Hate my f****** roommate

My room mate is a c***. She took $90 from me but there's no way to prove it. She is a s*** & slept with some whoever f*** he was last night. She ignores our friends when there's a guy coming over later and does her laundry and cleans her room so that it looks like she actually gives a s*** about her life and has her s*** together when he gets there. GET YOUR F****** S*** TOGETHER YOU UGLY F***. She never does her dishes. Leaves her s*** all over the f****** house and never says thank you for anything.

shes a f****** idiot and I think she has down syndrome. she seriously is f****** retarded. she doesn't know how to do anything. she crashed her car a week ago and has been bumming rides off of everyone and anyone. she's probably given b******* for a ride home from work for christ's sake. I hate her. I hate every ugly thing about her fat ass. She is a w****, s***, c***, b****, s**** & no one will ever love her. She is filthy, never looks after her cat & says that she's healthy but actually eats the nastiest s*** ever. she is a C***.

Apr 28, 2013

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