Principal showing gay discrimination toward my friend

I confess to knowing about this, but I also would like some advice. Okay, so I am in high school and have a bi friend named Abigail. No one really treats her different. She doesn't 'stay in the closet' and is pretty open with it. It's just no one really cares what sexual choices she chooses which is how it should be. Anyway, our principal, Mrs. Jackson, heard about Abby's new girlfriend named Victoria who had just moved from Wisconsin last month. They became attracted to each other immediately. Mrs. Jackson called them and a few friends (including myself of course) to her office. She spoke to the friends first and this was most of the conversation: "Has Abigail ever made you feel uncomfortable in your friendly relationship?" "...No?" I felt more uncomfortable in her office than my whole friendship with Abby. "Has she ever shown an flirtatious actions towards you or any other girls?" "Besides Victoria, no" She jotted down a bunch of notes. "Okay that's all I needed to hear from you, thank you _____" "No problem" I walked out feeling very awkward. Why was she asking these questions. I found out a few minutes later when both Victoria and Abby walked out of her office. Victoria with a few tears running down her cheeks and Abby with a murderous look in her eyes. I gulped as they told me what happened. Mrs. Jackson had asked about their sexual orientation and was 'appalled' at their answer. Apparently, gay or bi relationships are against her religion and they should just 'stop the behavior this month' or 'just keep your thoughts you yourselves' She was telling them to break up and change their beliefs. W.T.Fudge!? I was ticked. So now I come to the internet to ask people what should my friends do about their situation and how should I support and help them?
Please no inappropriate answers. Thank you!! :)

Apr 26, 2013

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  • Four things:

    Research your rights as a student, make sure you and all your friends are entirely aware of exactly how these rights have been violated. i.e. (using religion as reasoning in a school environment??)

    Document all that happened to one another (emails are a good way of doing this, as they are documented with dates and times, and if necessary, can be used in court) and approach to School board with this.

    Alert the Media.

    Alert your local LGBT community.

    Good luck! Don't stay silent. This is wrong.

  • Your friend could possibly report the principal and the discrimination to the superintendent of schools. It's probably not the first time this principal has overstepped her bounds. It's none of her business what anyone's sexual orientation is. She can have her opinion and her beliefs, that's fine..but it's not okay for her to impose her religious views on anyone is obnoxious and ignorant. Stand by your friend.

  • Honestly, going to the media is one way to get school's to do anything. Putting attention on the poor actions of the principal will hopefully change some things.
    Otherwise just let your friend know that you support her in everything.

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