I hate my boyfriend watching p***?!

I never even used to care I was like yeah whatever the f***, w*** to what you want like f****** lesbians or whatever. But now sometimes he makes little comments at flaws on my body and it's because of all that p***!!!! Now I try and make him feel bad for watching it because in hindsight he's getting himself off to other women when he has a girlfriend and it really grinds my gears so ugh. yeah. bye. :*

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  • You should give him t** for tat. watch p*** yourself and compare him to all of the men in the scenes you see, bet that will stop him real fast with the judgmental s***

  • First of all remember that you are not in competition with these women. He has ZERO chance with them or anyone who looks remotely like them. Second, he's an idiot. If you want a woman to have s** you have to make her feel sexy and desirable. Undermine her confidence and the last thing she's gonna want to do is f*** you. Finally, let him know that any suggestions on your appearance need to be made in a supportive, non-judgemental manner; and need to be things you can actually do something about. I doubt he'd appreciate commentary on the size and shape of his p****.

  • Hi,
    You let your man watch p*** without going batshit crazy on him? You are a goddess. Problem is that guys that wach to much start believing that women are like that in the real world.WRONG, iv'e found that women have a lower self esteem than men in many ways(thanks Entertainment tonight) and that other unrealistic bullshit about image thats forced on our tv sets. Maybe ask if you can watch one with him..and don't pick it apart for poor content and writing, you little gals like to do that..we know its low brow. But I'll bet he will start responding to you from the stimulus on the screen. To put it bluntly, I get extremly turned on if a girl will watch a p*** with me and the s** is always amazing because i'm thinking of her and not the movie:)

  • If he was satisfied sexually he probably wouldn't be making comments about your body. He's been watching p*** his whole life, this is not something new that he is suddenly "learning". How often do you have s**? Do you get creative with him? I know that if my girlfriend doesn't have s** with me in like a week, i start looking at her very critically and start watching more p*** and looking at other girls. It's not intentional, and as aware of it as I am, i can't control it. If i'm fresh off of her rocking my world, her body looks better to me than any p*** star. You should watch some videos and then try some of the stuff you learn on him. He won't stop watching p***, but at least he wont end up having an affair or leaving you.

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