My daughters using my d*****

Im a single mom and therefore I have a vibrating wand and two d****.one day my daughter walked in on me using them as I was c****** and I was very embarressed but since then I can tell my daughter is using the huge d**** that I have because its not in the same position and sometimes I c** home shell be in her bedroom and check and the d**** will still be wet.shes only 15 and thought maybe I should get her own but im worried because she is so young and the d**** is to big for a girl to be using iv had3 kids and dont usevit as often as she

Apr 8, 2013

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  • My daughter has been using mine for a long time. She is 17 started at 15 she ask me questions and I told her. She had walked in on me many times and I just keep going

  • Yes

  • Meant type no way and cant erase above

  • Hi any email to s** chatting..

  • You should hide it better because her friends have licked your juices off of it and they said you taste great

  • Buy her a finger vibrator

  • I noticed a few of my toys that were moved and were being used, but wasn't sure how to approach her. Got home early and heard sexual noises from my daughter's room. My children weren't allowed to have friends of the opposite s** over when I wasn't home.

    Peeked in her room and saw too much. She was on all fours ass to ass with another girl I couldn't see very well, but both in their school uniforms with skirts pulled up and panties down enough and it looked like they were using my double d**** moaning and grunting while their a**** slapped together. I only saw for a moment and they didn't see or hear me, because they weren't stopping.

    I was shocked at seeing such a scene, but left her and the other girl and went downstairs to get some water. Was she just experimenting with s** or really a lesbian? I thought she liked boys. She couldn't get pregnant from my d**** at least.

    I was going back upstairs and caught her coming out of my bedroom, probably after putting my toy back. She froze not saying anything and looking scared.

    I noticed movement and saw the other girl going into my son's bedroom and closing the door behind her. I hurried to my son's room and opened the door quickly. She had her back to me and was undressing out of her uniform, but spun around when she heard the door opening. I saw the girl wasn't a girl at all, it was my son dressed as a girl, wearing a wig, makeup, and he had shaved his legs and under his arms.

    I closed the door and left feeling sick. It had been incest by way of my toy. He must have had one end in his ass and she had the other end in her p**** or ass.

    I threw away all of my toys, except one I kept hidden in my purse.

  • Not sure why you reacted so badly. I would have watched the scene and played with my wet p***sy, then joined in on the fun. If your kids are into sharing a double ended d****, they would definitely be into having their mommy in on the action. You missed a great opportunity. It made me wet.

  • That’s really hot

  • Well loved any opportunity when much younger to have something inserted in my touché and every chance to dress up like a girl did that too. So now I’m a sissy f*****. Let your sissy son experiment, I love who and what I am

  • Honestly I did that too as a kid. Found a bunch of toys while looking for a confiscated item. Next time I was home alone, I had the rabbit vibrator in me. Over the course of like 6 months I explored so much. She had a huge double ended d****, bullets, a*** beads, etc. I used everything. In every hole. At one point at around 16, I put the rabbit and the d**** in me. There’s no way I could take a stretch like that now. Her hormones are raging and she’s exploring her body. Give her a few options for a toy or two. It can be hard to judge size or feel if buying online so that’s where you advise. If she wants a big d**** make sure it’s not monstrous or going to hurt her and let her have at it

  • All this is so possible so stop saying we're pedos. F uck when I was 5 I was playing doctors and nurses under my mum's house with a 6 year old chick and I was putting my fingers in holes that I shouldn't have. It's a natural thing that kids do.

  • I bought my nine year old one yesterday.

  • Do you do both her tight holes

  • Lilamber@,protonmail tell me more

  • I know my nine to g/daughter masturbated,caught her a couple of times ,do you think she would be better using a vibrator.what size is best for a girl that age?

  • The bigger the better

  • Talk English we do understand this d**** and c****** and tell us what it is do not talk in code.

  • I just bought my eleven year old a vibrator.

  • You're not really a single mum are you? You're a man. A sad, pathetic, perverted man, who needs locking up

  • I use a vibrator and my d*** on my daughters. Im a single dad and my daughters are nine and nearly eleven..

  • That’s so hot what’s your wickr.
    My sister is 9 and I wanna sell her for a night for 2k any holes you want

  • You should be in prison you sick, disturbed man.

  • Which do they prefer? Do they enjoy both?

  • Sick

  • Let me use my c*** on them

  • message me asap

  • How do you know his email address?

  • Kill yourself you peado b******

  • That's f****** disgusting you sick pig

  • Dont write s*** about your daughter on here for sick twisted perverts on here keep it between you and your daughter and no one else

  • I seen a sicko post that she worked at a daycare an would let the kids play with d***** an vibs

  • And would you let her use it?

  • You think she would use it?

  • Yes i wish I had one back when I was that young I was having s** I'm 21 now and I use my vibrator all the time and oh boy

  • I smell bullshit. You can't even spell creep.

  • Does it turn you on?

  • Don't do that

  • Tell her to take to her room let her she won't get pg this way I did the whole time I was in school dove my boyfriend crazy be cause I would not have s** with him

  • Find out how big she can handle and get her one of her own.

  • Or maybe be 3i have 3 different sizes tells go

  • Get size8that wiil be what she had me better put a lock on her bedroom door and leve her alon

  • They always want all their holes stuffed at the same time.

  • Put it away make her get a real c...

  • No don't let have have with but ask if she's had s** with a boy pill tume

  • Rub a little bit of mustard on your d...... Shel be so hot

  • Wuz dat d**** bleck?

  • Did she know what to and how yo use it

  • Yrs I am get one this my frien showed me her2 head and said let's have fun

  • The reason is that you so careless

  • I'd just talk to her, I think it's possibly genetic to have an eager appetite. I was mortified to find out my 13 year old daughter had used my d****; I've had three children and I have to be in a very aroused mood to use it. I didn't even think it possible in such a young girl.I just explained that masturbation is a private thing and it was inappropriate for her to be borrowing ... I'm a little worried as well, she was just curious and isn't sexually active. For sure! I kinda felt awkward telling her that it is an extremely exaggerated size and that its for special times, but I didn't want her to expect something 7.5" around later in life.

  • I finger f*** my daughters.

  • Love to c*** f*** them

  • Good for you i began to finger both my daughters and now we are f****** each other

  • I would love to watch your daughters f****** each other

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