HELP! His p**** is too big.

I thought he was joking or exaggerating, I really did. Turns out not so. When erect, the base of his p**** is wider and bigger than my wrist, and the tip not much less. It's quite long, too. It's actually bigger than my wrist. FUCK. I'd never seen anything like it.

He's the first circumcised man I'd been with, too. He was very understanding, but I worry that I'm not good enough for him. He's much more experienced and loves s**. I can't get anywhere near all of him in my mouth and was quite slow with my mouth and hands because of his girth. He wasn't able to penetrate me fully- too much pain.

He gave me a massage first and spent a long time on foreplay, and continually used lube. He's aware that his size can be an issue for women. Is his size going to physically damage me? How can I cope with it?

I thought that a guy being that big was the fantasy of erotica writers and locker room stories.



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  • Just take it slow, your p**** will stretch to his size and the more you two have s** the easier it will be, you'll learn to love it.

  • Take him with you to a doctor. Make the appointment for a "consultation". Sit down. Talk--openly: first, talk about the "words" for your lady parts that you LIKE, then (in this order: first, the likes, second, the okay's, and third, the no ways), those words you're okay with, and finally, those words that better never cross his lips!! Have him do the same (probably best done before doctors office visit, if possible--this is a task you don't need the Dr. for, so why pay for that time?). Then, speak openly with the Dr. About your fears, concerns, etc. have your bf do the same--this is your time, you're paying for it (or someone is, in your name), so get your money's worth! Write out as many questions as you can think of ahead of time! Your bf too! Good luck!!

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