This is a message for all the women out here. Im a 22 year old male going on 23. ok soo i have this panty fetish since i was 12 years old, and got into it more when i was 16 years old. i love wearing panties, looking at them and it just makes me feel sooo great wearing panties! Women are so lucky that they get to wear panties, bc they get to choose from soo many different colors, patterns, prints, styles, stripes, and fabric as well. my favorite style to wear is string bikini panties, they are soo hot! i buy all of my panties, and just the fact they are for me to wear is soo hot!! i dont wear panties all the time, just when i sleep, or when i like to have fun! but i would love to wear panties more often! anyways do any women find it hot that a guy likes or loves wear womens panties???? if so i would love to get your opinion/thoughts on this panty fetish of mine. i love women and would love to be with a woman who thinks its hot that i love to wear panties, and go shopping with my girlfriend for panties, and maybe let me where her panties as well!!

May 7, 2013

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  • I love wearing panties and would love to go to a panty party!

  • I have been wearing panties ever since I was at school (1979) and i still am. I am right now. I have also tried wearing them with a maxi pad but at work the pad ends up scrunched in my butt.. I am about 65 KG so I can wear schoolgirl panties. I like the white ones best as they dont have peppa pig on!

  • Is there anyone who wants to wear panties with me cause I love to wear panties and maxipads if anyone is interested I will give you my email address and we can talk

  • Roman5477@aol.com

  • I love wearing panties and maxipads anyone else like the same thing cause if you do you can join me cause I will give you my email address

  • I love wearing panties have been since I was 16im know 52

  • I do enjoy wearing them they're very comfortable and very sexy and for some reason lately I've been wanting to have s** with another man for the first time I do not understand

  • I too love wearing nylon panties and pettipants love the feel of panties againt my body .I also love slips half and full nylon a long with panties feels so great .wear panties under my work jeans evey day .amd wear slips and panties around the house when home .


  • I love wearing panties

  • Me to makes me c** fast

  • Love wearing panties, wear them everyday for the last 30 years

  • I like p****

  • I love wearing panties..yep

  • I love wearing panties ...

  • My girlfriend just bought me some pink and blue satin panties and some maxipads and bras if anyone is interested in wearing panties with me please let me know

  • I would like too

  • Im kinda intrested

  • Why does what is between your legs determine your underwear ? Call a woman a lesbian if she wears any male clothing and see what happens. That dude is in panties he must be gay! No, he isn't but your son might be. LOL asshat

  • Straight male who loves wearing panties. No sissy here, buying panties and ammo for my guns the same week. It's not sexual it's better underwear you homophobic cavemen!! I eat p****, wearing panties doesn't make you want d***.....most panty wearing males are normal not sissy boy cocksuckers

  • Love giving head also

  • I'm washington county pa

  • Love wearing panties

  • I wear panties for mother in law she tried me I thought she had left so in her room when I walk in her so soft so sexy my c*** wa

  • Love it

  • My girlfriend just bought me some pink and blue and purple satin panties and some maxipads she said that she loves me in my panties

  • I wore my wifes panties all the time. I wore in front of her. at first it was great then she turned on me. I still wore them..

  • I love wearing panties. I love women wearing them in front of me. I love thong panties.

    I wear womens panties and many women like it.

  • I love wearing panties,,I make money wearing panties

  • Want head

  • I do enjoy wearing sexy lacy bikini panties 24/7

  • I wear panties all the time ,been doing that since I was around 12 use to wear my moms and also my younger sister but were tight on me ,love the feel and color of panties ,wear only nylon panties ,full cut and long leg and pettipants ,

  • Hey I am a white male I have always been bicourious I want to suck a p**** and have a guy f*** me in the ass I love wearing womens bras and panties and lingerie I don’t find men attractive at all but I love the male p**** I want to have s** with a man so bad but can’t seem to act on my feelings I know I am not gay but my butt hole is I am very manly acting but I have a very feminine side I am such a b**** if you want to be my first time hit me up

  • Where are you located?

  • Love to get with you

  • Hello I live in West Viginia and would love to help you

  • Us 12 years olds getting sister's or Mom's panties....decades of panty love.

  • Hello I want you

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