A*** S** and MMFFFMM Orgies on MDMA Ecstasy Drugs

All through the week, my wife and I are "normal" with boring jobs and every day lives. But we like to take MDMA on a Saturday night as it makes us really, really, really h****. We often have ten hour s** sessions where we tell all our fantiasies and carry them out. It makes us so h**** and we'll do anything to/for each other.

When the drug first hits I like nothing more than having her sit on my face and rub her p**** all over me for absolutely ages. She gets so wet and I just love the smell and the taste of her and the harder she pushes her p**** in my face, the more I enjoy it. I can just eat her out for ages!

My wife has some really weird fantasies, but then so do I. She has a thing for gay s** and she loves to talk to me about that. She loves making me suck her d****. A favourite is for her to lie back with her legs open, soaking wet while she rubs her clitty and jams a nice big d**** in her p****. Two or three full length strokes then take it out and make me suck it. Keep doing it, I just love it and so does she!

I'm not at all gay. I love women but if my wife wants me to act gay then I do that for her, just as she does things that I like for me. She like to f*** me with her d**** and she makes me hitch up my legs and take it up the ass like a little b**** as she lubes me up and f**** me good and proper. She makes me kneel for it too and when she hits the spot (prostate) it can me absolutely amazing! We watch gay p*** together and when we're done with that it's onto the next little fantasy.

We have a GayDar account and we invite bi men round to have s**. It's a lot of fun watching my wife get f***** with everyone just in a free for all sucking and f****** and anyhting goes. I take c*** in my ass while my wife f**** herself with a d**** and I suck it in between while my ass is being f*****. She loves to watch me get c*** in the ass but she likes it even more when I'm f****** some guy. I do like to f*** guys with big d****, but I prefer when they're on their back and I can jam it in their ass and play with their c*** at the same time.

We like to swing as well, so we've had a few parties at home and elsewhere where we'll meet strangers on the net and just f*** them senseless. She likes to make me eat other women's p**** and I like to watch her suck other guys c****. I love watching her f*** other guys too. Especially when they have a nice fat c*** to really pleasure her with. She like to have two and three c**** at once, one in her ass, one in her p**** and one in her mouth. Sometimes she loves two in her p**** at once. It's so f****** h****!!

The thing with the MDMA is it takes ages for me to c** but by f*** does it feel amazing when you do! I don't know why it is but i like it when guys c** on me, like on my chest and belly. It's so damned h**** to feel their hot sticky goo shoot over me and it makes me so hard! My wife's ultimate it to roll me over on my shoulders so my c***'s facing my face while she puts a nice d**** in me and forces me to w***. Usually a pair of her dirty wet nickers in the face will add to my excitement and I just blow a load all over my chin! Then, she's sit down h****** my face and rub all my own goo in with her p**** and squirt her juices all over my face.

It can take about half an hour but I do get h**** again and if there's anyone joining us then I'll just be watching them with my wife and playing with my ass and my ball until I get hard again. A c*** ring helps but when I'm on my second wind I usually like to be the one f******. I'll f*** anything on MDMA. These sessions go on from about 9pm right on to about 7am. It's intense!! MDMA is such a weird drug as we have a pretty normal s** life withouth it.


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  • Awesome, super hot, my wife and I love it too.

  • I don't know why you insist on saying you're not gay. What's the big deal? You like getting f***** by guys and f****** them. And when there isn't another guy involved you simulate gay s** with your wife. You seem to think the involvement of your wife is some sort of buffer to your gayness. It isn't, really. Your free-flowing s** life and the use of a drug to stimulate it doesn't change the fact you like the c***, and the c**. Dude, there's no shame. Your wife is on board. You are a very lucky man. I've been in many mfm situations where the husband gets a full dose of my c***, as does the wife. It's hot. Don't be ashamed.

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