My step dad son of of a b****

F***!!! i want to kill my stepfather too because he is a f****** j*** and he is 100 percent an a****** like he would normally be.I hate him so f****** much that i just want to put some poison in his german cholcolate cake. I want a medication that will make him feel dizzy and weak and that he won't be awake for three days. One day I'm gonna go toward his white van and cut some of his wires underneath his van so that the van will keep moving. As soon as my stepfather comes to drive his van, he will start up the van and drive. When the red light hits,my stepfather will look stupid; trying to stop his brakes and the van will keep going. Then BOOOOOM!!! he will ends up in a car crash. Muhahahaha!!!!!!!!!

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  • Had a step sister who was a fat ugly b**** always trying to get me in trouble. We were smoking weed one night and I talked her into giving me head. She said ok, but don't c** in my mouth. Said I wouldn't. She was blowing me when I came. I held her head so she couldn't pull away and forced my full load in her mouth. She gagged and threw up. Revenge, and it felt so damned good in more ways than one. lol

  • That's sorta premeditated murder...enjoy prison.

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