Im a b**** boy

Me and my girlfriend have the standard relationship at first glance, guy wears the pants. Which I would Im the dominant in the relationship......except in bed. When we have s** I turn into a complete b****, she has made me do all kinds of things most straight guys wouldnt do alone. Even if she's not there, she skypes me and start to dirty talk me, then I turn into a b**** again. She makes me stick things up my ass while bending over on the bed, suck my own d*** (yes guys its possible, one word: Yoga), get upside down and c** into my own mouth. I have no idea why I let her do this to me, but I love it and will always be a f***** up perverted weirdo I guess.

May 16, 2013

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  • Aint nothing wrong with that. You're just submissive sexually. It's a lot more common than you think. If it gives you pleasure and it's not hurting anyone what is wrong with it?

  • Yea thats weird. You have a sad life. she probably have some of this stuff on video some day it will come to haunt you.

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