I want to f*** my ex

I am in a long term boring relationship. It has been so long, that I don't know any different any more.

I am facebook friends with an old boyfriend. The old boyfriend was from when I was underage, who I never slept with. We did other stuff. We kissed a lot, touched, and he fingered me a few times. Being the "good Christian", I never had sexual intercourse with him.

The ex and I have been chatting on facebook a bit, and I find myself fantasizing about him a lot. I would love to go and f*** his brains out. Rekindle something! He was a fantastic kisser. And I really could do with a reminder.

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  • You owe it to yourself to find out what it would be like with the ex. Otherwise, you'll be wondering forever, and will never be able to fully connect with your current b/f.

  • If you want him ditch the other guys first. Or else you are just another worthless w****.

  • Ignore this. Keep as many of the guys as you can. And regardless of how many you have, you are NOT a w****. You are a self-sustaining and self-actuated adult woman who knows exactly what she wants. Soooo go get it.

  • Ah the tease.
    You remember this because you did not have s** with him.

    You remember the intimacy (touching, kissing).

    You remember pushing the limit...

    You remember it because you did not have s**.

    Think of TV programs with sexual tension. Once the characters 'do it' well it's boring after that.

    If you want to rekindle a hot relationship, don't pick up where you left off. Start a fresh. See how long you can keep the sexual tease and tension going. And him being a guy, once he has done it his interest in you will wane. Keep him interested by tease and tension.

  • if you want him you should go for it

  • I agree with the last commenter. Please don't let some silly standard oppress you and keep you from what you want and what you need. If you want your ex, and he wants you, that's the ONLY math you need to do. Be discreet, stay clean (and make sure HE is), and use birth control. Other than that, go enjoy yourself and your man. (Yes: if your ex is still willing to be with you, he is "your man", he belongs to you. That is, you own him. And you should behave accordingly, honey.)

  • You're stupid and damaging - the last thing you should be doing is giving anybody advice, and that includes the person who posted this confession.

  • She needed some guidance, and some support. She is entitled to want what she wants, and to go out and get it. And she SHOULD go and get it.

  • im married but still sneak out and have the ex do me. nobody ever did me like he does and my husband is a very poor substitute. i mean hes okay but hes not as hung as my ex not as hot as my ex and hes not nearly as nasty. i would go let my ex do me every f****** day if i could get away with it. dont let societal rules stand in your way. if you want your ex, damn, go get your ex.

  • So what are you waiting for? Do you really think if you showed up to your ex's door and told him you wanted to f*** his brains out he would say no?

  • OMG I never saw it that way! Thank you :)

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