Muslim me annoy the s*** out of me

First i want to say that im not racist against muslims or anything but some of their customs are just f***** weird. For one they treat they're women like s*** and claim it's in the koran to do so. They also find it normal to marry girls as young as 12 and have s** with them. That's called being a pedophile u sick f***!

Everyone knows there's some p*** websites out there of homemade webcam videos usually of women stripping and masturbating for boyfriends and/or hot guys or even couples f****** for others amusement. I don't what to see some smelly hairy ass 30 somethin f****** a young girl!! That s*** is sick.

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  • The world is full of A******* who don't like other people for whatever dumb ass reason it may be, I hope you feel a lot better about yourself now that you've vented your concerns about other peoples customs, preference's, religion and culture, perhaps you'd be less stressed out about things like that if you'd only mind your own business and learn to accept others for who they are.... because they're not going anywhere all those things were here before you were born and they're going to be here when your gone! If the Bible doesn't condemn pedophiles then why should you? pedophilia is nothing more then a man made concept that's only been around for a little over a 100 years while adult/child s** has been practiced since the dawn of human history... and is still going strong to this day... relax! because you're not gonna change that!

  • A psychologist who can't even spell it correctly. hahaha. I "Bilieve" you should get out the dictionary before you post, dude.

  • Really? I'm a phsicologist. Bilieve me dude! The way Christians treat n beat n undermine n cheat and swear at there wife's. The way url disregard ur families. I deal with this everyday.. to me I respect every religion!! But don't point fingers wen u don't know s*** of what's going on around u. I got cases wer fathers r having s** with they 9yr old daughters!! Like damn man!! All they do is drink n drink n drink!!!!! And rape! So dude! Go read up n c what ur people r doin

  • You aint no psychologist, you sick f*** deadbeat old piece of s***. You lie and lie and yet you think we'd believe you're a psychologist with s***** english? Islam is f*****, Alot of religions are f***** up. I hope you die in h*** for an eternity if you think pedophilia is okay. You should never be near a child, and if I ever see you in real life near a child. I will volunteer to f****** beat the s*** out of you

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