I f*** everyone while I'm in sexless relationships

I know I should feel pretty awful.

I think I might seek out long-term and low s** drive people just so I have the excuse to f*** someone else and have the perfect excuse to keep each relationship just distant enough. I don't have to worry about commitment, but I still get the thrill of a first time, exciting f***.

None of my exes ever found out and no one ever will. I make everyone feel special enough that they know that they're the only person that matters, so it makes sense that they wouldn't tell anyone and hurt me. I'd have so much to lose. They'd never be able to live with themselves.

If you are with someone, and they have reasons not to be in a picture with you...or maybe you or they have been so busy you just don't see enough of each other...or maybe you just wake up and look in the mirror just so you can tell yourself how awful you look so you don't have to believe anyone at the club when they compliment you...

Call me. I'll make you feel special.

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  • First time doing sexual stuff with women who are not my wife is so exciting, i cant get enough of it

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