F*** china

Everything in the country is founded on the principle of 'the self' if you wanted to know what happens when society breaks down, china is a perfect example. I hate it here, despite actually being ethnically Chinese, nothing here in china correlates with the values and ideology they preach- and this is precisely the problem. the crux is that, in china, the rules only apply to other people, and this is at the heart of my problem with this country. there's no such thing as rule of law, or even common social decency, but they don't see their own problems, instead they are masters of deflection and 'spreading the blame' and use it as a get out of jail free card. any potential or future this country has is purely an illusion when you observe the behaviour and lack of intelligence, integrity and fundamental humanity that we as (first world) human beings hold so close to heart. for me, China represents a collection of the worst values, ideologies and virtues that have been eradicated from the west due to enforcement and abiding the rule of law.

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  • I used to dream about running and jogging the entire great wall of China.but now i think that china suck's big time.f*** china,and also kick china in the ball's and ass.until they cry and cry and cry like a little girl.

  • We should send two entire squadrons of nuclear bombers over to North Korea and bomb those a******* to h***, using about a quarter of the total bombs on board. Then, on the way back, drop the other three-quarters on China, and bomb THEM to h***, too, wiping out the entire population of both countries. Then, relocate all the Palestinians to that region and let them kill themselves trying to find somebody to fight. The world would be a better place. Why? Because, more than anybody anywhere else in the world, they can't take a joke. And you know what they say about people who can't take a joke.

  • China is a s*** hole with f*** up way of life and culture.

  • Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He triumphs over evil and unrighteousness. To the extent a country embraces Him, determines it's true state. Without Jesus, there is nothing but darkness. Call on Him today, and get on the right side.

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