Smelling panties

I am a guy that loves to and tries to smell worn girls/womens panties. Even when I am visiting friends and I am in their bathroom, I try to find the laundry basket and smell worn panties if I can. Sometimes I even j*** off on it, if I find a good one.

Am I crazy or are there others doing the same thing?

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  • I love it when I catch guys sniffing my panties. I think its the sexiest thing ever.

  • I would LOVE for you to smell my pretty, black laced panties. Best of luck to you on hopefully finding someone to assist that want.

  • Hey dude you're not crazy, a lot of guys like to sniff a little used panty once in a while, h*** I do it myself. but only like to smell females panties of women/girls who I know or like, I don't go for a strangers panties, I love to fantasize about sexing the owner of the panty while I'm j******* and cuming on their panties also, so it's all normal and you're not the only guy that likes to indulge in panty sniffing....