My f***** up fetish

I have a fetish where I j******* to pretending to be eaten by a fat or obese chick. In fact when I was younger I use to m********* inside a garbage bag and pretended I had been eaten by a fat girl and I was in there stomach. This embarrasses and humiliates me, but I'm not the problem the fetish is. I am just a person who engages in fetish behavior and will sort that out. I don't have to change who I am as a person fundamentally. In fact I'm going to let go of these old thoughts and not worry about them along with my fetish.

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  • You are into a fetish known as "vore". It's when someone gets turned on by the thought of being eaten whole by a massively obese person. It's pretty out there but to each his own.

  • Why pretend, why not just get a real live fat chick to swallow your c**? There are more than a few of them out there that will gladly do it and you might just get a halfway decent girlfriend out of it as well. There is nothing wrong with liking the fat girls; H***, somebody has to step up and do it.

  • Have always had this thing for women with huge bubble butts. Kind of a fetish I guess. I am in pure heaven when I have them on all fours taking them from behind. Luv looking down at that big ass while my thighs are slapping against it. I have never shared that like with my friends because they would laugh at me.

  • Chubby chaser.

  • L****, that was good, hey if the librarian is do-able, apologize to her and mention that p*** just blows your mind and ask her if they have any currently in the inventory. see her reaction and if it isn't panic, take it further with her.

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