This is a message for all the women out here. Im a 22 year old male going on 23. ok soo i have this panty fetish since i was 12 years old, and got into it more when i was 16 years old. i love wearing panties, looking at them and it just makes me feel sooo great wearing panties! Women are so lucky that they get to wear panties, bc they get to choose from soo many different colors, patterns, prints, styles, stripes, and fabric as well. my favorite style to wear is string bikini panties, they are soo hot! i buy all of my panties, and just the fact they are for me to wear is soo hot!! i dont wear panties all the time, just when i sleep, or when i like to have fun! but i would love to wear panties more often! anyways do any women find it hot that a guy likes or loves wear womens panties???? if so i would love to get your opinion/thoughts on this panty fetish of mine. i love women and would love to be with a woman who thinks its hot that i love to wear panties, and go shopping with my girlfriend for panties, and maybe let me where her panties as well!!

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  • Im 59 and wear nylon panties all the time so there nothing wrong with it

  • I to really love wearing knicker of varying styles colour and patterns I have about 70 in total, so I am realy spoils for choice.The one thing I must emphersise Is that I have purchased them for myself I would not dream of wearing my wife's they are her own personal property we owe it to respect that fact

  • My favorite is Vanity Fair string bikini panties. I wear them 24/7. Wife even will watch me pleasure myself wearing panties. She says that she loves how sensulal it is to touch me and watch me in panties.

  • Nice!! thats soooo your wife is cool with u wearing panties 24/7!!! Also, that she watches you pleasuring yourself in them!!!! I love wearing string bikini panties!!! Want to find in all purple!!!

  • Ha ha,you wear women's underwear.LOL.

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