Hi, Darla......it's Rachelle

I've been having an affair with your husband for the last two months, but while you and your kids were out of town last weekend to visit your parents, I stayed with your husband at your house, and we slept in the bed the two of you normally share, although to be honest, sweetie.....there wasn't much sleeping going on. We f***** all weekend, and in every room of your house (and in all the beds), but mostly I made him f*** me in the spot in your bed where you usually sleep. I made sure we left a lot of s** juice (mine and his) to soak into the mattress, but I did one other thing in that spot. It was something he loved and that turned us both on. It was something that I'll always remember and that someday I'll tell you about, face-to-face: I peed. That's right, I peed right where you sleep. So from now on, you'll be sleeping in territory that I marked as my own. He may be your husband, but he's my man. My......property.

Apr 30, 2013

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  • This was written by a middle aged man with some weird fantasies.

  • Rachelle, you're on a level of a jealous little teenage girl. You probably don't have anything else in your life to concentrate on. It's sad and pathetic.

  • Gutter whores the both of them. SICK s****!! because of women like you?? I gained two exes because they were too busy shoving themselves into no good, rotten, skanky, bimbo, f*****, w**** face women who are just flat out homewreckers!!!! How dare you! You know you are the other woman and are hurting another woman's marriage!!!! So what do I say to you??? Go away!!!!

  • LOL! You are too funny! Hun, I'm not "the other woman": Darla is the other woman. Her husband is my property and she's on the outside looking in: she just doesn't know it yet. But she soon will. Because, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes......I am going to completely wreck their home and their marriage and their family, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. "Homewrecker" is exactly what I am and what I will be. That b**** thinks everybody loves her, when everybody really totally hates her, and when I blow up that marriage, it's going to be a beautiful thing, and I will be a heroine. And in the meantime, her husband and I are the best and nastiest affair partners in the history of affairs. You best believe that s***! And no......I am so NOT going away!!!!

  • Crazy much

  • jeez rachalle.....i have sat here and read your post like 5-6 times now this morning and every time i read it i just get harder and harder and harder because you are so sexy. i didnt think women like you existed because you are just too much woman and just too sexual.......this is amazing. and i think i am actually totally falling in love with you...and i mean real love......you are so f****** incredible............ommfg

  • I totally love what you did to that b****. I wish you would do it to my wife. You are unbearably f****** HOT!

  • Do you live in a nice trailer? Is it a double-wide?

  • you are exactly the kind of selfish monster that destroyed my marriage and my family. you should stop congratulating yourself on how hot you think you are and start thinking about people other than yourself. you are what used to be called a homewrecker and you are about to destroy a home here. although my guess is that this won't be the first time you did this, i bet you have ruined several marriages, probably even the marriage that your own husband had before he was forced to marry you because he couldn't go home. you need to stop it. please just stop it. i know what kind of pain a woman like you can cause and i know you need to quit this.

  • Amen, sister.

  • I lost my marriage to a s**** like this, too, and I hated her then and I still hate her to this day. I will always hate her. In fact, I hate her so much that it makes me hate this woman, too. S***!

  • CAR WASH C***

  • wtf?

  • I did this woman. She stalked me for 4 years after I broke it off with her. My advice is her craziness is not worth all the hot s** she gives you.

  • Pay attention to this poster. He's right on. All I can add is two words: "Jodi Arias".

  • Nobody has standards anymore. Nor do they consider how the kids in this situation would feel if something happens.

    You're a disgusting human being with no soul So is he.

  • Amen!

  • Don't know why, but this b**** turns me on big-time.

  • same here. wish i could get with her.

  • the reason she turns you on is obvious: she's nasty. i love her, too, and i would marry her dirty ass in a new york minute.

  • Fake.

  • Yep.. The p****** thing says guy all over it. People lose the believability factor when they go too far.

  • lol. you obviously don't know how nasty and mean women can be.or how filthy. or how territorial. b****** like this are every f****** where.

  • Right after I got out of grad school, I picked up this 45yo divorcee at a bar and when I was taking her back to her place (I couldn't take her to mine, because my fiancée was living with me), I mentioned that I was driving my fiancée's car because mine was in the shop, and she had me pull over so she could f*** me in the driver's seat "where your girlfriend sits", and then when she finished and got off me, she got back in the passenger's seat and p***** all over the seat and on the floorboard, laughing the whole time about what she was doing to a girl she never even met. Women are crazy, and though I have no idea whether or not this original post is true, I don't doubt it for a second.

  • Wow that's really bitchy. Even if you hate someone with all your heart, that's just not something you do. Is there something specific that caused you to do that?

  • Yes, Darla has always treated me like scum, like I wasn't good enough to even be in her presence. She always talks about all the things she owns, the things she does, and how everything she has and does is soooooo much better than what anybody else has and does. Whenever our group is together, she always tries to control everybody like she knows better than anybody else. Behind my back she talks about how I have no class and no taste, but mostly she says how I can't keep a man (I confess: I've been divorced twice, and am on my third marriage, but the divorces weren't my fault), though she plays like she's my friend to my face. I finally had enough after one incident on New Year's Ever, and just decided I would prove that I can get and keep a man. I mean, I may not break up their marriage, but I've already proved to her husband that I can get and keep a man, because he tells me every time we meet how much better I am in bed than she EVER was or ever will be. Probably nobody will ever know that he and I are a secret couple, but I will know that we are, and I'll know that I've had him IN HER BED, and I'll know that she's sleeping in my p***. Is that mean? Of course it is, but I like the feeling of it, having and ruining her man, and p****** where she sleeps. And I like knowing that if she pushes me too far, I'll gladly blow up their relationship permanently. She's a b****, and nobody would feel sorry for her, if it ever came to that, which it probably won't. But I like knowing I can make that happen if I want to.

  • So you went all Fatal Attraction due to jealousy, then. Figures.
    There is a type of woman-- emotionally and mentally unstable, insecure, fascinated by her own body-- who pulls stunts like this. She either eats lots of Lithium or desperately needs to. When she hits middle age, all of her "power" will go the way of her sagging chin and she'll go even deeper into psychosis. Ever seen (or heard, or smelled) one of those really deranged bag ladies, the ones with the rabid look in their eye? That's this c***'s future.

    Sweet dreams, Rachelle. Hope you don't get too many half-full beer cans lobbed at your head in your declining years :)

  • Her snobbery is no excuse for your behavior. You should stop before somebody gets hurt, including YOU!!

  • this rachele b**** is one hot piece of ass!!

  • THANK YOU! (*wink*)

  • Gross

  • .....yes and trashy........

  • And whorish.

  • THANK YOU! (*wink*)

  • Peeing on another woman's man, or in her bed, isn't an act of anger, as another poster suggested: it's an act of dominion and superiority. Knowing that that other woman goes to bed every night with a man who is controlled by you, and is actually sleeping in your p***, is a wonderfully hot and filthy feeling. I think what she did was beautiful, and is to be admired. I certainly admire her, and I wish I had the nerve to do what she did.

  • God you are such a hot b****!

  • THANK YOU! (*wink*)

  • L****

  • Ha, the guy has latched onto psycho chick. She's all p***** at his wife. Why? She's the one f****** around. He's the one f****** around. Why the anger at the wife? P****** on the bed just gave the guy more to clean up. It didn't really hurt the wife.

  • No, but it DAMN sure marked my territory in her bed and in her life. I own her husband, and I can get more if and when I want it.

  • Hi Rachelle, this is Darla. Yep I knew about you and my hubby but I don't really care. We haven't had s** since I found out he had been sleeping with every man, woman, or animal on the planet and has since contracted full blown AIDS so he feels the need to sleep with everything that moves before he dies. Good luck with that, hope he told you.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but no STDs for either of us. Very clean. Nasty, yes, but clean.

  • Lol good story did you also go to the moon

  • No, moron, we didn't go to the moon, but we ARE gonna bomb Uranus.

  • You sick s***!

  • You're just jealous.

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