I found out why my wife and I dont have s**

My wife and I have been married for 6 years. We haven't had s** for the last year. Despite being tempted with offers from friends, I have remained faithful. My wife and I sleep in separate rooms so I m********* nightly. Anyway, I work nights as a sous chef for a restaurant. Well, one night my boss let me off early. I drove home and went back to my wife's bedroom to say hello and talk to her a bit. Well, all the lights in the house were out. I could hear p*** coming from her room. That didn't surprise me. She has several d***** and vibrators. She was probably masturbating. I walked in and received the shock of my life (in a good way). I saw my wife's friend laying on her stomach naked. My wife had her buttcheeks spread and was lovingly tonguing her b******* while toying her p****. I opened the door all the way and the motion caught her eye. She looked up to see me with my jaw hanging open. I asked how long this had been going on. She asked if I really wanted to know and I told her that I indeed wanted to know. She then told me that they have been lovers for 4 years but its only been the past year that they started having s** often. I asked how often. She told me every night.

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  • D: 'o'

  • Oh I'm not mad about it. Just surprising since I thought she wasn't into women. Then I saw her naked with a good friend of hers licking her ass and p****.

  • Sauce for the goose is as good as sauce for the gander. You have found out where her l*** lies. You should go with your own desires. If you have sucked c*** and enjoyed it, go for it again. Team up with your wife for 4somes. If that doesn't work, I guess you should separate.

  • Dump her cheating ass...what if she caught you tounging some guys a******?

  • I asked her what she would think if I was having s** with another man. She asked if I was actually attracted to men. I told her that I have had offers but turned them down because i was married. I told her the next time this guy offers to take me home with him after work I will just accept. Now, I didn't mention that before we got married I had sucked d***.

  • So is a threesome out of the question?

  • I'd definitely consider that cheating, it was behind your back, also causing your marriage to lack intimacy. I'm all for lesbian s**, but it seems like it's more than that for her. Do you want to remain married to someone that obviously isn't willing to make love with you? If you do stay married for whatever reason, go and bone other women, she already is.

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