Being paid for s**

Im a very good looking man, with incredibly piercing eyes! Im not being arrogant, just repeating what iv been told by many, many, many people over the years.

I grew up being told that im not good looking, only average by my parents! I was a very skinny kid with no confidence.
The girls never looked at me in school.. After school i started going to the gym, picking up weight building my confidence and turned into a late bloomer!!

I got divorced a year ago and decided to start escorting. I live in a small and conservative town so you dont get that many clients.. Also the town i live in is one of the largest gay capitals in the world!!

Since i started escorting i get so turned on by being paid to have s** that i want to do it more and more!!! There is no better feeling than c****** inside a women who is paying you to do it!!!!

This desire of being paid for s** is growing that iv started fantasizing about a 3some with a man and women!

Im not interested in dating guys or being intermit with them.
I just want to f*** a guy and sit on a his hard c***, iv never done it so i feel like finding out for myself what its like!

I dont want to kiss him or play or suck his c***, i just want to feel it inside me!

Cause it will be my first time i want to do it without a condom, i don't see the point in having a first time experience and robbing myself of the pleasure!!

Ultimately i would like to have a women f*** me while I'm sitting on top of a guys hard c*** pressed all the way up in my ass!!!

The biggest turn on is i want to get paid to do it!! The more of "the forbidden fruit" the more it turns me on!!!

The idea of being the "ham in the ham sandwich" 3some with another couple is a serious turn on!!!!

I want to be paid to loose my a*** virginity in a fun creative way!!!

I would really love to do this with an attractive married couple! Iv had men pay me to f*** their wives and its a real turn on! now i want it to include the husband, i want the wife to get turned on watching her husband get f***** and then f****** me afterwards!

Like i say im not interested in men at all, i just want this to be an act of pure l***!!

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  • Use a condom. AIDs can be the price of one careless experience. That one time experience of feeling a guy c** in your ass isn't worth the risk.

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