From good wife to biker s***

I never had much use for motorcycles (Till). About 3yrs ago my husband bought a biker. He spent the next 2 and half years trying to become a real biker dude. He would go on poker runs and rides and such mostly without me.

Last Aug he dragged me to a rally in SD. We were there 7 days and camped out at a biker camp site. The site next to us was full of a small group of bikers from a club or such, there were 9 bikers and 2 women in that group. On the 3rd day there husband informed he was going to ride into Wyo and would be gone about 6 to 8 hours. He left in the morning and that afternoon one of the gals from the club came over and invited me up to there site for a drink or so which was fine with me at the time. There was a little beer drinking and a bit of dope smoking. I had only tried MJ once but this afternoon I told myself what the h*** let your hair down and enjoy the afternoon. That is just what I did before the afternoon and early evening (hubby not back yet) I got a bit loaded and wound up f****** 4 of the dudes (well 3 anyhow as one got off before he got on). My husband got back to camp site about 9pm or so and wanted to go to town but I was to tired and told him no, he went anyhow. I think it was on the 5th day he went on another ride somewhere. I went back over to other site for another afternoon did 2 more of them.

I think we left there on a saturday or sunday whichever.

In february in ran into one of those biker dudes at a shopping mall. He reconized me before I him. He came up and ask if I remembered him it took a second or to butt I did. He aske me if I would like to go someplace for a drink or 2 and I accepted. We went to a bar that i guess he liked and had 3 or 4 drinks than got on his bike and went to a garage like place set up as a culb house or something. I had a feling what would happen and it did. Not only did I f*** him but he introduced me to oral s** (1st time for me) I liked it (now wish my husband would be more than a slam bam and its over.

He than took me back to the mall and gave me his number and said I could call him anytime I wanted ride or something.

Iam thinking about seeing him again and as for my husband he can go s**** his bike I think he loves it more than me. Aug is coming again and I think I would like to go to rally again. Iam I wrong, nuts or what?

Bikes are fun!!!

Apr 24, 2013

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  • Fake story

  • Dang!

  • Life is short, have fun while you can,

  • Good for you babe

  • Live your life as you want it, girl. Don't listen to anyone but your gut. If it feels good, go for it.

  • Men like brag and most likely the whole group knows

  • Well i admire you, i wonder what my husband would think...who cares x

  • You have a great story..
    i also write a story of wife riding bike from INDIA.

  • You should kill yourself your a no good w^^^e. trash .

  • How dare you. F*** you judgmental prude

  • Im 16 and i love bikers! i cant get enough of them, my moms bf is into biked and has one, we go to bike events and shows, i always dress hot for them with a low cut top to show my (34D) t*** off a bit and the blokes appreciate it.
    i would love to be able to just ditch my mom and her bf when i go to these things though cos i just wanna flirt with the men there, its awful haha. i act like a nice girl when im with mom but secretly im a h**** s*** that needs a real man to be satisfied. any biker guys wanna chat??? :D

  • Hitme up

  • Im 17 and from sturgis but im not a biker

  • Carry on , If i was married to you I would not mind you sleeping with other men as long as you come back to me at the end of the day

  • I agree! She could f@#k all the guys she wants and ride the train even. As long as she came home to me and gave me my turn I'd be happy.

  • Since your marriage is doomed if you say nothing to your husband, why not go ahead and be honest with him? Either he'll hate you and your sham marriage is over, or he'll be open to it and share you with the other bikers. Either way, you won't have to sneak around and lie anymore.

  • You sound like a wonderful s***. Enjoy!!

  • What happens in Sturgis doesn't always stay in Sturgis, I guess. I have been to several rallies, some with my wife. She has never cut loose like you did but I have. There are some women who just get off on bikers. There was one babe a bit overweight who stands out most in my memory. Four of us f***** her and it was great. I love a biker s***.

  • I wish like h*** these things would have dates on them...WOW, what a tale! Yeah, nice girl turned s***. (I say that in a great way). I wish I were a biker to try some of those "let yourself go" kinda things. I'm a guy in case you're wondering. I often wish my wife would "let go" now and then. Nice story, be careful, be safe, and wow...enjoy!

  • Hey this is great, but why stop with the one guy see if he can round up a bunch of his buddies to do you in the mouth, c*** and ass. Wish I had a wife that would do this

  • So do I! I'd love to take sloppy seconds, thirds, or whatever lol

  • My wife was the greatest prude that ever lived. I was her only s**** ever for decades. We went to an annual biker rally where there was a lot of wife swapping for almost ten years, and she never strayed. However, this last year she got incredibly drunk at the rally. This one guy that has wanted to s**** her for years and had her targeted for such for the last three years, made a play for her. It started with his wife and my wife nude and going at it on each other. In truth, I had always wanted his wife. Pretty soon, I moved in and started playing with both of them. I kissed their t*** and started finger f****** both of them simultaneously. They both seem to be reacting well to the stimulation. Then the other husband moved in and started fingering my wife while I was doing his wife. Soon we were all nude. He had my wife bent over at the waist and was pumping her while she was hunching like crazy. In the meantime, I was doing his wife. Then he sat down on a bench, and my wife straddled him while he screwed her sitting down. He felt her off all over and kissed her t*** while s******* her. She was like a wild woman that couldn't get enough. She was bouncing up and down on his stiff member, and she was moaning and groaning and crying out, "Yes! Yes!!!" I had not seen her that unleashed over s** in years. She had the time of her life s******* that guy! I have to admit that I set her up a little with the booze so I could s**** the other guy's wife. But I unleashed a wild woman that loved s** outside of marriage.

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