My daughters using my d*****

Im a single mom and therefore I have a vibrating wand and two d****.one day my daughter walked in on me using them as I was c****** and I was very embarressed but since then I can tell my daughter is using the huge d**** that I have because its not in the same position and sometimes I c** home shell be in her bedroom and check and the d**** will still be wet.shes only 15 and thought maybe I should get her own but im worried because she is so young and the d**** is to big for a girl to be using iv had3 kids and dont usevit as often as she



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  • Buy her a finger vibrator

  • I noticed a few of my toys that were moved and were being used, but wasn't sure how to approach her. Got home early and heard sexual noises from my daughter's room. My children weren't allowed to have friends of the opposite s** over when I wasn't home.

    Peeked in her room and saw too much. She was on all fours ass to ass with another girl I couldn't see very well, but both in their school uniforms with skirts pulled up and panties down enough and it looked like they were using my double d**** moaning and grunting while their a**** slapped together. I only saw for a moment and they didn't see or hear me, because they weren't stopping.

    I was shocked at seeing such a scene, but left her and the other girl and went downstairs to get some water. Was she just experimenting with s** or really a lesbian? I thought she liked boys. She couldn't get pregnant from my d**** at least.

    I was going back upstairs and caught her coming out of my bedroom, probably after putting my toy back. She froze not saying anything and looking scared.

    I noticed movement and saw the other girl going into my son's bedroom and closing the door behind her. I hurried to my son's room and opened the door quickly. She had her back to me and was undressing out of her uniform, but spun around when she heard the door opening. I saw the girl wasn't a girl at all, it was my son dressed as a girl, wearing a wig, makeup, and he had shaved his legs and under his arms.

    I closed the door and left feeling sick. It had been incest by way of my toy. He must have had one end in his ass and she had the other end in her p**** or ass.

    I threw away all of my toys, except one I kept hidden in my purse.

  • Well loved any opportunity when much younger to have something inserted in my touché and every chance to dress up like a girl did that too. So now I’m a sissy f*****. Let your sissy son experiment, I love who and what I am

  • Honestly I did that too as a kid. Found a bunch of toys while looking for a confiscated item. Next time I was home alone, I had the rabbit vibrator in me. Over the course of like 6 months I explored so much. She had a huge double ended d****, bullets, a*** beads, etc. I used everything. In every hole. At one point at around 16, I put the rabbit and the d**** in me. There’s no way I could take a stretch like that now. Her hormones are raging and she’s exploring her body. Give her a few options for a toy or two. It can be hard to judge size or feel if buying online so that’s where you advise. If she wants a big d**** make sure it’s not monstrous or going to hurt her and let her have at it

  • All this is so possible so stop saying we're pedos. F uck when I was 5 I was playing doctors and nurses under my mum's house with a 6 year old chick and I was putting my fingers in holes that I shouldn't have. It's a natural thing that kids do.

  • I bought my nine year old one yesterday.

  • Lilamber@,protonmail tell me more

  • I know my nine to g/daughter masturbated,caught her a couple of times ,do you think she would be better using a vibrator.what size is best for a girl that age?

  • My daughter is 9 an uses a small vibator she loves it

  • Talk English we do understand this d**** and c****** and tell us what it is do not talk in code.

  • I just bought my eleven year old a vibrator.

  • You're not really a single mum are you? You're a man. A sad, pathetic, perverted man, who needs locking up

  • I use a vibrator and my d*** on my daughters. Im a single dad and my daughters are nine and nearly eleven..

  • Sick

  • Let me use my c*** on them

  • message me asap

  • How do you know his email address?

  • Kill yourself you peado b******

  • That's f****** disgusting you sick pig

  • Dont write s*** about your daughter on here for sick twisted perverts on here keep it between you and your daughter and no one else

  • I seen a sicko post that she worked at a daycare an would let the kids play with d***** an vibs

  • And would you let her use it?

  • You think she would use it?

  • Yes i wish I had one back when I was that young I was having s** I'm 21 now and I use my vibrator all the time and oh boy

  • I smell bullshit. You can't even spell creep.

  • Does it turn you on?

  • Don't do that

  • Tell her to take to her room let her she won't get pg this way I did the whole time I was in school dove my boyfriend crazy be cause I would not have s** with him

  • Find out how big she can handle and get her one of her own.

  • Or maybe be 3i have 3 different sizes tells go

  • Get size8that wiil be what she had me better put a lock on her bedroom door and leve her alon

  • They always want all their holes stuffed at the same time.

  • Put it away make her get a real c...

  • No don't let have have with but ask if she's had s** with a boy pill tume

  • Rub a little bit of mustard on your d...... Shel be so hot

  • Girls need c***. That's why I bought my daughter when she was 13

  • Thirteen. I would have giveing her my d*** up her tight p****...

  • Like you but i have been f****** her quite regular since she saw me wanking my self off, she walked in and said i want you to f*** me. so we quickly stripped off and i f***** her on the lounge carpet and filled her full of my s****. We have been f****** each other ever since and she is two months pregnant with my baby.

  • Was it a girl? if so start training her right away

  • You a good mom I did to

  • Did

  • Wuz dat d**** bleck?

  • Did she know what to and how yo use it

  • Yrs I am get one this my frien showed me her2 head and said let's have fun

  • The reason is that you so careless

  • Leave a commentwhy can't you get another one for her.

  • Tell her to leave yours alone and get one for here

  • I'd just talk to her, I think it's possibly genetic to have an eager appetite. I was mortified to find out my 13 year old daughter had used my d****; I've had three children and I have to be in a very aroused mood to use it. I didn't even think it possible in such a young girl.I just explained that masturbation is a private thing and it was inappropriate for her to be borrowing ... I'm a little worried as well, she was just curious and isn't sexually active. For sure! I kinda felt awkward telling her that it is an extremely exaggerated size and that its for special times, but I didn't want her to expect something 7.5" around later in life.

  • I finger f*** my daughters.

  • Love to c*** f*** them

  • Good for you i began to finger both my daughters and now we are f****** each other

  • I would love to watch your daughters f****** each other

  • I want a vibrator

  • I'm 15 and I wish you were my mom.

  • Hi 15 ur old .do you like a nice hard c***

  • Why do I sound cool I I am were do you live

  • Your saggy c*** is just dried up, her 15 year old p**** is soaking wet which is why she can shove a huge monstrosity up her slutty s***** no problem. Sounds like you're raising a real cockcraving dickhungry fuckslut. Although you shouldn't be surprised, teen girls are basically walking fuckholes. If you're f****** a tenn girl like that and one of her holes isn't stuffed you're not doing it right.

  • That is so me but I hope you don't talk to any girl like that unless they like it. But any decent girl will not like that. It's so demeaning but true.

  • Trust me, young girls like that can take huge c**** and d****'s. Their teen v*****'s stretch out real good, you can see their p**** lips struggle to wrap around whatever it is that's penetrating them but usually they can take it. Even when you go so deep that you're pounding the cervix they're still good. Young p****** like that are just soaking wet 24/7, because of their abundant vaginal fluids they can shove anything in there and they'll still want more. Hard c****, cucumbers, didlo's, there's pretty much nothing a teen girl won't try to shove up her fuckhole. Stretching out young a******* like that is another issue though.

  • Thats right i use my daughters c*** as a purse

  • Wish you would f*** my tight little c*** ;) id be moaning and screaming your name as you pound deep into my soaking wet p**** till i c**

  • Where do you live

  • We would DP both holes your tight kiddie holes f***** hard

  • Ore you h**** little 15year old wanting. to have her tight teen p**** really pummeled dirty little cow if you wanted me and my mate would. pivlck you up and take you out somewhere. so we can really have you screaming as we both DP the shot out of you keep ylulyour school. uniform. on as well babe

  • Just tell to be careful

  • I caught my eleven year old playing with her mothers dilldo and said what are you doing, she replied i like the feel of it in my p**** daddy, said how would you like the feel of a real d*** in your young c*** then. Yes said Oh yes daddy please, so i promptly stripped of and got on the bed with her andv she took my c*** in her hand and wanked me off and i then pushed my c*** all the way up her c*** and f*** the daylights out of her. Now when ever her mother is out we f*** each other

  • I'd be doing her too. Do you spend lots of time licking her smooth slit? You also need to teach her the fine art of sucking co*k. I wish I could spend some time with her.😀

  • Me too

  • I wish I had you as a daddy

  • You are a paedophile and should be ashamed, and be locked up for a long time. this wants taking down, and you reported.

  • Wish you were my daddy;)

  • Hi ask I'd come and f** u

  • I would love to be your daddy.

  • Here's an idea, how about I f*** your daughter's tight p**** while I shove the d**** in her ass, then I shove my wet d*** in your mouth so you can taste her fresh c*** juices, then I nail your saggy mom-v***** while still f****** her a****** with the d****, and then i turn her over and f*** her mouth so she can taste your vaginal slime, and then finally I come over her face and make you lick off all the j*** and drool it into her mouth?

  • We DPED mates 9year old step sister

  • Tell us about it.

  • Oh god nothing better than making moms and teen daughters f*** each other and taste each others' vaginas!!! I bet they got a double edged d**** and sit ass to ass on all fours with their t*** hanging and swinging from pounding each other, p**** juice squirting everywhere as the mom reaches around and starts fingering her 15 year old daughter's a****** until she can get her entire fist in there so the teen daughter has the d**** in her v***** and her mom's fist in her a***!

  • Hot

  • You should have a heart to heart talk with her and go and buy her her own d****! Wouldn't that be great? Plus, the two of you could bond..

  • Yeah they can bond alright, going ass to ass on a double edged d**** with their naked bodies all lubed up and their big t*** swinging every which way. You know, typical mother daughter stuff.

  • So you ladies need some of this hard c**

  • My daughter, Stephanie, used to take my vibrater and the life cast d**** of my boyfriend and would find it under her pillow. I bought her one for her 17th birthday.

  • Sounds like your 17 year old Stephanie is a little nympho fuckslut that likes to get dp'd and stuffs your d**** and the lifecast up her ass and p**** everytime you leave the house.

  • How about I come over and f*** her in her tight little p**** while I penetrate her a****** with the d**** you got her? And then I'll let you suck on my d*** and the d**** so you can taste her fuckholes.

  • Don't moms its all good good she its all normal business for a teen if she wasn't using that I bet she be having s** with someone so she's not going to hurt herself you would be surprised how much you can fit in a v*****

  • Yeah, teen vaginas stretch real good. All those little s**** just can't stop going to town on themselves.

  • Get her one or she'll probs go have s** instead.

  • Caught my daughter with a big cucumber

  • How old is she? Was it in her p**** or her a******?

  • Did you lick her juices off? I bet you did!

  • If you want to be a progressive mother, you should take her to a more reputable store and let her pick out one she likes. It could be much worse in that your daughter could be sleeping around with guys instead of just taking care of her needs responsibly.

  • What do u look like can u post a pics here
    this is me

  • Be thankful it's not a son using your d****

  • Well the cat is out of the bag and you opened the top. This cat will never go back in the bag ever. If you take the d**** away she will hate you for it, and it does not matter if she was in the wrong for taking the d**** in the first place. She will then turn to other thing to get the same o***** and this could end badly. It sounds like you need to have a s** talk with your DD that includes not using others d****, how babies are made, and the proper uses of a vibrator/d****. Clean it before and after you use it. Do not use it for more then 30 minute. I am sure you can come up with others and if not look for some good websites on the subject. The idea is to scold her for taking your d**** and using it, but then feeding the cat that’s out of the bag so it stays around. You are going to take your d*** away from her at the same time you need to give your DD a replacement, and the tools to use it correctly.

  • Did you lick it to see what she tastes like?

  • Looks like u raised her to b
    a s***

  • Well I hope you f****** stepdaughter and I'd like to smell her panties too I f*** her in the ass

  • I caught my daughter with her fist up there

  • I taught my 11y old to fist her self what a sight

  • That's so hot!

  • It's common knowledge girls love getting fisted so I take it you weren't surprised.

  • How old is yur daughter & are you male or female?

  • Weird I caught my daughter using my wifes big d**** and vibrator ,s he got mad at me and she was on our bed

  • I caught my fourteen daughter using my wife's d**** so i took my seven inch c*** out and showed her and said how would you like to try the real thing, i ended up f****** her sweet fourteen year old p**** and deposited a load of my c** in her,Now when ever she feels randy she come to me and i f*** her.

  • I wish you'd f*** me with your big d*ck daddy

  • Omg I wanna f*** her too. What is the youngest you think I ok to f***?

  • I bet she'd love getting double or even triple teamed in those wet holes. Your daughter sounds like a grade a slutbag.

  • I caught My twelve year old twin daughter's playing with there mother d**** and i said i f your mum catches you playing with that she tell you off, they said but we like the feel of it up our little minis daddy i said i have got something better for you to play with and put up your minis. They said were is it i said come in the bedroom i will show, they quickly enter the bedroom and said were is it daddy so i dropped my trousers and got my d*** out and said how do you like this girls, i have never seen such big smile on two twelve year old girls before Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it's lovely daddy can we touch it i said of course and you can suck it if you want and if your good at sucking i am going to f*** you both with it i thought even if your not good i am going to f*** you both anyway as they began to play with my c***. i will let you how i buried my c*** in them when i got to f*** them.

  • I also have twin daughters they are ten years old and i caught them playing with there mothers d****, i said you had better put that back they replied but daddy we like playing with it, i said i have something better you can play with they said can we see it . so i dropped my pants and got my d*** out. there eyes lite up when they saw it and they said can we touch it daddy i said come to my bedroom and i will give it too you. they ran in to my bedroom stripping off as they went by the time they got there they were stark b****** naked and so was i we all got on the bed and they grab my c*** and were play with it and sucking it, they got it hard and we then spent all day in my bedroom were i f***** both them taking there sweet young virginity's and they got well and truly f***** and especially me and i must have pumped gallons of c** in them and on them over, i said we had better go and take a show before there mother get home .amd i caught wait till tomorrow to do it all again .

  • Give her a good spanking for being disrespectful.

  • My daughter uses my vibrator and d*****, I wash them to be safe and I have big ones to , it kinda turns me on

  • How old is she?

  • My daughter got vaginal infection cause she bowrowed my a*** d**** and used it in p****

  • Nice do you f*** her to I would
    In the ass

  • Wtf it turns you on to know you DAUGTHER uses your d****???? what's wrong with you


  • I bet you want your daughter to sit on your face so you drown in her p**** juice you hypocrite w****

  • I bet she fantasizes about putting on a strap on while she f**** her teen daughter's swollen p**** from behind, fisting her gaping a****** with one hand and pulling her s***'s hair with the other, until both their cuntjuice gets squirted all over the room from all the mother daughter f****** action.

  • Maybe she enjoys thinking about using her teen daughter's p**** juice as lube? Just thinking out loud here.

  • I have a thirteen yr old , that I know uses my d***** , doesnt bother me I just wash em before using them , she cant get pregnant using them

  • Wait so your thirteen your old daughter just lies there completely naked with her legs spread wide and your d***** stuffed in her v***** and a******?

  • Lick Her C*** Juice Off

  • Exactly what me and my bf do after she's used them!. knottymommy @ Adultism crmaster on slutload and xhamster

  • 15 years old is not young in fact it's old enough, in the world I live in young girls start masturbating as young as 7 years old and many of them know enough about s** to consent to vaginal penetration, I myself was 10 years old when I got my cherry popped so your daughter is actually a late starter. But you've got the good idea about getting her own d****

  • I don't mean to be rude or anything but...I mean, I don't know what kind of messed up situation you and the people around you lived in but 15 years old is not a late start. You had a crazy early start. I can't imagine any 7 year olds I know even knowing what s** is let alone masturbating. Thats disturbing. Having s** at 10 years old is also very disturbing. The normal age is like 15-17.

  • So hot you think a 23 year old f***** a 7 yo is ok?

  • If I am the 23 yr old yes I LOVE yung hairless c***

  • I popped my sister's cherry when she was seven i was twelve my mother asked me to look after her while she and my dad were out, and she was running around naked and keeped opening her legs and showing her bald p****, i got a h****** and she then sat on my lap and my four inch d*** went up her minge and it felt so wonderful i just had to f***** her. I had just started porducing s**** so i fill her her sweet c*** with c**. she is twenty two now and i am still f****** her and just got her pregnant.

  • Good boy f*** her good

  • Lol

  • You were f****** young, not even teen!!!

  • I'm in love

  • I was 9 when I lost my cherry.
    Later that month mom caught me looking at toys on the net and she helped me out picking one out for me.
    I am 17 now and still have not had s** with a guy and probably wont till I get married unless:-)

  • My c*** is dripping pre c** that 9 year old p****

  • If you haven't had s** with any boy then how did you lost your cherry.

  • She's not to young for a d****, she's a young woman and clearly has awoken her sexuality if she really is using your toys, she's probably already experienced the fruits of sexual pleasure through masturbation with your toys so you can bet that she'll want to continue to feel that pleasure from here on after, so I think it would be a good idea to get her some beginner toys of her own, if you explain to her that responsible women use them to help release their sexual tension and desire for pleasure when they don't have a man around to help them out, maybe this logic might help her to kind of curve her hormonal desires when they kick in and help her avoid prematurely having s** with guys for a while until she matures a little more.

  • Don't worry about it. At 15, she is old enough that baby will stretch quite nicely. At 17, I was incredibly hung and had s** with several 15 year olds. In the barrio girls start quite young. To my knowledge, no permanent damage was ever done to any plumbing below.

  • How old r u now? I love riding a big c***

  • 15 year olds are made for f******

  • I agree i have also just s*** my 15 year old daughter, she just got out of the bath and walked to her bedroom naked i got an instant h****** and decided i wanted to f*** her, i walked into her bedroom when she saw my c*** she said is that for me i replied yes if you want it. She got on the bed and open her leg and i saw the most wonderful young c*** ever and i could not wait to slide my c*** in he, i got between her thighs and slowly worked my c*** up her and f***** her filling her full of my s****. we were f****** for ten minutes when i shot my c** in her c***, i said we had better get dressed be for her mother starts worrying were we are and catches us. so we quickly finished and got dressed and i gave her a kiss and she said when can we do it again daddy if we wait till her mother goes out we can do it again only we can take our time really f*** each other, she said well i really like your p**** in me and can't wait. An by the way you are right 15 year old are made for f******.

  • Not a problem,as long as she cleans it properly let her enjoy herself.

  • Fake as f***.

  • Hott made my d*** grow, let her keep it i want you for a good ride

  • These post are very disturbing and you all need psychological help!!!!!! Just nasty!!!!!

  • My wife told me our daughter was using her d****. So when my wife would work at the evening shift at the department store, I would always go to her drawer and see if our daughter was using a d****. Lots of nights when her mom work she was using it. So I finally had to see for myself and Idrilled a hole in the attic floor. Her ceiling is beams and the attic floor. I drilled it on an angle on the op. cit. side of her broom. I could see her bed perfectly. And every time I come home I did sneak up to the attic and watch her slip that d**** in her p**** I always j*** off watching her,I have come all over those steps so many times watching her calm. I want to f*** her so bad.when I know she's put the d**** back in the drawer I'll j*** off on the d**** and rub it all over it hopefully she'll use it before my wife

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