My All Time Favorite Foot Fetish Videos!

Here is my story i am a huge feet, stomach, hair, chest, leg, and booty fetish nothing gives me more satisfication than staring at ladies feet i like when i describe ladies feet as being smelly which turns me on even more when the ladies dangle their shoes off their feet i go crazy that is my favorite activity of all the foot fetish dangling i does something to me when i see a lady dangle her shoes wildly as if it is no big deal when she knows there are some men who would do anything i mean anything to stare at her feet all day long i also like when ladies cross their legs then twist, twirl, or bend their feet while their ankles make the famous cracking sounds when ladies acknowledge men who have extreme feet fetish i feel they understand where i am coming from even though i know they are toying with me i like when ladies walk in sandals, slippers, flip flops, flats, heels, and any other footwear that expose the ladies feet i like when ladies talk about their feet the size of the ladies feet does not really matter i do not care if a ladies feet is big or small as long as she plays with her feet i am a happy trooper my favorite female danglers/shoeplayers are lexi lapetina, kiri bloore, faustine bollaert, colleen lopez, iman, jennifer aniston, mandy penalver, mistress lilyan, debbie flint, alicia perez, callie northagen, britt irvin, beyonce, jessica alba, charlotte mounter, halle berry, and peggy lipton



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  • I love to smell a pretty woman's feet!

  • Http://

  • Jessica Alba has the feet I love the most. I would crawl over 100 miles of broken glass just to touch her precious feet.

  • Halle Berry's feet! OMG to die for!!!!!

  • Best confession on ConfessionPost!

  • Feet drive me crazy too. More!

  • Very hot list of ladies!

  • You can stop now good luck and god bless

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