply. Sorry.

  • Hey there BBW loves. Wanna see a BBW do a striptease? I am going to be at the Holiday Inn San Francisco-Golden Gateway in a corner room on the 2nd floor. Periodically I will be stripping in front of the window to give some lucky guys a beautiful view of everything I have been blessed with. That's next weekend from the 25th to the morning of the 28th with shows night and day. Stop by for a look. Who knows, you might get lucky and dance with me in the lounge and maybe a little more. Wink.

  • I forgot to mention I have 70 inch b******. Yes, you will have a lot to see, my BBW lovers. An ex boyfriend said my ass was a big as the back of a Volkswagen, so if you like junk in the trunk, I am your voluptuous lady.

  • Keep it in the circus, you obese ape! I hope you have a heart attack so big it kills your whole f****** family. LOL

  • Kiss my butt, Twink.

  • Wait right there and I'll get to it. I can probably just about reach it from here. So pull up a couple chairs and take a load off while you wait.

  • I think you are off your medications .. again.

  • I heard that you were a lady killer. They take one look at you and die of shock. LOL

  • I heard you have dangerous curve. They change shape and direction if you drive too h****** them.

  • T*** burglar

  • You are just a jealous girly man who knows he could never get any. Your idea of a hot date is a night of twisted passion with your blow up doll, you pimply-faced P****. P.S. What are you going to do for a face when the baboon wants his butt back?

  • Blow up dolls and fat chicks are almost the exact same thing. Only lonely losers will lower themselves enough to have s** with them and if you are not careful both can be over inflated. Have another Big Mac and shut your blow hole.

  • I like the Big Mac idea. Could I get oodles of super sized fries with that and a dozen MacApple pies? You prove my point when you wrote only losers would have s** with a blow up doll. Clearly by your unenlightened attitude and fat phobia you have never been with a true woman of physical and mental substance. Your loser speed is an inflatable doll with a gaping, tiny (for your d*** size) fake mouth. P.S. Have another bean sprout and STFU. LOL.

  • Oh I beg to differ, oh tremendous one. I've been with many women of "physical and mental substance", it's just that I can honestly say I've never been with a (for lack of a better term)......PIG! Women of "physical and mental" substance do not need to eat a dozen McApple pies. In fact women of "physical and mental substance" wouldn't do something as stupid and gluttonous as that. That is a sign of a mind that lacks rational thought; a mind that is driven by base impulse. This why so many of you defective brained blubber-tards end up trapped in your homes unable to even stand up or fit thru a doorway. LMAO.

    To put in perspective just a scan 50 years ago your kind would have been relagated to the sideshow.

  • Gawd. What a pompous bunch of stilted BULLSHIT, LOL. I'm sure you've been with many women. I hope you didn't bust any of them when you anxiously blew them up. Oh, Man, you are so out of touch with the Now ladies. Watch and weep. Soon you will see us everywhere. Sideshow? More like you, a modern day Quasimodo, in a Freak Show drooling and babbling nonsense about all the women you had and hating on real women with some meat on their bones. What a piece of work you are. And, P.S. there's nothing wrong with eating 10 MacApple pies. The portions are small and so tasty. Real woman are not confined by the prudery and repressed natures of lesser subhumans who foolishly and arrogantly try to admonish them. Plus size goddesses do what they want when they want, and, of course, they rule. Feminism at its finest.

  • What the f*** are you yammering about? You better hurry up and eat something; I think your sugar level is dropping. We don’t have to wait to see your kind everywhere. There is an OBESITY EPIDEMIC going on for f**** sake. Of course your kind is everywhere; where the f*** have you been? Wait don’t tell me, let me guess……pillaging a Dunkin Donuts? So tell me there f*****, what are “Now Ladies”? Is that code for fat f**** who can’t control themselves? Because that what landwhales like you are. Anyone who says eating 10 McDonalds apple pies is okay because they are small is either a blubber-assed in denial moron or a sugar addicted sap. You choose fatty because either way you are an obese f***** in the head loser.

  • Zzzzzzzzz! Ho hum. Boring! You need to eat some pies. Your anorexic body is giving your feeble mind delusions of grandeur with all that nonsense you spout like some rabid street preacher on crack. Wake up and smell the MacApple pies and eat them. You're brain is clearly starved with that crazy stuff you blather on about. And, News Flash, you need a life. Oh, I almost forgot, one more thing. Kiss my ass!

  • FAT=Fabulous, Awesome, Titillating. I like the t*** part the best. Yum. Loving those big beautiful women, the bigger the better and with t*** as big as basketballs.

  • Ever found something so good you wanna tell the world about it, but only a few have ears to hear? Is that freaking frustrating or what? That is how it is with me when I try to spread of Gospel of how wonder big beautiful women are. Few are intelligent enough to grasp the truth. I feel sorry for these mentally challenged fools. It's like trying to explain calculus to cro-magnons. Too bad you could not feed smart pills to make these clueless dolts see the light about the best women a guy could score for a girlfriend or a wife. I dedicate this comment to Peggy the BBW I hope to marry one day. Kisses, Baby. xxxooo

  • You mean Piggy the landwhale you hope to harpoon one day. Marrying a BBW is a no-no. They are lazy high maintenance fat slobs who will only get fatter lazier and uglier with time. And they smell so save yourself and run as fast as you can to the nearest normal size chick and stay with her. Fatties are for losers. If you must f*** them then do so but never marry one. They are only good for use as c** dumpsters and slump busters for the desperate.

  • This hateful person used to be a nice guy until I, Mary Harrington, a BBW he dated, turned down his proposal for marriage. I rejected his offer because I could tell he had nutcase tendencies. After I jilted him, he went on a BBW bashing rampage and has yet to recover. Beneath his layers of hate and his craziness, he is really not a bad guy. It is my hope one day he seeks help and gets his warped mind fixed.

  • Oh please, what a crock. There are 3 things fat chicks NEVER turn down and they are food, c*** or a marriage proposal and in that order. Why; because they are gluttons, sexually aggressive and they know deep down that their chances at marriage usually only come along once every leap year.

  • Aw, that is so sweet. Nancy, a BBW of substance

  • That confession was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. - Nancy, a BBW of substance

  • If that confession brought tears to your eyes, just imagine the smell coming from that 500lb b****** s*****? Probably make you go blind.

  • OMG! You are soooo crude! And hateful. Barf!

  • Just speaking the truth. if you find it crude then don't read it.

  • Some people have called you a wit... They're half right.

  • Some people have called you a whale......Guess how RIGHT they are?

  • You forgot dumb. He's that too.

  • What's dumb is encouraging someone to be obese and disgusting to look upon. Dumbasses like you are the laughing stock of the relationship world.

  • Let's play horse. I'll be the front end and you be yourself

  • Let's play pretend instead. You can pretend that fat b****** are desirable and sexy and I'll pretend that you aren't a f***** in the head loser; okay?

  • Gooooooooooooooooood MORNING A*** ASSASSINS! Have a great day

  • Oh, I forgot. Gooooooooooooooooood MORNING T*** BURGLARS Too!

  • BBW's have the biggest and best t*** on the planet. That is an indisputable fact.

  • Nasty fat animal

  • Save your breath...You'll need it to blow up your date.

  • Well it's still better than having to hold your breath while you f*** your fat b**** in the ass.

  • LOL. I hate you BBW haters, but you crack me up with your humor.

  • You might find me funny but and honest question is how in God’s green earth do you stand the odor of ass and dirty p**** that ALL really big fat chicks are afflicted with? All kidding aside, I've tried it, I can't get past it.

  • Animal=wild in bed. I love it! Great insight.

  • Fat b****** can't even move. I guess "wild in bed" means porking a beached whale to you.

  • I could shut this hater up with one night in bed. He'd be a believer after this s** kitten BBW screwed the meanness out of him.

  • "S** kitten"????? You mean s** hippo. Fat b****** are like elephant seals. They just lay there and make nasty grunting noises when you try to f*** them. If it wasn't such a gross out it would be hilarious.

  • I would love to be screwed by a s** kitten BBW. Thats my fantasy.

  • Unfortunately the only thing that gets "screwed" when you f*** a fat chick is your reputation as a man.

    Oh and once you sober up, your self-respect is pretty well screwed as well. So if I were you I'd find another fantasy.

  • Hmmm. I love nasty. Yum, yum.

  • Where'd all them BBW hatin' p****** go? Did us "chubby chasers" chase you off? LOL. Punks!

  • We are too chicken s*** and we are gutless wonders. And we know you are right about the plus size hot ladies.

  • Oh yes we are ALL p****** and afraid of all the "real women" out there, LMAO! "Real women" that's a good one; in today's world all to often the term "real women" is code for "real FAT women" or "obese mule" or "fat pig" That being the case, there is nothing more disgusting to REAL men than a "real woman". Guys who f*** fat chicks will stick the d**** in a knot hole in a fence if they think it will get them off. No standards, no class, no brains.

  • I may be fat but you're ugly and I can diet.

  • Then why don’t you diet and lose some of that big fat ass? Could it be because it is just easier for you to lie to yourself and eat like a fat lazy pig?

  • Preposterous! Absurd! Delusional! Those high-intellect men of distinction, who have the coveted privilege of intimacy with big beautiful women, have higher standards than losers who aim low and "settle" for the skinny minnies and the brainless barbies. In the BBW lovers quest for an ultimate woman, they are undeterred by the whiny taunts and feeble jeers of lesser evolved men. They break away from the minions of mediocrity who wallow in wrongheadedness and delusion. More enlightened, the big beautiful women connoisseurs pursue the holy grail of womanhood, the wondrous, the magnificent, the incomparable women of unparalleled physical beauty. Those ignoramuses who lack the intellects to comprehend the infinite beauty of a BBW are like those small-minded men of yesteryear who swore the earth was flat when the illuminated knew it was round. Like the coarse BBW haters, those small-minded men lacked the vision and the brains to see the truth. Hail to the enlightened BBW lowers. You are a higher breed of men. Have pity on the BBW haters. They are subhumans who lack the intellectual capacity and the refinement to appreciate the most desirable women who ever graced the planet.

  • Name ONE of “those high-intellect men of distinction” you are blathering about. I’ll bet you can’t because there are NONE. Men of distinction do not slum with the fatty boom-boom type of women you losers gravitate to. Pigs are for stupid pig farmers and that is as it has always been and always will be. Get a clue.

  • Think P.I.G. - that’s my motto. P stands for Persistence, I stands for Integrity, and G stands for Guts. These are the ingredients for a successful business and a successful life.

  • Philip Randleman, III, Joseph Franklin Pierce, King Rumanika,to name a few. Never heard of them? I'm not surprised. That's how far your provincial, BBW hating head is up your ass. P.S. Now you're insulting pig farmers? What, you missed the movie S***** with the elaborate discussion of why you should be wary of a pig farmer? You stepped in deep pig doo doo with that one. Pray no pig farmers read your attack on them. You could be hog food within a fortnight. Maybe like those dudes who want suicide by cop and start shooting at them, you want death by a pig farmer or a 500 pound BBW. Don't do it, Man. Your angst will pass. It's a young dude thing.

  • Oh give it a rest you moron. You’re going to try and justify your fascination with the female landwhale by using a 19th century African tribal king as your point of argument? LMAO!!!! That f***** probably plated his hair with cow s*** as well. Can you get anymore pathetic? Name ONE recent successful high profile male who has an OBESE wife of girlfriend. You can’t because fat chicks are only for guys who have no self-respect. Fatty f****** are losers who settle for third place in all things. I’ll bet most of you fatty f****** are unemployed, uneducated and on the Obama dole.

  • Yeah, I figured as much, P******!

  • Gooooooooooooooooood MORNING DICKHEADS! Have a great day

  • I am 27 and never been laid. I want the first time to be special. so I'm saving myself for the right BBW.

  • =^_^= <(Bahahaha!)

  • Meow, you have lost your fury cat b**** to spam here, face it your a dried out p**** cat.

  • Those snotty twinks bashing big beautiful women have never been with one. That shows how stupid they are. For a d******* to insult a BBW who has no experience with one is like a p*** ant trying to understand calculus.

  • I like a large lady as much as anyone but a 500 pounder? No way too much danger of being squashed, too many folds, too hard to find the hole and TOO smelly. Curvy or a little plump is fine big fat rolls of lard......not so much.

  • Drop down to a 300 pounder and it should be all good.

  • I think that depending on height that might still be too much. I'm thinking 225lbs max. Anything much over that and you've entered hippo territory.

  • I am a fat guy who gets hot chicks. How about that? Know how I do it? I say what they want to hear. I fake being sensitive and interested in whatever they blabber on about. I take them to chick flicks and pretend I'm the rare kind of guy who likes that garbage. I even fake crying at those insipid movies, but it works. Some of them I have to treat like s*** because that's what they want. That kind of woman, though, is hard to get rid of. They think you are their unfinished business that they can still change into a better person. Bottom line. My game works. And I get laid more than you skinny f****.

  • I'm a big fat guy that gets hot men. They love my big soft jiggly body and huge ass and enormous moobs. They don't seem to care in the slightest that I'm almost too fat to walk. The funny part of it is most of the guys I've had are married. They don't get from their wives what I can give them so they all come to me. I can’t even tell you how many big throbbing c**** I’ve had up inside me because I’m like with a new one almost every other week. Just like you all I do is pretend to give a s*** about their problems, their interests or their jobs. That’s really all it takes. Guys just want someone to listen to them and not judge them. Obviously their wives can’t manage this because they are all stuck on their own s*** and want to be the center of their man’s attention. I give the guys a break from all that and they love it. I love it too because I get lots of good d***. People of size no matter gender, race sexual orientation or age are the best people. We know how to please and we know how to have a good time. We are giving and caring individuals who only want to give love and receive some in return. I don't get what all the haters are so riled up about. If you don't like fat then go elsewhere. Nobody is forcing them to have s** with or even be around fat people. They just want to complain because they think everything is all about them.

  • Oooooooowww that sexy f****** meowing!

  • You sound hot! What are you wearing?

  • Pink panties over a jock strap and a sexy red Tampa Bay Buccaneers T-Shirt.

  • Hmmm Hot!

  • Preferring a larger woman is a natural evolution in a man's taste in the female species. Are you not often told size matters? While that is not always true, it is with a woman. You get all the physical assets in a generous abundance. T*** you can get lost in for a week. A real woman ass with wiggles and jiggle galore that drive your manhood through the roof. You don't need no V***** when you have a sensuous, BBW siren. Forget those bony babes. Try a humongous, erotically plumb, real woman. You won't regret it.

  • Yeah until the smell hits you but by then it’s too late. Just hold your breath and rodeo the big fat pig b****. Quit hogging and get a normal woman.


  • Come to Detroit and say that.

  • Only uneducated savage n***** in Deetroit. That's why the place is such a f****** wasted s*** hole.

  • Yo, ese, come to Cali and get your p**** boy Detroit ass kicked. That's what I'm talking about.

  • I would love to come to Detroit. Do you have a boyfriend?


  • I am meow and i love meowing, theres nothing anyone here can do about it and if they could, they would have done it already. Suck it up and enjoying the meow spam -Meow.

  • Lol, you have been terminated. Justice served! Hooray!

  • It is me Meow, Spam Gangsta, again. I guess today's confession day for yours truly. I am a dude, but I like to wear women's undies. I like that no one knows I am wearing bikini panties or my favs from Victoria's Secret, Seamless Little Lace Thong Panties. OMG, I LOVE those! Yeah, I know that's like the new normal with all the dudes doing it now, but here's when I get a little frisky. Once a month I stick a tampon up my butt to simulate a period. I know that's kind of whacked, but it's just how I'm wired. Maybe I'm a babe in a dude's body? P.S. Fat chicks suck!

  • "P.S. Fat chicks suck!"

    Not as much as you do d*******!

  • BBW you are the best!

  • Welcome to Meow's Confession Post. Feel free to post your confession and have it spammed to death, courtesy of admin Meow.

  • Meow needs a public flogging.

  • Yeah, Meow. You need that p**** enlargement s***, lol.

  • Another thing that makes big beautiful women so fine is they are rarer than all those anorexic women people think are hot. It is like striking the mother lode when you are lucky enough to find one. I am still looking.

  • Just like the above confession I found mine at work. They aren't as hard to find as you think they are dude. Keep your eys open and good luck.

  • Real men f*** other men in the ass. Prison rules.

  • Real men f*** f*** up. Go back to prison where you belong.

  • I like how you are sooo manly. What are you wearing? By the way, my name is Alvin. What's yours?

  • What's your sign? You sound like a Capricorn. I like Capricorns. They tend to be more oral, though some can be a***.

  • Are you into super chubbs?

  • You sound kinda cute and feisty? You got a boyfriend?

  • Whatever floats your boat and if a 500lb sow does it for you, then go for it. Just remeber to keep your hands and feet away from her mouth at feeding time.

  • You sound hot. You got a boyfriend?

  • I got a stiffy reading this.

  • It made my nuts tingle.

  • You guys are missing the love boat. Forget about fat women, skinny women; forget about them all. You get more bang for your buck with a dude. I swore off women 2 years ago and started dating dudes. I have never had it better. Here are 7 reasons why: 1. A dude won't try to get you to watch chick flicks. 2. He won't drag you to family gatherings you might not want to attend. 3. He will love watching sports and working on cars with you. 4. A dude won't get prego on you. 5. What? You say you will miss p****? Have the dude turn around and bend over. Close enough. 6. A dude won't shop for hours and bore you out of your mind. 7. Best of all, a dude will have a s** drive like yours. S** whenever you want it. No headaches, bullshit excuses, or messy periods. Forget the babes and try a dude. You can't go wrong with one. Best thing that ever happened to me.

  • I will take a bromance over a romance any day of the week. A bro ain't gonna tell you he loves you one day and dump you the next for some scumbag who treats him like s***. If a bro does you a solid and gives you some ass, it's all good and he is cool with you as long as you are cool with him. Instead of leaving you for some scumbag he will beat the s*** out of the scumbag for trying to mess with your bromance.

  • "Beat the s*** out of some scumbag"?????? LMAO, More like scratch his eyes out.

  • You are funny. Bend over.

  • Do you like super chubs?

  • I got hooked on that s*** when I was in prison. I went from b**** to b**** master. I loved that s***. I was getting so much ass I didn't care if I stayed incarcerated for life. It was like living in the Playboy Mansion with all the action I was getting.

  • You make a good argument for doing dudes instead of the often wish washy ladies. The thought of watching UFC with a dude and downing some six packs and letting loose a few farts and even getting a little later does sound inviting. All that in one night and busting a nut in the dude's ass would be a damn good night. A damn sight better than watching some d****** chick flick and having to say bullshit sweet nothings just to get some ass.

  • You two f*** ain't watching UFC and drink beer. You are discussing carpet samples, drink merlot and planning your next trip to Key West. Who the h*** are you kidding?

  • You seem to know that a little too well. What color panties are you wearing?

  • Electric blue.

  • I'll do you one better. I with a big fat dude. A 450lb bear that loves a good ass f******. The only down side is that he is too fat for me to give him a good reach around. But really who cares, that;s his problem, right. LOL

  • S*** that is so hot. I'd love me to get some big man ass. Ever think od sharing that big hunk of love you got?

  • LOL you are so right. I can't bear to think of what would happen if he got excited, flopped about like a whale, and landed on top of you.

  • Hey that's happened and when it does he c*** like a wildcat.

  • That sounds so hot. Does his belly quiver when he c***?

  • I agree with everything you wrote. Doing dudes is better than doing babes. No hassles and male bonding at its best.

  • I have ben thinking about this. My wife pissess me off and I get with my friend Mark. Mark never p***** me off and gives better b******* than my wife. He can cook better too. So i mihght tell my wife to kiss my azz and I get with Mark.

  • Enjoy your AIDS, f*****.

  • Oh, Babycakes! Tongue lash me some more with that f***** endearment. Hurts so good. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. Oooooooooooooooo!

  • You do sound hot. Do you have a boyfriend?

  • S***.....wish you lived near me so i could check out how hot you are.

  • Thanks for your kind words and suck my strudel, Homophob!

  • That's what I'm talking about!

  • I love big girls. My first experience with a big woman was in HS. I seriously dated a gorgeous SSBBW from sophomore thru senior year. When I met her she was 15 and around 350lbs; by the time she was 17 she was over 500lbs. In fact she got so fat that she had to be home schooled her senior year because she could no longer fit in desks or climb stairs without risking damage to her knees and back. Her mom was huge as well and because she was so big she rarely if ever left the comfort of her home. She was probably in excess of 750lbs and beautiful. Her dad was this little skinny guy who when wasn’t at work spent most of his time taking care of and pampering her mom. My SSBBW HS girlfriend was also my first sexual experience and after tasting the forbidden fruit of fat, I’ve never look back since. Unfortunately we broke up shortly after graduation when I went off to college. You can keep the skinny minis with their bones sticking out and their knobby knees and sharp elbows. If I want to sleep with a bag of bones I’ll stuff my pillow case full of chicken bones and m*********. Give me a huge soft girl with lots of flesh packed all over her bod. I love the way a fat girl’s flesh shimmers and jiggles when she moves. I love how soft and deep their p****** are and I love the smell of them; it’s like the smell of walking into a bakery on a Sunday morning. The haters are going to hate because they have been fed a bill of false goods regarding fat chicks. I’ll bet most of them have never even experienced a large lady. In fact I’ll lay odds that most of them have never ever experienced a woman of any kind. Most haters are simply brain dead little twats who are gullible enough to believe all the made up negative press about fat women. I see the same old tired arguments over and over again simply because haters cannot grasp the concept that health as well as beauty needs to be applied on an individual basis.

  • You are a horrible person.

  • You are an ugly person who belongs in a convent. P.S. Kiss my ass! :-)

  • You are a moron and a b*****.

  • Amen, Brother! Totally agree. Brain dead little twats those snot-nosed haters are. And they probably prefer c*** to p**** anyway, so they are in no position to know what real women are.

  • I guess according to you a real woman is based soley on how f****** fat she is. LOL. You people are all f***** in the brain.

  • At least we are not f***** in the ass like you, Butt Boy.

  • At least I have s** with a humans, you have s** with livestock.

  • You sound very manly. What are you wearing?

  • Humans??? No. you have s** with sub-human deviants.

  • Give me those fat bottom girls! Yeah!

  • My name is Michael and I'm a recovering skinny girl chaser. I was addicted to the barbies until I found my way to BBW heaven. I have been skinny girl sober for 12 months. I have a new happy life and a BBW hanging off my arm. I feel like the c*** of the walk when I cruise downtown in my vintage Cadillac with my big babe sitting next to me with her head on my shoulder. Guys drive by and ogle my BBW wishing she was with them instead of yours truly. It's good being me.

  • I guess you need a car like a land yacht when you have a big fat b**** to load into it. I’ll bet she lays her head on your shoulder because her head is the only thing you can get your arm around.

  • Lol, you are just jealous dude. You know you could never score a hot BBW like mine. You have to settle for the skinny titless babes, mindless barbies, or blow up dolls. You don't have the stones to get a real woman.

  • Whatever you say, pig farmer. Enjoy all those blubber rolls that your woman is covered in.

    BTW, I hope you also enjoy her heart disease and diabetes as well. You f****** wobble watchers are a disgrace.

  • What dickwads see as fat, I see as voluptuously plump. What's UP, peoples!!!

  • You know what I like my BBW wife to do? Sit on my face. I love it!

  • Oh, Baby. I love that too. Hot hot hot!

  • I like that too, but you have to be careful is your lady is 300 pounds plus. But, you prolly know that.

  • If your lady is 300 pounds plus sitting on your face is suicide. If the weight doesn't get you the smell will. A friend of mine has a fat b**** for a GF and when she sweats she smells like french fry grease. It's f****** nasty.

  • Ooooo! That's my kind of nasty! Yum. Yum.

  • My sincerest apologies for being such a j*** when I posted MEOW hundreds of times in these confessions. I found God and I won't be bothering you anymore. And my sincerest apologies for all the people I annoyed. Yours in Jesus, my personal Savior - Meow

  • F****** fat chicks is an act of charity. I see a lot of generous people around here.

  • WRONG! When us so called fat chicks give it up to a deserving man, it's more like a blessing from above!

  • More like being s*** on by a cow.

  • Yum!

  • I am a lesbian and even I know BBW is the best way to go. I like all that mushy love. I could drown a thousand times in all that vast beautifulness. You ever slept on a water bad and felt the soothing, delicious waves? That what is like when you luck out and get to make love on top of a BBW. Rock me Baby! Float me Baby! Ah ... ah ... ah ... Oooooooooooooooo!!!

  • Reading that made me wet and gave my hubby a woody.

  • I love the super big t*** on BBW. Man, you can get t*** like that on skinny girls, even when they get those s***** fake ones.

  • I'm with ya, bro. First time I laid eyes on my BBW she was wearing a bikini. You wanna talk hot. She was smoking hot. Her t*** and ass barely fit into that skimpy bikini. I almost busted a nut in my pants seeing her fabulous big bod exposed like that. I had to make her mine.

  • I am so big I am called Big Mama, but that don't stop the men from trying to get next to me. The ones that got lucky with me love my "more cushion for the pushin." Believe me, us big ladies know some s*** about making men feel good in and out of bed.

  • Good thing you are good in bed because no normal man wants to be seen in public with a beached whale. So i guess you got that going for you.

  • Don't make me have to slap your face.

  • Don't worry I know how much effort it will take for you to get that big flabby arm moving. Wouldn't want you to have a heart attack, fatty.

  • You sound soooo hot. Everything I guy could want in a woman. xxxooo

  • Man, that story was so hot. I know where you are coming from. I left my skinny wife for a big women and never looked back.

  • Dude 500 f****** pounds???????? I like bigger girls but that's too much. Shes going to squash you flat one day. The EMS will need to be called to peel your flattened corpse off her ass.

  • But, oo-ee Baby, what a way to check out. Hmmm.

  • I'd rather be hit by a buss than flattened by some ugly bitche’s rolls of rancid blubber. Hey that's about the same thing, isn't it?

  • I am a guy and I like sticking things in my butt im not looking for some One to tell me it's wrong I just want to know if it's normal? I've never had s** I just like the feeling. Kisses, Meow

  • Mee tooooooooooooooo.

  • You are as normal as the guys who f*** fat chicks. I guess that puts it in perspective.

  • Your c*** is lodged up meows ass.

  • Lol, you still suck though. Fat chicks rule!

  • Rule what; the area around the counter at Burger King?

  • Lol, you still suck man for you anti BBW jokes, but they are funny.

  • For a fucktard like you, Meow, I would say it's normal and good preparation for when you get shagged like a sheep by your boyfriend.


  • You are just jealous because you can't score a BBW.


  • That's the fat chick double standard at work. Fat b****** demand acceptance of their grotesque misshapen bodies but most of them will not date a fat guy. Hypocrisy is the name of the game.

  • Anyone can score with a BBW. They are desperate and will do anything for attention from the opposite s**. About the only thing you need to laid by a fatty are a d*** and a box of crispy cream.

  • I am a fatty and you are so wrong. A d*** and a box of crispy cream would never be enough for me. Some Haagen Dazs, maybe. Haagen Dazs Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, for sure. In fact, I would take that over the d***.

  • You think that's funny? I'll bet you are so fat that even if some freak wanted to score with you they couldn't. Too many blubber rolls. Have fun with your future diabetes and heart disease. I'll bet they're going to be a lot of fun.

  • This is the best confession there ever was. I like that the OP is a bigger man than all the little fat-phobic twits posting childish insults about big beautiful women. Clearly the OP is a bigger man than them and far more mature. Kudos to him.

  • The guy might be a "bigger man", I don't know. But one thing is certain the pig he is f****** is a lot bigger than him. In fact, she is probably bigger than your car.

  • Hmmm, a babe bigger than my car. Heavenly.

  • I married a very large woman who over time actually did get bigger than my car. She passed away about 6 years ago; guess what from.i like the big ones as well as any FA but there comes a time when they get too big and that's not good for anyone.

  • Man, you are living the dream. Well played.

  • OMG! I would love to get lost in a woman that big!

  • The man is a bona fide player.

  • Fat b****** like me is hard to come by! Whoa Oh O, Who Oh O!

  • Wrong! You fugly fat b****** is everywhere. You are as common as dirt and just as undesirable.

  • You wish! I'm hot as s*** and can get any man I want fat or skinny. Judy's the name and I'm queen of the beautiful fat b******. That's what I'm talking about. Shout outs to my BBW sisters everywhere and the wise men who love us. Yeah!

  • I'll bet they call you "Jumbo Judy" the elephant b****. Just as big and smells just as bad. LMAO

  • Hey men like me love women like you and love a girl with a big appetite keep eating and gaining theres nothing sexier then that accept and love your body people only say negative things because theyre jealous of the attention youre getting they ridicule people like us for being big skinny girls dont get any attention anymore so enjoy being a big beautiful goddess dont listen to negative haters. -light

  • This might be a small thing to want in a woman but I do. I like a woman who can chow down like me. I do not want no picky girly girl who eats like a bird. This is what I am talking about. My humongous girlfriend, Rhonda, and me like to put away lots of food and it makes us closer as a couple. The bad thing is we got kicked out of one of those all you can eat buffets. A*******. The manager said we exceeded how much food people can eat there. WTF? What happened to all you can eat. To be honest, I liked that. It was like we busted a casino in Vegas for being too good at what we do.

  • I never thought about that but you are right. My big beautiful lady can eat to beat the band. I never get any Harold you are eating too much or what? you're not going to eat more dessert are you? It's cool, hassle free, and good.

  • The thing I like best about my BBW, aside from the fantastic s**, is we both like to pig out on ice cream when we watch flicks on TV. It is so hot having a woman I can share that with. Most women can barely eat a pint. My babe can down 3 gallons. How cool is that?

  • How cool will it be when they chop off her feet because of her diabetes? You people are f***** in the head.

  • All these BBW haters are F*****' STUPID! Think man, just think, if it becomes a crime to f*** fat chicks, then there will be more dudes into skinny girls. This in fact, will leave less skinny girls available for those who like them. You f**** should THANK the chubby chasers, they leave more single skinny girls. It's like hating f***, I wish more men were gay, cause I'm straight. More f*** means more single females. Next time think, encourage the fat lovers, less competition is always a good thing.
    P.S. my girlfriend is skinny as f***, but she loves having 3somes with fat girls, I asked why? she answered 'fat girls have big boobies, soft skin, wide a****, and most of them are freaks'

  • I know the real reason why girlfriend loves BBWs and it's because they perform a service. They make her feel better about herself. They also serve as a reminder of what would happen if she let herself go and became a fat lazy slob. Don't think for one minute those thoughts don't cross her mind. Ask her and if she is honest with you, you will hear the truth.

  • Totally agree. They are Nancy boy b****** who don't have the b**** or the manly *testosterone levels to be with big beautiful women. They would rather play safe with twigs who lack the bountiful b****** and plentiful a**** of plus size goddesses. *In a recent study, Holbrook, Feniman, et al, men who preferred large, overweight women had testosterone levels off the charts. They also possessed higher IQs than the lesser men who preferred women built more like boys then real women. The higher IQs explains why the BBW lovers had the smarts to pick the best women in the world for mates.

  • How many sucessful powerful men do you see with a fatty on their arm. I'll give you a hint.....NONE!
    Do you think that the 1% males in this world got that way because they had lower or average IQ's? If you do then your IQ must be below 100. Getting hooked up with a fat pig is a one way ticket to loserville, get real.

  • That don't mean d***. Success is fleeting. Power is too. And those dudes are too much about money and superficial s*** to comprehend the true beauty of a plus size, fabulous woman. I was dumb like you once. I didn't know a diamond when I saw one. I chased and banged tons of skinny women. When I got drunk on my ass and took the plunge into a BBW's inviting, expansive body, I found heaven on earth. No lie, Man. If you haven't been there you have no idea.

  • No, it means a lot. Fat women are like the kiss of death if you are looking for career success. You are fooling yourself into settling for hamburger when you can have steak.

  • Hamburger! I'm doing US Prime with loads of servings. How sweet it is. It's like I got the whole cow for free and I cannot believe my luck. I'm a BBW lover forever and ever. Hallelujah! Can I get an amen?

  • Drink the grease dude and try not to puke.

  • Amen! My lucky bro.

  • What he said. I'm John going on 12 years with my BBW of my dreams. Ain't nothing nowhere like it.

  • This is the best and most titillating confession ever!

  • I agree, the very idea of a great big enormous fat chick getting nailed up the p*** chute and loving it is a wood maker if I ever saw one. Kudos to that brave, brave man for stepping up and admitting that he is falling in love with a prize hog. Lucky guy.

  • Haters gonna hate. Word to the haters: Up yours and kiss mine!

  • Meow sucks!

  • Finally after months of resisting, my BBW girlfriend gave me some. Wow! Best s** I ever had. I have found the holy grail of the most desirable women. You are depriving yourself if you pass those big beauties by. Believe me, they are the best there is.

  • I want a BBW for my very own;
    I want a BBW me me alone:
    BBW believe me, I love you
    And I always will be true.

  • The Chinese Hating Dude sucks!

  • Yes he does!Meow sucks too. lol, too bad he got banned. Not!

  • Big women are the only way to go. Once you have had the pleasure of one, there's no turning back. Who would settle for cheap wine when he can have champagne?

  • Why eat greasy fatty chuck steak when you can have a nice fillet mignon. F****** a fat chick is like settling for eating at McDonalds because you are too lazy to find 5 star restaurant.

  • C'mon, Man. Quarter Pounders with Cheese are awesome. Supersized fries like supersized women are freakin' fantastic!

  • Yeah if that's all you can afford. low rent fat women like crap fast food give me heart burn.

  • You are so right. The 5 star guy is probably just mad because a bog woman killed him out of McDonalds for being a j***.

  • What he said.

  • What's a bog woman?

  • He meant "BIG" woman as in "fat slob woman"; as in "hippo b****"; as in "f***** c***". Get it now?

  • Man, that was so harsh.

  • Sorry but sometimes the truth hurts.

  • For me to know.

  • Oh, yeah!

  • Tha was hot, dawg!

  • These great reviews of big beautiful women have inspired me. I feel like I have missed the boat on being with the right kind of women. Tonight I am going on the prowl to try to get me one for a girlfriend.

  • Wow. Haha, how old are you people? You sound like 12 year olds arguing on youtube over a rude comment on Bieber's songs. You dumbfucks need to f****** grow up & re-evaluate your life

  • Is your ass jealous of the amount of s*** that just came out of your mouth? - Hugs and kisses, Barbara

  • Thank you Barbara. I needed that.

  • There is no such thing as too big for me. The bigger the woman the better. I have found bigger women are more down to earth and less about themselves and more about you. As someone already wrote, to find one is like striking gold. They are awesome at s**. That "more about you" translates into big time giving in the bedroom. If you have never had s** with one, you have no idea how mindblowingly good they are at turning a bed into a four poster sexual paradise.

  • Any guy that says fatties are good in bed has probably never been with one. Fat chicks suck s*** in bed and the bigger they are the worse they are. First of all most of them no matter what they say HATE their bodies. They are extremely self-conscious and up-tight about their bloated forms and cannot relax enough to enjoy s**. Many smell really bad because they sweat a 1000 times more than a normal size girl and cannot clean themselves properly. In fact many of the really big ones can’t even wipe their own kooters or a****. Also most of them eat so much poor quality food that they are usually bloated with nasty gas. The slightest pressure on their enormous guts often times sets off the potential for a gas storm that csan and will knock a buzzard off a s*** wagon. That translates into a harrowing experience for any guy trying to f*** them. Furthermore the really big ones can’t even move during s** and just lay there like elephant seals. That's why so many guys who f*** pigs say "any fold will do" or "any port in the storm". So if you are into sticking your d*** into an inhuman, rancid, immovable blob that burps and farts and hates itself then by all means do your nasty thing. But if you would be a “real” man and wanting a sexual partner that is clean, mobile, and doesn’t smell like the dumpster behind the local fast food joint then do the right thing and choose a beautiful, slender, healthy, female and leave the fatties to the pig f******.

  • I am what your hateful self would classify as a fat chick, and I am none of what you wrote. Men who have been to bed with me are astonished at my sexual skills. I know I am better in bed than any of those emaciated chickies you call, cough! cough!, slender. I think you are so rabidly anti BBW because a woman you would call a fat chick turned you down. Despite your bravado, your fragile ego could not take the rejection from a "fat chick" you thought you would be doing a favor. Yes, that is your problem and why you are on a one man campaign to discredit and malign full figured beautiful women.

  • Too bad that what you wrote is all bull cookies. Fat women NEVER turn ANYONE down. They are desperate and sexually aggressive pigs. They gobble c*** like they gobble cake, fast and furious and they aren’t picky about where it comes from either. Fat women will do just about anything for s** because deep down they know that they are socially unacceptable as mates. No real man wants a fatty for a wife or a girlfriend. You will never find a powerful or successful dude with a fat girlfriend or obese wife because fatties are an indication of loser status among men. Get real tubby, guys aren’t “astonished” by your sexual ability they are intimidated by it. They are afraid that you will not only swallow their load but their entire package as well.

  • Oh ... my ... GOD! I got a woody reading this!!!

  • Me too! It is so hot!

  • Boing! There goes my woody. Hoowaaa!

  • My wife is so very big. She is 5 foot tale an 200 pounds and geting bigger. I am skiny. 6 feet and an inch tale an 150 pounds. People say we are odd couple. It is true. I do not care I love her just as she is. I like it lots an lots. When I am on top of all of her I feel so good, Nothing is like it. I feel like I am in heavan. No woman never made me feel so good. Big women are best. I know this like I now my hand. All men should now this. It is best. Try one big women you will not be disapointed when you are with the best of all.

  • I hear that!

  • BBW lover here. Never going back to spoiled skinny women. Haters gonna hate and will never know the best there is.

  • I envy you. My wife is skinny and I cannot get the fantasy of being with a fat woman out of my mind. You are living the dream. You are The Man!

  • Stick with the fantasy and stay far away from the real thing. In RL fat chicks are disgusting. They sweat, they smell, they are greedy and selfish, emotionally damaged and as medical science is discovering, they aren't very bright either.

  • Go big or go home.

  • If that is the case then home is the place to be.

  • You ain't no player.

  • I ain't no pig f***** either.

  • I like the gigantic t*** you get with a BBW. Those skinny minnies little b**** can't compare to the mighty mammaries of a BBW. The awesome knockers alone are worth getting a big beautiful woman for your lady. I love those enormous t***! They are like pillows that feel so damn soft and sooo fine. Whew! I'm getting worked up just thinking about them. I love those mammoth melons!

  • Mushy, sloppy, sandbags are not sexy. There is something wrong with you.

  • Yes there is something wrong with me. I have an incurable love of titanic t******. I love helaciously huge t*** more than any other swinging d*** on the planet. Thinner, less appealing women cannot compete in the gigantic t*** department. BBWs are the queens of gargantuan hooters. I love those Godzilla big t***!!! Whew! I'm getting worked up again just thinking about them. I must go to the BBW p*** pics site and get a pleasure refill by feasting my eyes on those priceless colossal, boobalicious bazoms!!! There is nothing like hugging a BBW and feeling her majorly humongous breastzillas spreading all over your quivering chest. Man, that gives me major wood when I feel those foot wide t*** spreading out on my grateful body like twin tsunamis. I work with a BBW. She loves to stand behind me and press her monstrous melons against my back and say suggestive s*** like, "Did I get a rise out of you?" I know she wants it. I guarantee you she will get it from yours truly. I would be a fool to pass up a chance to find heaven between a BBW's luscious, irresistible, succulent, sexy as h*** yams. I almost forgot. Nothing ... nothing ... compares to huge woman when she is not wearing a bra. To see those stupendous t*** swinging and bouncing drives me barking dog mad with burning L***. Damn! I must boink that BBW at work next time I see here. No more pussyfooting around. It's D Day on her triple Ds. Wish me luck fellow BBW appreciators.

  • I have to agree 100%. 10 years ago I married a 5'-3" tall, 300lb, titanically titted, blonde haired, blue eyed, gorgeous, ton of fun and I couldn't be happier. She’s about 380lbs now and the only thing that rivals the size of her b**** is the cheeks of her ass. She is the perfect woman for me and I give exactly zero f**** what beta boy BBW haters say because they are all closet queers and losers.

  • Keep telling yourself that while your fat pig of a wife loses control of her bloated bowels when the massive heart attack she is courting hits her with its full fury. You think she smells bad now, just wait until she keels over and hits the floor like a big fat s*** filled sack lard. Then come and tell us how perfect she is for you, LOL.

  • I met my BBW on a blind date. At first I was going to get out of Dodge when I saw her. She looked twice as big as me and I weigh 185 pounds. I was p***** off my friend Alan has set me up with a fat woman. I vowed to kick his ass after the date. The BBW must have sensed my revulsion. She said don't worry I won't bite. I don't know why but something about the way she said that and her sexy voice and beautiful eyes stopped me in my tracks. I was like in a trance, I hung onto her every word after that. I felt like I met a soulmate. By the end of the evening I was wanting to spend the rest of my life with her. That was 2 weeks ago. We are engaged now and planning on marrying as soon as possible. I love my BBW more than anything!

  • BBW haters suck!

  • I agree with this. BBW haters suck bigtime! S**** them!

  • They only suck because you like BBWs. Face it, deep down you know that you are a deviant and that your taste in women is unacceptable in almost every culture on the planet.

  • Deviant? Upon my word, I am a connoisseur of the finest wine of women. Unacceptable? Nay, just more refined. The difference between a man who drinks cheap wine and a man who imbibes the finest champagne, a man of distinction who appreciates Rubenesque women and all their fleshly attributes and womanly wiles. Ah me, how sweet and wonderful they are.

  • You know that old saying, don't knock it till you tried it? You don't know d*** about the pleasures of a BBW. You haven't a clue how heavenly they are. Get with a BBW and be illuminated so's you won't be talking out of your inexperienced ass.

  • You keep right on s******* the hambeasts, don't let me stop you. I guess some brave visually challenged soul has to do it. I'll take the shapely slinder hotties and all will be right with the world.

  • Eew no no women would come close to you..

  • I know that's right!

  • You don't know s***. Fat chicks are screwed in the head. Most of them hate themselves and would lose weight tomorrow if they could stop stuffing their faces. Even they know that their bloated bodies are unacceptable. Why do you think the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar concern? Even fatties don't want to be fat and those that claim to like being a fat pig are in complete denial.

    Stop encouraging the piggies, people like you aren't doing them any favors.

  • I can identify with this. On a dare in high school, I porked a BBW and got hooked on them. I dumped my cheerleader girlfriend and took up with the BBW and never looked back. I put a ring on another BBW a few years later. We have been married for 10 hot years. She is always h**** and there's nothing like dipping your slong in a BBW. Nothing in this world can compare to it. And this from a guy who was just s******* around on a dare. Those dimwits who are posting disgusting comments about big beautiful women have no clue how hot they are. With just one time in bed with one and those p****** would be believers. You know it and I know it fellow BBW appreciators.

  • Did you put the ring in her nose like farmers do with bulls?

    Beta boy loser; we are all pretty sure the cheerleader (if there really was one) did the dumping once she found out about your unhealthy obsession for pork.

  • Aw, Man, why you gotta go there?

  • Because that's the way it is and anything else is delusional. Even most fat chicks deep down think their bodies are unacceptable. Please don't encourage them to be fat slobs. If you really care about them you will enourage them to lose weight and save them from an early demise.

  • He "gotta go there" cause he has come down with a case of BBW fever. He is rabidly jealous you found the holy grail of women and he has not. He probably suffers from small d*** issues too and fears his tool isn't long enough to fully satisfied a hot BBW. He could just buy a p**** extender or use a strap on. BBWs are easy to please and not like those skinny prima donna barbies. As long as you make the effort, they will graciously accept you, even if your tool is too small or fails to function. I predict within six months he will be dating a Plus Size woman.

  • Anybody sane faced with f****** a 400lb landwhale b**** will automatically suffer small d*** issues. It’s a matter of common sense, natural selection, good taste and self-respect. For most NORMAL guys, even their d**** can discern what is good for them. For a NORMAL guy the smell alone should make them inverted.

    Only deviant pig f****** think fat s***** chicks are worth the effort. You probably f*** pigs because that's all you can get. Bottom of the barrel for you, pig f*****.

    Real men avoid fatties like the plague for reasons every rational individual can plainly see. Only a weirdo would choose a mate with the lost probability of reproducing, or being healthy. Only a freak chooses to mate with the unhealthy, defective and diseased segment of society. People like you seem to think fatty f****** is just being a little different but in the context of human biology it’s as wrong as necrophilia.

  • Thats what I'm talking about!

  • This is a beautiful thing. The haters are just jackasses whose idea of a love life is j********** over women who look more like skinny girls instead real women with some meat on their bones.

  • Meat is not the problem, chubby chaser. It’s only when the meat is smothered in layers of sloppy grease that it becomes unpalatable. Stop confusing blubber with good old red meat.

  • I love Miley Cyrus. She is the best entertainer ever. I loved it when she spit at the audience in Los Angeles. It is amazing how she comes up with this brilliant stuff and the audience loved it. To have Miley spit on you is like getting sprayed with holy water. It's that fantastic! I love her.

  • From experience I can tell you a big fat chick is hard to beat as a mate. Divorce your wife and stay with the land whale. At this point in your marriage if you are looking elsewhere it means you aren’t satisfied with what you got. The ton of fun seems like she gives you what you are looking for and once you find a partner that really does it for you, hold on and don’t let go. There is nothing wrong with being with a fatty despite what some of the awful comments thrown around here have to say. Don’t listen to anything that other people because most of them are simply jealous that you have found someone to really connect with. That is a rare thing in this world and most and everyone is searching for it and not that many find it.

  • Lucky girl.

  • Lucky girl h***; lucky guy. Finding a SSBBW that loves a*** is like striking gold.

  • I have found that really fat chick do a*** and love it. But I only advise doing it with them IF you can hold your breath a long time. The smell can get pretty rank. They are real pigs in every sense of the word.

  • Here is a link to a real fat b**** travesty. Pretty girl gone horribly wrong.

  • That's a HUGE b****! That s*** should be kept in the circus where it belongs.

  • Kiss my BBW ASS!! Up yours! Melinda

  • Eat s***, Miss Piggy. But then again you probably have. You've eaten just about everything else.

  • Hmm, skinny minnie boy, I would so love to sit my heart-shaped, BBW ass on your cone-shaped face.

  • Get the f*** out of here. Nobody wants your bumpy cellulite covered ass cheeks anywhere near their face, you disgusting fat body.

  • You are fighting it. You know you want my more than ample ass all over you. You would love my humongous t*** smothering your geeky face. You are in pubescent denial. P.S. Kiss my awesome, hot, bountiful ASS!

  • The only thing your fat lumpy ass should be kissed with is an electric cattle prod. Maybe then you will take the hint and hit the gym. fat chicks are f****** gross.

  • Remember this. Denial is not a river in Egypt. You got the BBW bug. The lure of a real woman has hooked you. Deep down inside, all the way to your b****, you know ... you know .. bigger is better, size is everything. You know this, and your g***** are dying to experience the ultimate in a bona fide, hot blooded, ample woman. You want to get deliriously lost in all the sumptuous softness, to bask in the bliss of being totally enveloped by a BBW's generous, titillating flesh, to have her wrap all of her around you, and for the first time in your life feel the ultimate in orgiastic pleasure. You KNOW this.

  • Wow, you should write fat p*** for the sicko pig f******. They will love you. But you are right, I do have a "deep down" feeling about BBWs. It's call nausea and if you continue to write about the disgusting attributes that fat chicks “claim” to have, I’m going to projectile vomit all over my monitor. Newsflash there buffalo butt, there is nothing alluring or titillating or orgasmic about sweaty, blubbery, lumpy, sloppy unhealthy and unnecessary body fat. To put it bluntly it is disgusting, revolting and downright obscene. Remember in life its survival of the fittest not the fattest. You pigs can kid yourselfs all you want but don't expect the normals to follow along with your delusions.

  • Unless a woman is over 6 feet tall she shouldn't weigh more than 150lbs. That gives plenty of room for a few extra inches of padding while still remaining fit. Anything over 150 and the woman is in full elephant mode and should be treated like a disease. Going with a fat or god forbid an obese chick is the worst possible decision a guy could make. Not only are they physically disgusting but they have a high probability of being either mentally impaired in some way or emotionally screwed up. Not one single successful or powerful male in the last century has had a fat girl for a wife or even a mistress. Fat women are socially as well as physically unacceptable unless you want pump gas for a living and live in a trailer park or the ghetto for the rest of your miserable life. Just say NO to the fatties and move on. And don’t be fooled by the piggy with the pretty face either; even homely bucktoothed skinny b**** has more sexual market value that a fat girl with a pretty face. Fat chicks are the bottom of the barrel and never let that fact out of your mind.

  • I would love to kick this p**** in the b****. He deserves it.

  • Yes he does!

  • Wow, that is just SO screwed up. I really want to kick your ass right now. 150 lbs for all women under 6 feet? That is one of the most unrealistic things I've ever heard of. Did you know that muscle weighs more than fat, genius? What if she's extremely fit, and weighs more than 150 lbs because she wants to be very healthy and has gained quite a bit of muscle? Saying that everyone under 6 feet tall and over 150 lobs are "elephants" is just so, so, SO screwed up. I really want to slap you in the face for how blatantly rude you are being. What if the person CANNOT control their weight? H***, what if some people are into it? I know that some people are into what would be considered "fat" chicks. You disgust me with your comment. It's just so wrong. So wrong and so unrealistic. I really can't speak anymore because of how angry and enraged I am by your comment.

  • You sound like a blubbering land whale. Go eat some more Twinkies smothered in Nutella and calm yourself, tubby.

    BTW,guys who are "into" fat chicks are what is "SO screwed up". Fat is unhealthy, encouraging a fat person to stay fat because you happen to be "into it" or attracted to it is just plain "WRONG". Get a clue a******, there is an obesity epidemic out there and it's a time bomb that is going to cripple and entire generation. It cannot and should not be tolerated.

  • I will have you know that I am not obese, thank you very much. But some people are unable to help it. But obviously, you don't seem to be able to get it through your thick skull that everyone is different. I understand that obesity is very high. But calling someone disgusting if they are obese is wrong. But I suppose that it's not getting through your head. Yet again, society's ideas of "healthy" these days are viewed as sticks. I can't get over the "under 6-feet-tall and over 150 lbs is a whale" analogy. I weigh less than 150 and am under 6ft, but some people, yet again, weigh more because of muscle. But you know what? Obviously you will not listen. I am not encouraging people to be fat. I am just utterly disgusted at how people you can be so blatantly rude towards a certain type of people. It's disgusting and pathetic. I really am doubting if there will be decent people in 10 years. Just wow.

  • The people who can't help being fat due to a medical condition are not the people I'm talking about. Those poor slobs are victims of bad luck. They also only make up about 0.005 percent of the population. The rest of the fat slobs out there are victims of their own greed, laziness and gluttony. Defending those pigs is lunacy. So take your juvenile outrage and child-like argument and cram it there sunshine. Isn't there a Taylor Swift or Katy Perry concert you should be attending?

  • Your insults actually made me laugh, because in all honesty I do not like Taylor Swift nor Katy Perry. And yet again, I am not necessarily defending them. How would the world be if it suddenly was discovered that being fat was healthy, and being very thin (like most models that society deems as "healthy" which is actually damn near anorexia) was not? (This is purely hypothetical, but what if it existed in an alternate universe? It could.) My point is, how would the skinny people feel if everyone said, "Oh, to be skinny is to be a skin. Those worthless bastards starve themselves when there are people who are starving and can't do anything about it. They should all burn in h*** because they're too skinny." Like what the h***? It's the same argument for those who are bigger than others. You do NOT categorize an entirety of people based on a stereotype. Oh, right, but I'm full of "juvenile outrage" and have a "child-like" argument. Right. I mean, did it ever occur to you that I was once considered overweight, and as such I nearly became anorexic? And it was words like yours that made me feel like s*** when I was younger. Even though I was NOT a fat slob, because I was SLIGHTLY heavier than what the BMI chart said I should be, I was almost "overweight". I didn't know at the time muscle weighed more than fat. Look, I am just unable to form coherent sentences because I am just so freaking angry at what the people are saying here. It's just so infuriating.

  • Alternate realities???? Are you serious? Please try to stay with the program. If you want to talk in hypotheticals then keep it in the classroom where it belongs. Our reality as in here and now is all that matters. Obesity is a worldwide problem. For the first time in US history the current generation has a very good chance of living shorter lifespans than the generation before it. Why; because of obesity and the diseases caused by obesity and all the touchy feely, politically correct garbage, you are spouting isn’t going to help the situation. It’s going to take a complete cultural shift in lifestyle in order for people to make the changes that will reverse the current trends in obesity.The fact of the matter is that people in general are highly resistant to change and need an in your face wake-up call to get them to take notice. Coddling the fatties isn’t going to help them and in fact it will make their situation worse. If you really want to improve the lives of fat people then you have to get their attention and shake them into reality. The millennia generation has grown up with so many grossly obese people within it that they look upon their bulging butts as being normal. This is a f****** travesty and a death sentence for about 50% of them. Wake up and smell the coffee and stop thinking like a child. I may be harsh in my wording but at least I'm not molly coddling an entire group of people straight into their graves.

  • Well, Common Core kinda makes us do things like that (in defense of my use of hypotheticals). But I am not trying to p*** on the Board of Ed/the education system at the moment (though I could, but I don't want to at the moment.) I'm not coddling them, but I'm not insulting them either. Also, I think a big reason for obesity is WHAT people eat, and not how MUCH of it they do. McDonald's is very unhealthy, right? But it's cheap. Way cheaper than buying stuff at a health food store. And some people just can't afford to buy healthy food, when unhealthy foods are cheaper. In my school, water is $1.75, but soda is $1.00. If the world wants people to be healthier, then damn it, they have to make healthy food more available to people! That's what the main problem is, in my opinion. Because people are fat does not mean they eat too much--it means that they eat unhealthily. But when pressed for money, prices are the things that people first look at, not at the calories or the ingredients in the food. That's the real problem here. Every big company will do anything to get money, like how the college system is working now. Good education/good food/good anything = expensive most of the time. Not-so-good quality things are often cheaper. And sometimes, people can't afford the good quality things. That's all I'm saying. To fix the problem, we should first fix the prices on certain foods, to make healthy foods easier to purchase than unhealthy fast food. That's all.

  • Obesity has nothing to do with how cheap or expensive food is. It's about poor judgment, lack of self-respect, gluttony, and an addiction to sugar and processed foods. Given a choice most big fat slobs will not choose healthy alternatives even when they are available to them. They prefer to stuff themselves with cheeseburgers, and pizza; (don't forget the diet soda) rather than salad or vegetables. In fact many refuse to eat what is good for them because they are cognitively slow, lazy and unwilling to change their bad habits. This is why they need to be publically shamed as much and as often as possible. All this fat acceptance crap has clouded their better judgment and fed their inherent laziness and gluttony. Just a short 50 years ago many of the obese slobs you see on a daily basis would have been only seen in a sideshow. Nowadays they make up one out of every three Americans. What's wrong with this picture, are you really that stupid?

  • I'm not saying it's not wrong, but that I know that some of these people wouldn't be so vocal about it if it wasn't over the Internet. I'm just done with trying to convey my "we should respect all people and maybe this world would be a better place" thing, cuz God forbid we accept everyone and which would successively and hopefully lead to a better place. I just want there to be peace, but there can't be with this f****** discrimination. I hate this world and I dislike people that just can't f****** live with a certain group of people. Jeez. I'm just f****** done.

  • Actually I'm pretty certian YOU are the bottom of the barrel. There is NO way in h*** anyone with your attitude and outlook could be anything else.

  • Whatever you say f*****.

  • That's right, Dumbass.Now STFU and wipe the p*** off your face.

  • Angry piggy is angry.

  • I got your piggy. I would so love to sit on you and crush you like the creepy little b**** bug you are. I would like to slap your face and plant my big foot in your teensy nuts. I would love to see you cry after I did that. I would photo you and plaster it all over the web. Yeah, that's what I'd do. You'd be the most wanted BBW hater on the planet, the BBW Public Enemy Number 1. Yeah. How about that, Butt Boy?

  • First you would have to find me and catch me. I know that's not going to happen because I will be able to hear you gasping for air and sweating from a mile away. The only way you would even attempt to put out the effort of doing any of that to me is if you got NAAFA to put a bounty of 10,000 cheeseburgers on my head. Why don’t you just go drown your frustrations in a bathtub sized load of Ben and Jerry’s and STFU.

  • Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I like the NAAFA idea ... a lot. 10,000 cheeseburgers might work. As far as me catching you with my big ole self, you have to sleep sometime. I like the thought of a bathtub full or Ben & Jerry's. I would so like it filled with Chunky Monkey. OMG, so delicious! I could feast on Chunky Monkey nonstop for days! But, back to the meat of this matter. I will catch your anorexic self. You know how some beautifully big people can dance like ballerinas? I am like that with running. When p*** ants called me fatso as a kid and ran off like chickens, I always caught them and sat on their faces. OMG, that was so beautiful when they screamed and cried like little b******, just like you will when I plant my bodacious butt on your screaming, crying face. And, you know what? Because you are acting like such a douchebag, when I sit on your face I am going to fart on it too. I am a proper lady, but I am not above breaking wind on a little p***** face. So there!

  • I have a question Tubby; these kids that you claim to have run down, were they crippled, missing a leg, afflicted with polio, tied to a tree or some s*** like that? Because that’s the only way a big fat tub of gelatin like you could ever catch a normal size person. Also when you sat on them and they screamed and cried it should have been a hint right then and there that you big fat ass was f****** mad scary. Maybe if you had taken the hint back then and did something about your immense size you wouldn’t get so angry when someone pointed out the fact that you are so big that you bend sunlight. Didn’t your whoever raised notice that you were obese or were they too busy feeding you Doritos and Pepsi?
    BTW, I could almost hear you salivating as you slobbered all over your keyboard writing about chunky monkey. You must be an enormous hog, a woman in full elephant mode. I’ll bet a scant 50 years ago a woman like you could only be found in a sideshow. Such a shame that the gift of life and health can be so nonchalantly traded away for a gluttonous obsession with food.

  • I will give you this. You write some clever, funny stuff. You should be writing books instead of wasting your writing talents bashing beautiful big women. That aside, you have really asked for it now. Soon you will get your long overdue comeuppance. All over the vast outreaches of cyberspace, I have BBW sisters in arms searching for your true identity, one is a retired detective, another a hacker. They have seen your writing style and are combing every nook and cranny of the net to find places you posted before and track your ass down. When we find you, and we will, no matter how far away from me you are, I will travel to your location. And I don't care if you are in freakin Siberia. In person I will publicly humiliate you to tears, film it, and post it on YouTube and everywhere. I'm going to contact local media and turn the humiliation of your life into a media circus with me as the dork tamer and you as the shocked, whimpering dork. And you know what? I just might put the 10,000 cheeseburger bounty on your head, or maybe I'll do 500 Chunky Monkeys. Yeah, food rewards are always good. Be very very afraid. We are coming for you. Nowhere is safe, and you, Sir, are a marked man.

  • Holy Christ now I’m being threatened with psychological torture by Moby D***’s BIG sister. Well I'm sharpening my harpoons as we speak. The battle will be epic; worthy of a sequel to the classic Melville novel. A golden sovereign for the first lad who spots the landwhale!
    Come and get me beluga, I've got ropes and a big cargo net all ready to go. There is a tank at Sea World with your name on it. I hope you like performing tricks for frozen fish treats.

    BTW, In order for you and your BBW (big bloated women) sisters to find me you will have to take a break from stuffing your fat faces with fried Twinkies and diet soda. Since we both know that ain’t going to happen in either of our lifetimes, why don’t you and the rest of the slump busters just be content to eat yourselves into a big fat sugary coma. Maybe then while you are in your comatose state you will drop a few 100 pounds and you won't be so angry.

  • Lol, you are out of your blooming mind with all that fish and crap rambling, though I did like the Twinkies part, yum! Double yum! Diet soda is for prissies. I go industrial strength soda with all the sugar and all the caffeine. I have found full strength soda taste super yummy with glazed, chocolate-covered donuts. By the way, methinks your fascination with ocean fish might suggest you live near the sea. Perhaps you are one of those Cali boys. I've made a mental note of that and will share my insight with my sisters in arms. You have more to worry about now. I am using my paranormal mind powers to teach you a much needed lesson. If you wake up in the night with the sensation someone kicked you in the buttocks, that was me via my chi projection ass kick. I got a voodoo doll I visualized as being you. I rubbed the doll on the computer screen over your writing to infuse your vibe into it. I lit 7 dragon's blood incense sticks and 7 black candles in front of the doll, which I wrote BBW Hater on with a Magic Marker. I whispered secret voodoo chants 13 times. Then I yelled "KISS MY ASS" and slapped the s*** out the doll's face. So don't be surprised if you feel like someone is slapping your BBW hating puss. I'm pulling out all the stops and going with my A game now. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

  • Yeah well I’m sure anything with Twinkies and soda in it gets your syrup like blood pumping. Be careful you don’t blow a vein moving all that greasy sludge thru your bloated misshapen body. I’ll be your heart is just begging for you to a piece of lettuce. As for your Voodoo rituals, I guess that’s what counts for action in your blubbery world. I guess rubbing something on your monitor is about the most strenuous activity a porker like you can manage. Maybe you should rub the monitor a little harder so that you get your bingo wings jiggling; maybe then you burn a calorie or two. BTW, it’s a good thing you have those mind powers. That way you don’t ever have to get up off your massive ass to do anything. It must be a major convenience for a big prize hog like you to be able stuff your fat face with junk food via Telekinesis. I wonder if telekinetic mind powers are common among blobs like you. It certainly would explain how some of those bedridden horrifyingly obese monsters manage to consume food in such obscene quantities. Apparently they simply “will” it into their greedy gullets. So f*****, exactly how close are you to lying down in a bed and not being able to get up? I’ll bet you are only about a fun size bag of M&Ms away for needing the local fire department to come and roll you over once a week.

  • Hee, hee. I knew that hoo doo voo doo BS would scare that punky girly boy off, lol, lol, lol. BBWs rule again!!!

  • The only thing that scares me is the sight of a hambeast BBW with it's clothes off. That's even enough to make a whole platoon of US marines s*** themselves and run screaming into the night.

  • Oh, my, the brat boy BBW hater is back from the dead. How are things in Ohio. brat boy? Yes, that's right. And you should be scared. We are zeroing in on your bad boy ass. Soon you will feel the terrifying wrath of a p***** off big woman. In the glare of TV cameras, the chatter of reporters, you will suffer the ultimate humiliation of a BBW gang pinning you to the ground and rubbing cheeseburgers and chunky monkey inc cream all over your captive, crying self after we slap the s*** out of your arrogant face. Big beautiful women rule! Yeah, Baby!

  • So am I in Ohio or near one of the coasts as you previously speculated? Make up your mind beluga. I know that excess body fat and lack of mental acuity are related but this is ridiculous.
    BTW, I fear the wrath of big slob women every day. You fat disgusting f****** are everywhere nowadays cluttering up the landscape like so much garbage at a landfill. It’s like an entire generation of women just gave up on themselves and became a herd of self-loathing, uneducated, blobs of lard. What the h*** is it with you lard buckets. Maybe your parents should have coddled you less and stopped stuffing you with Twinkies and chocolate milk and fed you a little self-respect instead. Maybe then the generation of female (and male) tugboats that exist today wouldn’t be. To be perfectly honest all this ‘fat pride” you waddlers exhibit is ridiculous to the rest of us. The reality is, we not only laugh and ridicule you behind your backs but we do it to your fat faces as well but you are too mentally impaired by your high blood sugar that you don’t even notice. Stop eating and stop arguing with me. You know I’m right and always will be. It is not normal or healthy to think that too much body fat is something to be celebrated. It is a sick mentality and it is dangerous to your wellbeing. Fat f**** need to lose weight and not fool themselves into believing that obesity is cause for a party.

  • In layman's terms, twig boy, you are f***** up in the head. Perhaps your caloric starved body is making your fuzzy, Obama voting brain wacko. Get this. In the not too distant future, big beautiful women will be the norm. The skinny minnies will be only fit for losers like you. We will grace the covers of fashion magazines. The braver among us will appear in all our glory in magazines like Playboy. Speaking of Playboy, we will be the standard bunnies in the mansion. Those botoxed b****** with the fake t*** and fake a**** will become relics. We real woman will rule. Know that. Read this and weep. P.S. You have the kookiness of a lost-in-space Cali boy, but your accent suggest you live in or near Ohio. Be very afraid. We are coming for you. Be on the lookout for an estimated 2,000 pounds of real women when the terrible 7 find you and sit up you and the whole world laughs at your crybaby self beneath us, which is your proper place compared to us, your betters. Ta, ta.

  • Keep dreaming beluga. Recent scientific studies show that excess body fat can cause chemical reactions that release brain damaging hormones in the body. In other words Miss Piggy, your fat is making you stupid. This bears out older studies that suggested a link between higher body weight and impaired memory, loss of cognitive reasoning and early onset of dementia. Your continued deluded appraisal of the status that fat chicks have or will have in society is an indicator that you brain function has been negatively impacted by the excess poundage you insist upon carrying on your person. Take some good advice and lose some weight before you lose what’s left of your tiny mind. Blimps like you will never be socially acceptable as mates, models or s** objects. You will always be jokes only one societal step away from being considered full-fledged freaks. When a fat person enters the room they elicit emotions ranging from outright disgust to pity. Only fellow freaks and deviants look upon fat pigs as desirable or attractive. Normal healthy people are revolted by obesity because it is a sign of a diseased body. Haven’t you ever heard your fellow buffalo b****** complain that they feel like they are invisible to the rest of society? It’s because normal people are so sickened by you fat pigs that it is just easier to pretend you don’t exist. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out because you so-called BBW’s make so much noise grunting and bellowing in your demands for acceptance that it is all but impossible to pretend you aren’t there. Take a hint you enormous whale, you will NEVER be considered the norm so long as the current and correct cultural standard of beauty remains in place. Furthermore you will NEVER escape the scientific fact that obesity is unhealthy and an abnormal physical state for human beings. Stop lying to yourself and most of all stop trying to make the rest of society believe your self-serving and insane lies. No one is buying it.

  • Keep dreaming with that Pseudo science, Twig Boy. You are only fooling yourself. And you know what? Like Ulysses with the Sirens, you are getting drawn into the BBW honey pot. You have been fighting it for a long time, but in the depths of your heart you want a BBW. You yearn for the ultimate in love making. Though you won't admit it, you know this is true. By the way, here's some real science: Juliet Huddy Proves That Fat Girls Are Smarter Than Skinny Ones http://gawker.com/321566/juliet-huddy-proves-that-fat-girls-are-smarter-than-skinny-ones/all Put that in your ole Ohio pike and smoke it. LOSER!!!!

  • Keep looking for me in Ohio and keep reading and believing the junk science. Believe all the way to your rendezvous with the insulin pump and the cardiac by-pass operation that are both heading your way.
    BTW, the study suggests “curvy women” are smarter than thin ones. I’m not talking "curvy" here. Curvy is just fine for me. The problem is that you BBW’s (big buffalo women) have usurped the definition of “curvy” and actually want us to think that a 300 or 400 pound landwhale qualifies as “curvy”. You fat slobs are out of your blubbery brains if you think "curvy" means a body type with 150 extra pounds of fat glommed onto to it. “Curvy” is a genetic state of being. It means hourglass shaped as in 36”-24”-36”. It doesn’t mean a body that is basically spherical or lumpy or bloated up to an unhealthy level of obesity that it requires an electric scooter to buy Cheetos at the local Wal-Mart. When your waistline is as big as or bigger than your ass or when your ass is as wide as a door or when your thighs rub together enough to set your pubic hair ablaze, you are NO LONGER curvy. You are just a big fat lazy slob with no f****** excuse. Now stop trying to counter my argument because you just look like a fool. I have medical science and good taste on my side; what the f*** do you have besides stupidity, laziness and an obsessive need to stuff your slobbering pie hole?

  • Junk Science? Hah! This ain't no Junk Science, that is if you can comprehend it: Read this slowly so you can attempt to understand how right I am and how you are the one facing a greater health risk, Waif Boy. Yay. I'm vindicated!!!

    “The Obesity Paradox” presents compelling evidence that those with excess baggage might be healthier and better able to fight off diseases than normal-weight counterparts. Conversely, the “thin and unfit” waifs have the worst body types for long-term health. http://nypost.com/2014/04/05/america-rejoice-being-fat-may-actually-make-you-healthier/

  • I hope your family has a good insurance policy on you. It's going to be mighty big holes that will have to be dug when you keel over from all that "health" you've pack on your frame. Going to need a huge backhoe and a Pods container to plant your fat ass.

  • Just by reading some of the comments it's easy to tell that rampant fatophobia is alive and well in this world. I wonder just how many of those who responded negatively to this confession are without flaws of their own. I'm guessing not too many.

  • You sound like a big fat pig.

  • You sound like a Bo Bo head with no ass.

  • Another porker is heard from.


  • Careful there tubby, stop yelling. Getting all worked up like that you might have a cardio blow out and end up a ghost.

    I can almost see and hear you "quivering" with rage. Have another hit of Micky D's and calm the f*** down. LMAO.

  • Well, aren't YOU a rude a******.

  • Oh I'm rude because I'm looking out for the fat pig's welfare. LMAO

  • Don't make me sit on your face, twiggy boy. P.S. You're just insulting because you are mad that your mother has a bigger d*** than you do. Ta Ta.

  • Don't make me get out my harpoon, I'll boil you down for lamp oil, b****.

    I see a Nantucket sleighride in your future, you fat c***.

  • I got your fat c***, Butt Boy. P.S. I don't know what makes you so f****** stupid, but it really works!

  • Do me a favor fatty, just eat your anger and shut up.

  • You know what, Butt Boy? The smartest thing that ever came out of your mouth was a p****.

  • Well the best thing that ever came out of your mouth was….nothing because stuff ONLY goes in. I can literally hear you swelling up, you fat pig.

  • Jesus Christ dude, that's f***** up. How can you even think of dumping a slim attractive woman for a s*** bag, piggy oink, oink, are you out of your mind? I don't care how great the s** is it doesn't take away the gag factor. That fat b**** sounds like a sloppy c** dumpster and you probably have herpes by now. Stay away from the bloaters; they are all damaged goods in some way. They will drag you down personally and professionally. Just look around, you will never find a top executive or any successful man with a 2 ton fat lady for a wife. Everyone knows that only losers and nig-nogs marry obese women. Fatties are reserved for the bottom rung of male society. Mark my words, just wait, the s** may be great now but once you put a ring on the pigs hoof it will change drastically. Before you know it will dry up and all you will have left is Jabba the s*** sitting home in front of the TV stuffing her face 24/7. Meanwhile you will be busting your ass like a slave to support lady enormous and her unruly brood of piglets.
    Take my advice and run like the wind and go beg for forgiveness from your thin attractive wife like the poor dumb schmuck that you are.

  • "Bloaters" LMAO.

    I usually refer to the "bloaters" as "enormos".

    Fat chicks should only be used for parking lot blow-jobs and the occassional back ally a***. Anything else a crime against humanity.

  • "enormos" too funny. I'm going to have to start using that one.

  • Exactly! F****** a fat pig no matter how drunk, beta or desperate you are should carry some kind of criminal punishment.

    1. Caught f****** a fat chick = 30 days community service or $1000 fine.
    2. Marrying a fat chick = 6 months in jail or a $10,000 fine.
    3. Breeding with a fat chick = 5 to 10 years in jail depending on how fat she is and how many children you conceived.

    That would stop the insanity, pronto.

  • ^This X10

  • Sizeism ... Totally bullshit social constructions revolve around people's weight, height, etc... Don't fall for the hype. Although 500 lbs is a bit excessive, it should not be the determinant in judging human value.

  • Sizeism...What a joke, no such thing. Fat pigs are fat pigs there is no getting around it or them. Shaming fat people is about the only way society can make these greedy gluttonous slobs change for the better. If we tell these pigs that it’s okay to be a big fatty boom-boom what kind of message does that send? What ramifications does it have for the health of the population? With the rise of socialized medicine in the US how many people want their tax dollar going to pay for some slobs poor dietary choices? Aside from the cost to society, the truth of the matter is that fat people especially those that refuse to do something about their grotesque state and then whine and demand acceptance disgust the rest of us. People who accept the fatties and have relationships with them are just as disgusting as the butter b**** themselves. That’s reality and no amount of fat acceptances bullshit or cries of sizeism (a made up term) will change that. You want acceptance, you want a relationship then put down the Big Mac and go for a f****** jog.

  • And I'm pretty sure that it's people like YOU who make people become anorexic. Do you know how serious eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are? Seeing these hurtful comments may prompt someone to do that. Also, society's definition of "healthy" has become VERY skewed. The whole BMI thing is bullshit. "Healthy" nowadays is being viewed as stick thin-and yet, women are also supposed to be "curvaceous" as well. Big bobs, tiny waist, nice butt. That s*** is unrealistic. Sorry that women can't be perfect like that. Anyways, my point is that all of this rudeness towards people who may be heavier than others can lead to serious things like anorexia and bulimia. I know; I've considered not eating and seeing how it happens. Thank goodness it didn't become full-blown anorexia. But when that happens, it is a horrid disorder that makes the people, even though they become stick-thin, still see themselves as fat and imperfect. I don't think you realize how much of an affect your harsh words can have on some people.

  • Ride that fat disgusting heifer for all it’s worth. Leave your wife, she deserves better than you. Only losers f*** fat chicks.

  • You ain't no player. A player never passes up a good f*** be it a skinny Minnie or a fat F****. A real player says any port in a storm and mans up.

  • Instead manning up by holding your nose and s******* pigs; why don't you try manning up by getting a f****** job?

  • A real player???? You mean like a hood rat n***** who will dip his wick into any filthy disgusting hole that comes along? If that's what you mean then yes I "ain't no player".

    IFortunately I have a little more self-respect than a so-ccalled "player".

  • Whee you at, b****?

  • "Whee" be right here, n****.

    N****'s = Keepin it real stupid since the 1960s.

  • Yeah, I knew your b**** ass would punk out. Meet me m*********** and see what's up.

  • Meet you??? This ain't no dating site you f****** big lipped ape. Go take you EBT card and treat your hood-hippo to a good time.

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  • You got to be gay, m*********.

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  • He's not gay. He's a f****** white boy p****.

  • I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!- Kisses, Brenda

  • You ain't no player. You're a subhuman racist, lol.

  • Make sure you wear a condom, pig f#cker. Don't let that big blob multiply.

  • Wear a condom, pig f*****. Don't let that blob multiply.

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • Wow. 'Uproar' is an understatement.

  • I too have fallen for a BBW. I've found nothing like it in the world and it turns out she is the most fantastic lover in the planet! I've she's intelligent, caring and supporting and she aims to please me (her man) in every way possible both sexually and as companion. She is my everything and yes....I love her. Not love s "fat woman", but rather; I Love MY WOMAN, who happens to be a BBW, and the emphasis is on BEAUTIFUL. For those of you who've shied away from this... It's your loss. I love you baby.

  • Put your BBW on a f****** tread mill and stop being a beta boy. Don’t put up with a fat f****** woman. That’s everything a real man hates in a wife. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a curvy woman but when they start hitting the BBW classification they are starting to sink to the bottom of the barrel. Once they hit the SSBBW category they have hit the bottom of the barrel and any sexual market value they may have once had is gone forever. Even if they lose the weight, they become like a used car that was once in a bad accident. The potential for problems is always there no matter what. My advice to any guy is to stay away from women who are fat or who are now thin and have f***** moms. Deep down they are pigs and will eventually become the bitter self-hating landwhale slob that every dad warns their son about.

  • Seriously, obese women go thru h*** from nasty comments and put downs. That isn't funny. I will confess I once tried it with a VERY obese woman. Her big belly interferred so I could only get the tip of my 7" in her. Doing it doggie style from behind was impossible due to her massive butt. I am one who likes to sink it deep. Not to be unkind, but it wasn't all that much fun.

  • Yes obese women are treated badly by certain segments of society and it's not fair or right. Personally I've been with a lot of obese woman ranging in weight from 300lbs to the current woman I'm with who is just slightly over 700lbs. I've never had an issue with sinking the soldier b**** deep whenever I've wanted to. But I will say that the bigger they are the more ingenuity you need to apply to get in deep. Furthermore I've found that the big ladies are incredible in bed. They are more than willing to please and genuinely love and crave all forms of oral gratification. If you can find one that is pretty, clean, not too lazy and takes pride in how they look, hang onto that big fat thing with all fore’s because she is a gem.

  • How the h*** do you have s** with a woman weighing 700 pounds? can she even feel what's going on and how do you find the hole?????

  • It's what separates the men from the boys. A real man with a real s****** always finds the honey pot.

  • In the case of a big fat slob woman there ain't no "honey pot". It's more like a septic tank.

  • Lol, even though a mean and biased thing to say

  • How can the truth be biased? Ever smell the kooter on one of those big fat nasty b******? A septic tank might be too good to compare it to.

  • Any fold will do.

  • Yeah, a fold filled with body cheese, sweat and old cookie crumbs. Wonderful, where do I puke first.

  • My hat is off to you dude. I would lose my lunch everyday if I had to go home a face a 700lb elephant woman. You must have a cast iron stomach and an almost dead gag reflex. LOL

  • Any guy caught f****** a 700lb chick needs to be locked up for his own good and the b**** needs to be rolled back into the ocean.

  • I am 195 lbs and 5'3".
    I'm not morbidly obese but i am medically classified as obese. And yes, we are freaks in bed. I LOVE to please my man. And me being extremely overweight does play a role because im so happy to have a man that there is nothing he could ask for i wouldnt do. Except a 3some. I wont do a 3some simply because i dont want to share him. I love riding him, i love giving blow jobs and he tells me i give him the best o****** he's ever had. So im not the skinny chick but give me the right lingerie and im sexy. lol. i give him whatever he wants in the bedroom and in other aspects of the relationship; i try to be the perfect girlfriend. I make him things and i cook and whatnot. So yes, we're fat. But we're also awesome.

  • Having s** with a porker like you is probably like having a three-some anyway. Except the two chicks are rolled into 1 disgusting fat body. LOL

  • Only beta males f*** fat chicks.

  • And you would know this, because you are a weak child with no d***. f*** off douche.

  • You are probably a fat ugly b**** or a loser that f**** a fat ugly b****. lol

  • Having s** with a fat slob should be made illegal. Fat people should be rounded up, placed in camps and forced to lose weight. They should be treated by society like junkies and whores. They are worthless, unsightly blobs of filth. Fat people smell and most of them are lazy heaps of garbage who have absolutely no respect for themselves or the people that have to look at them. many of them have an extreme over developed sense of entitlement because they want the world to cater to the needs of their gluttony. IMHO if they cannot change their ways they should ALL just die.

  • And this is like saying that the Holocaust was justified, because Adolph Hitler believed that the Jews did not deserve to live, put them in concentration camps, starved them, destroyed their families, and did many other unspeakable horrors to them. Just because of what they were and who they believed in. I cannot believe the heartlessness of what you just said. You are disgusting. I cannot say how much this is like how Hitler probably viewed the Jews as during the Holocaust. This is disgusting. YOU are more disgusting than the "smelly fat people who are lazy heaps of garbage and have no respect for themselves", as you so eloquently put it.

  • You are SUCH a dickwad! That is probably one of the RUDEST things I've read in my life! First off, you insult even MORE people than "fat" people; YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH TO BECOME LIKE THIS. Yes, some people may be overweight because of gluttony. BUT YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. Yet again, society's expectations of "healthy" are SO skewed! They are SO screwed up and unrealistic. I'm pretty sure my BMI says that I'm almost overweight, but I'm actually in a good place--I'm rather MUSCULAR, that's why I weigh little more. Muscle weighs more than fat. Just a fact. So if you're judging someone by their weight MY GOD WHAT IF THEY ARE MUSCULAR. Like SERIOUSLY. You are SUCH a d***. Someone who may be overweight may read your comment and become anorexic or bullimic. I don't think you understand the repercussions that your words can have. Honestly, I'm just too angry to continue typing.

  • Oh I know what they have "BEEN THROUGH" to become like THAT and it's the drive thru at the local McDonalds WAAAAAAY too many times. STFU and stop white knighting people you know NOTHING about.

  • And why do people go to McDonald's? Because it's cheap as h***. Healthy food is often extremely expensive. Some people just can't afford it. Paying two dollars for a burger and fries ad McDonald's is a lot less expensive than getting stuff at a health food store. Yet again, this country runs on money. And good quality ANYTHING is expensive. Good quality food, good quality education--all of that, if you want actual good things, is expensive. And quite frankly, some people can't afford it. So that's why they go to McDonald's so often. What I was trying to say was that it is so wrong to just discriminate against a bunch of people like that. Like others have said, it's like you're justifying the Holocaust. And when I spoke about the people who you don't know what they've been through, as I said, I was referring to how "junkies" and "whores" were referred to as being horrible things. THAT was what I was referring to. You don't know what those "junkies" and "whores" have been through to make them the way that they are. I really just can't go on with how absolutely livid I am.

  • Now that is beyond rude and very, very prejudice. How ignorant.

  • Are you for real? By your reasoning, any class of people that does not fit the "norm" should be rounded up and left to die?

    Following your logic, the Holocaust made sense to you. You are such an ignorant j******.

    For the record, I am not fat but I am offended by you. Shame on you and the parents that raised you. Who the f*** do you think you are to talk that way about an entire group of people.

  • I agree with you wholeheartedly; thank you for saying that. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • You are a douche or a joker either way you suck.

  • Chubby chaser.

  • The "chubby chaser" label is completely ridiculous. You don't have to chase so-called chubby because they are too fat to move fast. All you need to do is walk behind them until they pass out and then harpoon them as they lay their like a beached whale. They make great slump busters as long as your friends and family don’t find out what you are doing.

  • I'm astounded that the whole country wants to comment on this confession. Who would have thunk it?

  • Most of the comments are just cheap shot and typical little kid internet snark. The real comments are few and far between.

  • You would not be the first man to want a BBW(Big Beautiful Women). I actually had a guy turn me down one time telling me I was too thin! There are plenty of muscular men who are very attracted to heavy women! Not to mention that right now the highest grossing p*** is of extremely obese women! One is called, "The Cookie Doughman." Try talking to her, it sounds like you would treat much better than her husband! And your probably a better f***! H***, you make me want to let myself go! And just remember, that fat is just more pushin for the cushion!

  • I am considered thin, skinny, whatever... I know many men from various cultures DO NOT like skinny at all. To each there own I say.

  • Thanks for the advice, finally someone who isn't interested in attacking two people they don't even know. It seems once I posted this confession every whack job on this site came out of the wood work to spew their hate. It’s funny but some heavier girls have told me the same thing you have regarding guys turning them down because they weren’t heavy enough. It seems that smaller BBWs actually have a harder time finding guys than the much bigger ones do. I think the attraction has to do with the whole societal taboo nature of s** with a very fat person. Obesity in our society is looked down upon and to be attracted to a person because they are obese signifies to a lot of people a sexual deviance. Actually I think a lot of guys (more than you know) are attracted to fat girls but are afraid to admit to it because of what other people will say. As the old saying goes “fat chicks are like mopeds. They a lot of fun until your friends find out you are riding one.”

  • Yes they are quite fun to play with!!!! My fiance and I have had a lot of fun with a couple of them. And the nice thing is thier personalities are really nice and they are usually not stuck on themselves. And believe me since I gain a few pounds I have no problem getting men. Let's face men are simple creatures who want simple fun and comfort. So, bone on bone is never fun!!!! I had one guy that I f***** when I was super thin and so was he. Then since I gain weight when I was older and we played again it was so much more fun! I guess it's the same reason why I like chubby, older men. Your not worrying, "Does this person notice my flaw?" Instead your just like let's have some fun!!!!! And believe me I understand the haters on here. It's probably just a bunch of h**** teenage boys with nothing better to do than harrass people! I get the same thing on some of my posts as well. Except the one I post about a guy jerking off to me on I-57. Boy I wish I could find that guy again!!!! He he he!!!!

  • Fatty f****** are all beta-boy losers. LMAO

  • Just because you have never been laid by a chubby chick don't think you aren't a little beta b****. Real men don't go around proclaiming their alpha status by labeling other males. You pretenders all seem to have something to prove and have a compulsive need to assert your perceived alpha status. In reality guys who f*** fat chicks and openly declare their preferences are the REAL alpha males. It takes courage to openly admit a preference for something that isn't considered the norm or socially acceptable. Hiding behind a label is something a little b**** beta man does and you my friend fit that description nicely. Now STFU and go play with your facebook friends.

  • Lol... No s%&t. Enough said.

  • You must be a pig f*****. I can tell.

  • Yeah and I can that you eat your own j*** after you j*******.

  • Wow, comments on fatty s**, h***-erotica, homophobia, fatophobia, fatty hate, animal s**, intelligence levels,english and grammer, trolling, personal attacks and literary critiques. This confession and its comments has EVERYTHING.


  • Like most of them here. Nothing to see people, move along.

  • The truth behind this story is, that this tooth-picked dicked poor excuse of human life could never really satisfy a real women. I bet this snail-d*** troll here gets faggoted on a daily basis by a overweight old toothless f**.

  • I think some little guy needs a nap. LOL

  • Nah! I think I have sleep paralysis...What's worse is I need to go for a p***!

  • Are sure its a women your supposedly f******, and not a baby elephant.

  • No comma required after the word "f******". In fact no comma is required when following a partial sentence with the conjunction word "and". A 5th grade English teacher would have a field day with you people. LMAO. No wonder Deans of college admissions all over the country are laughing and crying at the same time.

  • Learn English before you preach it. Another high school drop out.

  • Are you mad bro, good stay mad.

  • Did you find Jimmy Hoffa in her ass.

  • No but he did find your dad, along with all the child support money he hasn't paid your w**** of a mom these past 6 years. .

  • That the best you have Neanderthal. Did your dad probably another half-wit give you a piece of his mind, and you just had to hold on to it.

  • No, I have a lot better to dole out but why waste it on low brow dorks like you? It just makes so much more sense to tailor the cheap-shot to the intelligence level that it's aimed at.

  • Sure you do, who wouldn't with INeedThesaurus.com, truth is what little intelligence you display here about sums you up.

  • Yeah, keep smugly thinking just that. Hopefully it will boost your self-esteem just enough so that it doesn’t hurt so much when you don’t get a trophy for participation in what is known as real life. Have a nice day loser; I hope I didn’t ruffle your little world too much. LOL

  • I'm not the one who needs continuously recognition for ever stupid comment he posts. Seems passive aggression is all you have left i'd say your done. So yes do have a nice don't let the door hit you on the way out. LOL

  • Lol did you have to nail a plank to your ass before she f***** you.

  • Don't talk about his sister like that.

  • Where did you find this fat b**** in the dumpster behind McDonalds.

  • Wow, another bright and intelligent individual speaks. Where did the guy find her? Try reading the confession, dumbass. In your p*** poor attempt at trying to be clever you made yourself into a complete dumbass. Obviously this entire site is populated by 14 and 15 year old rock-heads who lack even the slightest amount of intellect or maturity.

  • Did this uneducated, untalented, repubate ever hear of something called sarcasm? cleanly not. Are you just native or ignorant? No, that's too convenient of an excuse, The truth is your a mindless, deluded moron.
    Nobody here gives a s*** if you believe the replies here are "bright" or "intelligent", The truth is your either of these and never will be so suck it a******, and btw the confession was dull that about raps up your life story.

  • "Just native",??? "Your either of these"??? LOL.

    English much? If you are going to go out of your way to put someone down by calling them a "mindless, deluded moron", try doing in an intelligible fashion.

    Learn to write in English, you'll need that skill when you grow up.

  • This guy is your classic case of a v***** crack full of sand. Some smart alec in this retards friend circle told this punk he was clever, but in reality when it came down to being education this f***** must have skipped all classes and just went to out for launch. You cannot help but feel nothing other then contempt for someone who has no ambitions in life, no career prospects, empty-headed, claiming state benefits, still living in his mothers basement, and was probably bullied everyday at school.

    now run along now juvenile, back to the thesaurus.com and spend a few more days thinking of another dim-witted comeback. how Pathetic.

  • ^ Brains optional. Do you actually enjoy showing off how dumb you are? Is Jr.High closed were you live today?

  • I'm surprised you can read. I guess Its truth you really cannot hide stupidly.

  • Sounds butthurt.

  • This b**** is a cupcake with to much yest.

  • Piggish s**.

  • "Piggish s**" = Best s**. Every guy should expeirence at least one "dirty girl" in their life.

  • Sounds like animal farm.

  • Ever read it?

  • More of a mice and men man.

  • Don't pet the rabbits, Lenny.

  • Shame what happened to him.

  • The whole story is a shame; a tragedy just like most of Steinbeck’s alcohol laced work. LOl.

  • This elephantine women eats a bag of d**** a day.

  • I will never sleep with a fat woman ever,even if she and i were the last man and woman on earth.

  • First of all you need to sleep with a women before you can qualify your preference. Only a f** would turn down p**** fat or thin, if you were the last people on earth. Q**** opinions are invalid.

  • I have to agree with on "q**** opinions are invalid" so why are you here.

  • She must have really made your butt hurt sounds like you have some experiences in the h*** department.

  • IKYABWAI noted. Say good night little one.

  • Must be hard trying to f*** a mini bbw,her mouth is full of chocolate, her ass is loaded with s*** from all that food, and her p**** is full of amputated d****.

  • Opposed to you where your mouth is full of d****, your ass is full of sperm and your d*** is covered with s***. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Me and your dad are busy right now filling your sister with d***, shes very nasty.

  • Yawn.
    Try again, next time ask one of your older siblings to write a comeback for you that is at least somewhat clever. F****** little ass-jockey, lol.

  • I'll ask your mother next time shes dancing over my d*** on your bed.

  • I bet f****** her is like s***-tang! s***-tang! s***-tang!

  • Fat and useless

  • "Useless"??? You mean like your comment?

  • You sound butt hurt.

  • I mean like you and this confession.

  • Agreed she should be feed to the pigs.

  • You're an a******, the guy confessing is cheating on his wife and you blame the woman because she is fat?..... People like you are the reason IQs in America are falling like stones. Grow up and learn something.

  • You get very emotional

  • You obviously did not read the confession, the women whom this man is cheating with is fat. maybe you need to learn that there is no conduit between geographic location and IQ, and does not change the fact she needs to be feed to the pigs.

  • Zoom! That noise you just heard was my point flying over your little head. F****** priceless.

  • I think your find that was the d*** on your head.

  • WTF, you really are dumb as dirt, aren't you?

  • Are you mad.

  • Not so much mad as disgusted. Never mind, you don't have the smarts to tell the difference.

  • If you feel so strongly about the fatty then Go for the beached whale. Other people will make fun of you behind your back but that shouldn’t be a determining factor for happiness in your life and most of those people are jerks anyway. If s** with your current wife is boring and you are looking elsewhere I'm sure there are other issues afoot as well. Get rid of the gym bunny they are annoying and high maintenance. Fat girls are the best s** partners you can ask for. They are willing to try anything and most times enjoy s** a lot more than thinner girls because they are really into oral pleasure. Since you say she is sweet, has a pretty face and a great personality it's a win, win for you. Since she is with an abusive j*** she may be very receptive to making your sexual relationship into something much more. You only go around once in life, do not spend it with someone that you are dissatisfied with sexually. You will end up resenting that person and it will eventually destroy everything in your relationship. In the long run going for the fat chick will be the best thing for both you and your current wife and probably the fatty as well. You are a guy that keeps in shape so maybe you could influence her and help lose some weight and become more healthy. Like I said it’s a win, win for everyone.

  • Now thats a beautifully worked out solution for everyone to be happy!!!

  • So you are saying I should just bit the bullet and leave my wife for this new woman? Not sure I quite exactly agree with that yet but the possibility is on the table.

  • Yeah that's what I'm saying. Go for the fatty, cut your wife loose and make you and the fat chick happy. Your wife will get over it. Gym bunnies are not to be trusted; they all cheat because they are self-centered c****. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she has already dogged you a half a dozen times already without you knowing it.

    BTW, pay no attention to the vicious, puerile comments. They probably all originate from the same little socially inept gork who is jealous of anyone who has had contact with a member of the opposite s**.

  • You sound like a pig f***** as well. How fat is your woman? I'll bet she looks like a stack of tires holding a designer purse.

  • Fat c*** women would break the table.

  • You need to have a sit down with your close friends and tell them this story so that they can beat some sense into you.

  • Yeah because his beer drinking buddies are probably oh so good at discussing relationship issues, LMAO, Grow up.

  • What is that supposed to mean?

  • Man, you really are stupid.

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