F****** church ladies

This truly happened last October, I am being very honest. Just previous to that time, I had a back operation. I got a call one day from a lady in our congregation who (I'll call her X) and Y wanted to come and "help me out" with anything I needed, since I had just had the operation. Only my wife shouldn't be home. That would be a better time to "help me out". We arranged a date and they both came over. Interestingly, I had noticed both of them in church and actually had fantasies about one of them. I would m********* and imagine her seducing me to suck her b**** and dropping her drawers and then doing the whole thing. I was at first a bit shocked when they came over and one of them pulled up her skirt just high enough for me to see she had nothing on underneath! Shock soon turned to l***, hwoever, as I knew how much I wanted her. The other one then lifted up her shirt and I could see that she had no bra or underclothing underneath! Well, you can imagine what happened after that. Because of my operation, I could not do everything I wanted to do with them, but I got to suck them both off, and they carefully and kindly positioned themselves so they both could f*** me. One was 4 years my senior, the one I wanted, 10. But it's a day I'll never forget!

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  • To the last poster, thank you for your kindness. Even though you weren't too sure of it, at least you were kind. And thanks for giving me some courage to spill my beans a little :).

  • Has the ring of phoniness and a desire for revenge against some woman that p***** you off at church. Get over it, and stop boring our a****.

  • I'm sorry, but your story is what really has been conjured up out of nowhere. Nowhere in my wildest dreams would I dream this one up -- especially not with the one I really like in the congregation. Wow. And how rude. Can you read 3 mm above the box where it says "please have consideration for others when commending"?

  • Nah, not buying it.

  • You guys can believe whatever you want. I don't care. I know and that's all that matters. You don't have to buy it. There is no revenge, far from it. It's offensive for me to even think that. I love these two ladies. Just because I've couched it in some way that "rings phony", it still doesn't matter. All that matters is what's between them and me. Maybe it was my sharing it here that was my mistake. You know, I've noticed that almost every posting has some comment like these. Why would every anonymous posting be falsified. I also had an affair with a Slovak babe 7 years ago. I suppose if I put anything down about that, you'd doubt it, too. But beyond my little reply to your rebuttal, I'm not going to pay much more attention to id. I don't have to care if you "buy it" or not :).

  • For me, i have my doubts about this too because of the lack of details, when people are confessing stuff like this, we usually get more details and this one just seamed to be missing information that, atleast i, wanted to know more about this event

  • If you won't talk negatively about it, I'd love to give more details about it. When the 10 my senior lady revealed herself, whom I'd had a thousand fantasies of sucking her b****** (she was the one who actually pulled up her skirt), my heart just started going nuts and I had to go over to her and ask her if I could suck her puss. She obliged by hiking up her skirt some more and I began to suck, bite and quickly lick her soft p****. But I had been so obsessed with her b******, I asked if I couldn't bury my head in her b******, which she willingly obliged with a wicked smile. I really wildly sucked her with total delight, because I had been wanting this for years. I confessed to her that I had been having fantasies about her and masturbating to thoughts of sucking those wonderful b****** off, which delighted her. She let me suck for a long time and then suggested we do some mutual masturbation. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest when the other lady moved it and wasn't going to miss out on any of the action. She wanted a t** suck while I tickled her p**** now. I got into a position where I was taking turns sucking each one's b****** while giving them a hand job on their c****. But then came an extraordinary treat. They both suggested that I needed some extra s** (which I had! i hadn't had anything real since the operation, some weeks after), so they carefully positioned themselves, one at a time, with me on my back and they slid their vaginas, one at a time, onto my throbbing huge wet d*** and pumped carefully up and down until I came in their wet pusses, one by one. I still had enough for one more time, so we did a threesome oral. I don't know hwo we got that accomplished, because we were somewhat contorted, but I'll never ever forget the beauty of that moment, each time I came, especially inside of the lady I thought was the cat's meow. I just couldn't believe it. The lady I wanted to suck for so long had just let me suck/f*** her

  • Now thats a better confession, thanks

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