He's always j**********

He jacks off all the time. The worst part is I can tell when he does it, because he won't be able to get it up for another 24 hours. He says it's because he can't help it when he thinks of me, but I think he just can't kick the habit. I love my boyfriend but that just gets really, REALLY annoying especially when I dress up and get all ready to surprise him only to find that he's not up for anything thanks to him and his hand. It sucks!!!!!

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  • Buy a chastity c*** cage ..put it on him and keep and hide the key ...he wont be able to w*** himself or get a h****** ...so when you want him to f*** you then you take it off and he will be gagging to f*** you believe me ...you will have the control then ...you can buy them online all very discreet ..good luck.

  • In my relationship, masturbation is forbidden without permission. Any time we want to be together, we can be. However I want it all the time, and he can never do anything. He'll tell me I'm addicted. Your boyfriend may have this problem. Keep a close eye on him and interrupt when he starts, or tell him it's forbidden (same as cheating). Best of luck.

  • Any dude who prefers his hand to his girlfriend's p**** is damned downright WEIRD

  • Well, why don't you beat him to the punch (so to speak)and jack his d*** off more often so he won't be excluding you for his own hand...

  • Try peeing on his bed,that would set him right.

  • Sounds like he has a problem with delayed gratification. Doesn't understand that if you hold it in and let the pressure build a little the resulting release can be mind blowing. Try giving him an incentive. Pick a date and time for him to come over and tell him he's not allowed to m********* for at least 24 hours beforehand (remind him that you can tell). If he's been a good boy you'll reward him, if not he goes home empty handed. It'll be tough at first, especially if you have to send him home, but in the end you'll have a well trained boyfriend.

  • The j*** sounds like a w*****.

  • He is a w*****

  • Ye I know how he feels it's just a bad habit, but come on why do it when u can get the girl friend to suck u off..

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