She can not resist black d***

I have f***** a lot of whitewomen and i was their 1st blackman. They fall crazy in in love for the d***. Forgetting about family and their past lives.

Apr 6, 2013

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  • Gotta love all the blacks (but most probably is always the same one) starting threads like this pretending to be white women:
    "yo fellow white wimmenz, black guys have big d**** n' s***, kno whadda seyin?'" filling their made up bullshit with stale memes like:
    "once ya go back ya nevah go back!"
    what's even funnier is how they even respond to themselves (to make things more credible, they think) with BS like:
    "Yo homies as a white whimmenz (becoz i am totally one, believe me) i can confirm what tyrone sez' is true, kno whadda seying?"
    "Yo first white wimmen, imma anotha white wimmen and i confirm it's true!"
    "Yo second white wimmen imma anotha one and..."
    And so on.
    But when someone tells them the truth, that the BBC is always been a (((media))) lie, they get butthurt and start with: "yo, stop saying the truth! that's rayciss!" or "you'r jelous becoz muh dik, bbc, kfc, watermelon, welfare check, dindu nuffinz!"
    I mean, don't you have anything better to do?
    Like finding who your real father is for instance?
    Thanks for the laughs though. XD

  • I am one of them, I love to get black when hubby is out of town.

  • Do you like to chat with people as well..

  • I haven't forgot about family and friends nor left my husband but you are right about black c***, omigod. My husband and I were having some renovations done to our house. The contractor was a black guy. I couldn't take my eyes off his crotch. The bulge looked so huge. I just had to sample that. So every day my husband is at work and the contractor is working on our house so I seduced him. The renovations took a full month and I f***** this guy twice a day every day for that month. He was simply amazing. I couldn't get enough of that huge c*** stroking my married p****. He stretched my married p**** and made big c** deposits way up inside where no man had ever been before.

  • LOL i bet the OP is a virgin(and white).

  • You are right about him being virgin but dead wrong on his race, trust me

  • I had s** with my tutor and he's black, A M A Z I N G

  • you are so lucky. i would love to get with my 6hr phy sci teacher. he is sooooooooo totally hot and sooooooooo totally hung (you should see the way he sticks out in these particular pants he wears! OMMFG!!) and i would let him do me in front of the class if he wanted it that bad.

  • Excuse me, but white gays cannot resist black d****, also. There white gays who started sucking black c**** and became addicted. Once we were hooked, we start going to look for black c**** anywhere we can, and would put themselves in dangerous situations just to satisfy our l***. There are black guys who know this and take advantage of us. Blond gays must be careful with black c****, in fact, I am a f***** who cannot live without a black c*** inside me. My bf is 9 inch.

  • I used to believe this wasn't true, or that it was just a myth, but that was before I got black d*** inside my white male ass. Now, I can't get enough. I always want more. ALWAYS. And this poster is right about another thing: blacks take advantage of us because they know that white gays have to have it. The second black I ever had started telling everybody what I loved and needed, and his nasty friends started coming around to use and abuse. I mean, I love that attention, but I would like it to happen a little more to my benefit and with guys I choose, and not to make me just a dirty c** dump which is what I feel like sometimes.

  • Oh, BS. Not all, but some white guys are just as hung as black men, as if that is the only criteria. I am a white male and have had the good fortune to be with more than a few black women, as my job brings me in contact with many black women. I asked them honestly, are black men that much better in bed than white guys? The answer was generally no. They said white men treated them far better, while black men had this attitude they were god's gift to a p**sy(I can see by your post you have an attitude). They all said, contrary to popular myth, not all black men are hung like stallions.

  • LOL. You are so so so kidding yourself. Every white woman knows that the black d*** is the best d***. Your rationalization is pitiful......just like your c***. And your story.

    truth hurts doesn't it?
    I know a doctor who who told me literally:
    "In all these years, i have visited thousand of people, both White and black, and i can tell you that the Whole BBC myth is pure BS"

  • I've had s** with a black man, and he had a small p****, and it was one of the worst times ever for me.
    As a white woman, stop kidding yourself.

  • Honey, you had a bad time because you're a racist. Get over yourself.

  • every time I ever step out on my husband its with a black man. I love my husband but I need something more.something bigger. something better.something hotter. and only a black man with a giant black d*** can give me that.

  • The worst f*** I ever got from a black man is a hundred times better than the best f*** I ever got from a white man, my white husband included. Black men have better equipment and they know how to use it better. It's not even a close call.

  • You are so right! I cannot even feel my husband's little weenie in my married p**** anymore.

  • Sure thing """fellow White woman"""!

  • This post is the bomb lol


  • how many white women would you guess you have had? how many are you still involved with? and i know its sensitive but if you dont mind me asking........have you ever fathered any of their children? intentionally or by accident? i think white girls with mixed race babies are just so sexy.............

  • It's true: white women leave their husbands, their children and their families every day in order to get with their black bulls.

  • Obviously, you know how to throw that d*** around. I'm married to a white man but would cheat on him in a heartbeat to get with a black man that knows how to throw that d*** around. Your white women are all lucky. I hope they all know that.

  • i really love it that you f*** your girls so good that they forget their families and their lives. god that is so f****** hot i almost cant even stand it. you are what they call a REAL MAN!!

  • I've been there done that and black men have this musky scent I cannot get over. I love white men especially when they are big and thick, it's a jackpot LoL...

  • Not for me...........I can't even look at a white d*** anymore. It's black all the way for me now.

  • White men have wee-wees. Black men have c****. Thank God for black men.

  • amen sister. no white man has ever hit that spot at the very back end of my vag. but ALL the black men have hit that s*** and they keep hitting it every time they stroke. those f****** are the f****** bomb!!

  • i only feel like a real woman when ive got a black d*** somewhere inside me

  • Nobody can give you a f****** like a black man can give you a f******.

  • I am a married white woman in her 40s, and I wish I could meet a man like you. Not because I want to quit my husband, but I would just love to be involved in an affair with a hung black man who knows how to care for a woman. I would love that.

  • I would lover to meet you to see if I might be the ideal handsome, fit, bull to fulfill your needs and desires. My name's Don. I'm 6' 5", 245, very fit and well built. You can reach me at

  • Wow, what a hunk of male ! your c*** must be huge.

  • hes right.....we really do fall in love with those magnificent black c****. its in our nature and we cant help it.

  • Sounds like a nut, with a crush.

  • Sounds like the Ape who posted this confession.

  • I believe we all can agree this is bullshit confession.

  • i donot agree.i think its true and hes totaly right.

  • Spelling of this comment resembles that of the confession. a fake none the less.

  • He IS right. I was married to a white woman for eight years and then lost her to black d***. She started and couldn't stop. What they say apparently is totally true.

  • You posted the confession, I doubt it.

  • My bullshitometer has gone way off scale with this confession. I have black female friends who have had both black and white. They all say they see nothing special about black, other than all too many black guys have attitudes. They think all girls are hoes and think they are god's gift to women in the bedroom.

  • It's not bullshit. It's not just about the equipment that black males bring, they have better technique and better stamina, and once a white woman gets on a black man, she can't go back to her white husband. Not ever.

  • It's one other thing. Black men know more about what white women want than white men do. A black man can f*** a white woman to the point of insanity without ever having f***** her before, but a white man can't do that. There are white men who've been married to white women for decades and yet still can't get her off or drive her wild. But you put that woman on a black d*** and he'll f*** her till she's nuts and she'll never stop f****** black. Everybody knows it's true.

  • That is so true. I never had a vaginal organism until I cheated on my husband with a black man. Gawd, he f***** me and f***** me until I collapsed. Then he buried that black c*** deep in my married p**** and filled me full of his hot c**. He had me clean his c*** with my mouth and tongue and then got dressed and left before my husband got home from work. I could hardly walk but met my husband at the door and gave him a big sloppy kiss with my c** smeared mouth and tongue. He never knew but I hope to be able to do it again.

  • I'm a 16 year old white male and im already capable of pleasing my white girl up to the point that she cant stand without her legs shaking. It is nothing but a rumour that someone as young as me can prove so

  • What is it black men do for white women? Beat them and then teach them how to get on welfare after their husbands kick them out?

  • What black men give their white b****** is simple to explain: it's L-O-V-E. And all white women know that we are their b******. And they know that like I do. We are all meant to belong to them, and as soon as they stick that meat in us, we DO belong to them. The white race in America is doomed to extinction.

  • They all THINK they are God's gift to white women because they all ARE God's gift to white women. You know it's true, we know it's true, and THEY know it's true.

  • Yes, another vanilla gay teen trying to sound like a n***** .....

  • Umm the 15 yold white girl that committed suicide was raped by 3 black guys - her friends??? !!fu I hate you all now and you all make me sick.

  • Troll

  • Perhaps, but the idea is true, nonetheless.

  • True, only to delusional mind like oneself.

  • We got even, we can f*ck every black women we want because we have the money!

  • But you'll always have to pay. Black men get us with out money...Their money is in their pants!!!

  • She can not resist black c***? Who can?

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