My **

I totally enjoy my big **(J cup).I love it when men are not afraid of them.The man I love has a slight case of gynecomastia,and I love his **.I love touching,licking,sucking on his **.

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  • Having gynecomastia, it took me a long time to accept my **.

    Growing up, my mother was really into feminism. She had dressed me in my sister's old clothes for years, so it seemed normal to me, until I found out it wasn't. She said she didn't have the funds for extra clothes, but she always seemed to have nice new clothes to wear.

    When my ** started getting bigger and developing, she acted like me growing ** like she and my sister had was completely normal. She gave me some of my sister's old bras and showed me how to put them on.

    I later found out only girls were supposed to have **, and was made fun of and had my bra snapped many times.

    I hid my ** for a long time after that and even thought about getting them removed.

    It look a long time, but I learned to love my ** and began wearing bras again. Some girlfriends hated them, maybe because mine were bigger than theirs, and wanted me to cover up.

    I found a woman who accepts me and loves my **. We are both DD. She likes being naked so our ** can touch while we have **. She likes touching me and sucking my ** as much as I like sucking on hers, and she likes alot of positions. She is very ** and likes dressing me in her clothes, when we have **. She has even used a ** on me. She really loves me.

  • I'd ** on ** that big for days. I love big giant **. Yummy.

  • Dont your back hurt?

  • Nope.

  • REALLY ?

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