Strip Club

I went to a strip club and massaged a woman's butt while she bent it over in front of me. I feel terrible, like I've betrayed myself and my wonderful wife.... Can I be forgiven?

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  • Don't feel bad men do that kind of thing it is normal. My mom and step dad have no idea I dance and acually enjoy when men touch me sometimes. I dont feel guilty why shuld you

  • Don't tell me you want to tell your wife sissy. Why were you at the strip club in the first place?

  • There is only one way to get overt he guilt without telling your wife. You need to get ass raped by a hung thug. Then you'll forget about it and move on.

  • If you feel guilty about it, then why did you go to a strip club in the first place?

  • Next time take your wife with you (if she will go). it can be a lot of fun and can spice up your s** life. she might even want to touch one of the strippers herself.

  • Why were you at a strip club without your wife?! , sounds like there's other issues already in your marriage. I don't think you should tell her but you should think about the reason why you did what you did and if you're going to do it again and again...why be married?!

  • I was asked to touch a stripper.but i never did it.i felt better after.because i was a real man,for saying no to touching a stripper anyplace.It should be the law.never touch a stripper.i never did it.

  • Your wife won't forgive you, so that's the reason you aren't going to tell her about it. No harm was done (in fact, the argument could be made that it was a benefit, since you seem to have learned a lesson of some kind), and so there's no need to compound the problem by publishing it. Keep it to yourself, and stop beating yourself up for it.

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