I’m having incredible s** with my enormously fat coworker.

First of all I’m an in shape guy 6’1” 190lbs, athletic and active, I’ve been told that I’m good looking by a lot of women. I’ve always been attracted to thin athletic women who take care of their bodies and work hard at staying in shape. But lately I’ve had some disturbing personal interaction with this obese woman at work. There is a woman that works in my office who is morbidly obese. She is about 5’4” tall and probably 400-500lbs, that’s right 500lbs; grotesquely fat by most people’s standards. I have no idea how she got hired because I know the HR manager in our company pretty well and she views fat people as lazy and poor employees and would never voluntarily hire a woman who is 500lbs. The woman in question is in her late 20s or early 30s at the most. She is married to a j*** who verbally and I think might be physically abusing her. She has a face like and angle, an incredibly sexy voice, long strawberry blonde hair, b****** the size of water melons but the rest of her body is a quivering jiggling mass of what I would normally view as a hot mess. She also has 2 children from another relationship other than her current husband (normally another b**** killer). She is sweet and always has a sunny disposition despite the personal turmoil I know she endures. The poor girl is so fat that she literally sweats profusely just sitting at her desk working on her computer. She works hard and does exemplary work but never seems to get any recognition for it. She is known around the office as Piggy Sue (not her real name) and most of our coworkers treat her like a disease. One of our fellow coworker went out to lunch with her once and reported back to the rest of us that she doesn’t eat her food, she devourers it like a starving hog. Everyone thought it was funny as h*** but I only felt bad and ashamed of the way the rest of the office was acting. I think my desire for her is purely out of lustful curiosity because I do not want to get caught up in her personal drama and I’ve never found a fat woman attractive before in my life. Unfortunately to complicate matters I’m married as well to a lovely thin woman who keeps herself in shape and whom I have been married to for 10 years. I have never strayed from her and I have never had the desire to seek out other women before but our s** life even while dating has always been tame and kind of boring at best. The woman at work is nowhere near my type and is as fat as f*** but for some unexplainable reason I am drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Fat women have always revolted me but I now find myself fantasying about her whenever I am not with her. I think about having s** with this woman all the time and I can’t get the vision of her huge wobbling blubbery body out of my head. It has gotten so bad that I now actually avoid having s** with my wife because I fantasied about the other woman while doing it with my wife and I have a fear of calling out the other woman’s name in a fit of ecstasy. Although I have hooked up with the fatty only a 4 times the s** was absolutely incredible, off the charts incredible, shear bliss and it gets better with each encounter. It was nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my 35 years of life. They say that fat women give the best head but this chick not only give incredible BJs (golf ball thru a garden hose) but her fat doughy p**** is as plush and as soft as riding in a Rolls Royce and she is an a*** freak too boot. I’ve never had a woman that would do a*** let alone enjoy it like this woman does. IMHO if you ever find a woman that loves a*** she is a keeper of the highest order. Her huge ass is like a soft cushion and I can only describe it like riding on a cloud. Her a*** is glide smooth and snug. The suction is almost too much for both of us to handle. I’ve never heard a woman make so much noise before her moans and grunts and squeals are like a symphony of sexual delight and when she comes it’s like the earth is moving beneath you. She arches her back so high and hard that she literally rises off the bed like a whale breeching in the Pacific Ocean.

Now what to do about this; we’re not exactly in love but if things progress as they are I can envision it happening very easily. I don’t want to divorce my wife because it will ruin me financially and hurt her emotionally. I don’t even want to think about how badly it will hurt her. But on the other hand I don’t want to give up this incredible woman and the incredible s** she gives. Unfortunately life is full of hard choices.

Mar 21, 2013

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  • Good for you dude but why did it take you so long to figure out that fatties are almost always a better catch than skinny chicks are?

  • You don't know what you are missing out on until you try it! Unexpectedly amazing, in my experience.

  • Fat big women are some of the best s e x out there, Most guys wont do them cus they have been told fat is ugly, for me I wont even start dating a woman unless her b o o bs are huge and her belly hangs all to the way over her p u s s y.

  • Society conditions us to reject fat people, fat women especially. They are seen as ugly, emotionally or mentally damaged, greedy, dirty, sexually aggressive, stupid, unfit for breeding, etc... While this has some merit, it's also a generalization that doesn't always apply. When you find a good fatty that isn't too terribly screwed up, you have a real keeper. They are usually happier, more responsive to their partners emotional and physical needs and they are almost always amazing in bed. Studies show that men who date and marry fat women are happier, less stressed, and ultimately live longer. Sorry skinny girl lovers but that's the facts.

  • Over 500? Good God man that's wat too much.

  • What a lovely story...It should be titled.... "A pig f***** finds his fat pig and f**** it." So loser, how does it feel knowing that you not only f*** a fat pig but you f***** over a perfectly good, normal size woman in the process of chasing your deviant amoral pleasure? I'll never be able to figure out what drives a pig f***** to do what they do. You can call them nice polite terms like "fat admirer" or "chubby chaser" but the sad truth is they are just "pig f******". Obese women are nothing more than livestock. They have no human sexual market value. They are hogs and intentionally having s** with one is akin to b**********.

  • You sound like you have experience. Was your mother a pig?

  • No but I also like to kidnap and molest preteen boys.

  • How's your big fat wife doing?... Has she become diabetic yet? Does she need an electric scooter or power chair to get to the fridge? How many blood pressure meds is "piggy Sue" on now?... Do you have enough life insurance on her to put her in an oversized casket and plant her huge ass?..Jesus dude, you sure know how to pick em...LMAO.

  • You still schtupping your mom’s corpse?

  • You still married to that fat smelly pig or did she have do an Elvis impersonation and have a stroke and croak while trying to drop a huge hard load.

  • Scooter and meds is so hot

  • Sounds like your mother to me.

  • Gross. In what world is this even remotely moral or even sane. You left your normal wife for a fat disgusting slug and you're proud of it. Dude you should be committed.

  • Quit molesting preteen boys!

  • Your dad did your mother and she’s a pig.

  • Your woman sounds incredible. I need to find a big super fat girl to marry and make babies with. There is nothing better in this world than a fat girl that loves you and wants to be with you always. I had this for a time but she passed away of a heart attack. I guess she just got too fat for her own good. Next time I'll be more mindful of how much I feed her and how big she is getting. I would strongly suggest you do the same

  • Dead because she got too fat. When will you pork pullers figure out that obesity is the kiss of death. Porkers are good for only one thing and that's ending a dry spell but never have a relationship with one.

  • Not surprised by this confession at all. Fat girls are the most beautiful girls. Any man worth his salt will gladly and eagerly p**** a fatty.

  • F*** that fat pig and enjoy life. Extremely fat women make the best wives as they are usually very grateful for the attention you give them and will do just about anything to please their man.

  • I never dated fat girls growing up because my dad would make fun of me for liking them, once I grew up I found a girl that weighed about 400 and have been with her since. Best choice I ever made.

  • Wow, I wrote this over 12 years ago. Since then I have gotten divorced and I married the fat girl. We have been happily married for 8 years. She is still fat (over 500lbs) and we have had a child together... We are still having incredible s** the only difference now is that we are deeply in love... Life couldn't be better. Any one that tells you not to marry someone based on that person's weight is advising you to miss out on a good thing. Fat haters are closed minded, jealous, little people and should not be taken seriously.

  • You're an idiot.

  • And most of their mothers are fat cows too

  • Man I hear you... I'm engaged to a beautiful enormous woman, (over 700lbs) but she is trying to lose some weight for our wedding. I told her that it was unnecessary and that she was absolutely adorable as is. But she feels that losing some weight will make herself look better in our wedding photos. She claims that she doesn't want to be thin because she doesn't want s load of loose skin hanging on her but I'm not sure about that. Once women get the weight loss bug in their ass it's hard to get rid of. My fear is that I will end up paying for a butt load of weight-loss surgery and then plastic surgery only to have her gain it all back. Super obese people only have about a 5% chance at long term weight-loss. So my attitude is why bother... I love her as she is and wouldn't mind seeing her get bigger. In fact I would love it of she became the heaviest woman on record... I look forward to taking care of her and providing for her down to the smallest need. So what's the problem? I don't see any. People say what about her health...I say that life is about quality and not quantity and her happiness and comfort is my priority... Beside her health thus far is fine. If that should change we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

  • Over 700??? Sounds incredible. It must be amazing to have all that flesh to fondle and caress. Her p**** must be incredibly soft and juicy.

  • Yes it is and I wouldn't change it for the world.

  • Thank you for sharing, you made me laugh a lot! Thanks!!

  • I'm 4'11" and around 125lb my weight is mainly in my butt and t*** 34c. I think it's just having a bubble butt is what makes a*** fun. I sit in bed and f*** my ass with a hairbrush watching my butt cheeks ripple when I go down. it's mesmerising

  • I understand and thank you for this confession. The situation only seems strange because people seldom talk about it for fear of somebody's judgement. My judgement simply says you are a realistic, happy and sexually satisfied man. You are going by how it feels to you and not how it looks to others. It sounds as if you care very much about this woman and respect her.

    I make love to a woman here in the Pacific Northwest. She is probably in the upper 200's and it is incredibly satisfying. She was a great teacher, mom, etc. but the professional and domestic side of things were sort of stacked against her due to the weight. She was enlightened when she had to turn to escorting to make ends meet. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with business and was very popular with young men, old geezers, and everything in between. She knows she is a goddess and has embraced it. She is also well-educated and cultured in everything from comedy clubs to opera. Beyond the s**, there is nobody else I would rather talk to or attend a social event with. She is around 50+ years old.

    You have found that satisfaction and love are too bundled up in physical standards that are unrealistic. Don't let anyone define what your happiness has to look like. You have inspired and refreshed me. If love has to do with a perfect dress size or photo session then we are living in a warped society. Carry on friend and thanks again!

  • This sounds like an escort I know well and I agree with everything you said. I would rather be with her than anyone else because, as you said, it is a total classy and intelligent experience.

  • How odd I am in the same situation however my wife could care less about me, She pretends to give a c r a p but I know its fake. Anyway I met this new girl about 400 lbs of pure lard, just a jiggling mess of fat and a FUPA the size of a truck. She is short, sexy and fat and I have been s******* her since April, pretty soon gonna drop the news on my wife because I am tired of thin girls I want me a sloppy porker it just FEELS SO GOOD to do her.

  • You must be a pathetic n***** or a loser neckbeard to have s** with such a fat sow. After all, nobody in their right mind would f*** one of these f***** hambeasts.

  • Your father did and had you.

  • Karma is coming for you, you will have 12 years of miserable luck and then endure pain like you have never felt it Ashaka Derir Nakescur so be it

  • The original post was fetishizing fat people and I don't condone that either, but you're just fatphobic and racist (if you're white). Shut the f*** up

  • If your black your are still racist a******

  • Only whites can be racist? That's racist right there. So YOU shut the f uck up.

  • I know what you mean. My beautiful wife is 292 pounds at the moment, and s** is incredible. She slowly keeps gaining, about 10-12 pounds a year, which is just fine with me.

  • I like them between 200-300 pounds and I say this with respect. I can't analyze it; I just know how I feel when I am with a plus size woman. It is not just a sexual experience. It is a feeling of comfort, happiness, and sexual satisfaction that I can't compare to any other sexual, mental situation.

  • I love being with really fat women as well. The biggest was like 650 lbs. I am only 140 lbs mind you. They are the easiest to please and seek attention, love.

    The biggest one had the legs of an elephant. Each leg was more than 40 inches wide. The time with her was the best in that I came on her and in her so easily. She loved the attention. She would tell me stories of how poorly others treated her but found happiness with me. The down side was that she was clingy and needed lots of support for every little thing. I just couldn't continue providing her that type of support.

  • So do I. I've helped my wife get over the whole "Don't be fat" thing & she's now 540lbs & so fat & sexy.

  • F****** a big fat hog is one of the great pleasures in life. They will do just about anything for some loven pleasure. I love the fact that so many guys don't like fatties....more p**** for me.

  • You're allowed to find fat women attractive of course, but please don't objectify and insult them. Fat women are just as valuable and worthy (as more than just their sexual organs) as any skinny or average women

  • Yes, they are super valuable woke empowered feminist c** dumpsters and not normal every day c** dumpsters

  • Almost heaven, West Virginia
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    Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye
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    I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me
    The radio reminds me of my home far away
    And driving down the road I get a feeling
    That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday
    Country roads, take me home
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    West Virginia, mountain mama
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    Thank you.

  • Guys who fuvk fat pigs are losers. Just remember that the next time you want to smash her fat smelly vag.

  • So your dads a loser???

  • F*** you, you're just as bad as these people objectifying fat women.

  • Keep s******* her, marry her, dump your wife and have her dump her husband and live happily ever after. I did exactly that and am now married to the fat girl of my dreams. I always liked fat women just denied it for so long.

  • I remember my first obese co worker, her name was Holly, we HATED one another, she would always try to make my job harder and I would s**** with her to make her job more difficult.. thing was we both had a crush on one another. One night she was being overly nice to me, I could not figure it out. Next night she comes up to me and asks me out. I was shocked. I always liked fat women but she was HUGE and curvy with huge b**** too. We rented a hotel room and had s** for hours. 20 years later I Still check in on her facebook page, she is still hot and sexy, but has really porked up

  • I'm having s** with an obese coworker too. She's kind of pretty, short brunette with glasses, but she is very fat. She has some height to her--she's 5'10", so that makes it her wear it better. She just divorced, so I'm getting her on the rebound. Even after she's had two kids, she's tight af and kinky as h***. I've never had better s** in my life. She is so eager to please.

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