So me and this guy (me being a guy also) have been keeping in touch since college and that's all. A few "hey how's it going" over facebook followed by small talk. I consider him a friend but just one i talk to from time to time since we're living our own lives. One day he finally tells me he's gay. I'm kinda shocked because usually stuff like this u disclose to a close friend or family member and im pretty sure he has closer friends than me.

How do u handle a situation like that? I mean I know that he's still gonna be my friend and it's not like im gonna treat him a different way but....why me? Why not a family member or a friend u see everyday? Idk.. I've had gay and lesbian friends in the past but..i knew they were that way before i met them.

I'm just a little shocked because i've never been in a situation like this before.

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  • Everyone is different. Maybe since he's coming out, he feels the need to share with people. Did he say that you were the first person he's told? Regardless of your limited interaction with him, he trusts you enough to share this with you. Just tell him that you're happy that he could share with big deal. Or even that it doesn't matter to you whether he is straight or gay, you are still friends.

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