I'll do anything for you == a*** s**

I don't know if its fear of abandonment, low self esteem, or the girl truly is in love but there comes that magical point in a relationship when she tells you how much she loves you and will do anything for you, when she fears you may be losing interest in her. The point she's so eager to prove herself to you she lets you do anything to her, though she's never done a*** s** before, she won't quit and says she's determined to go all the way.

This is what makes or breaks the relationship for me cause for me there's nothing more beautiful than when a woman struggles through a*** s** to prove her self to her lover. Yes I'm sure its insecurity and selfishness on my part but the harder her struggle the more meaningful her sacrifice is. I don't usually go easy on her and do my best to challenge her tolerance for pain. I loved when my girlfriend's face winces and her teeth grit, and she clutches the sheets and tries to hide her face in the pillows.

My current submissive girlfriend is a cutter and has panic attacks when she thinks I'm abandoning her, so I allow her to prove her love. I know she is serious because I'll often bring her to tears and she actually will cry but never tells me to stop. I used to debate whether or not to stop but as time went on I became somewhat desensitized. She is bipolar and every now and then snaps at me and we have an understanding that when she snaps at me she should be prepared for a harsh a*** session where I will keep going hard and fast and will keep going even if she screams. She is clearly in agony but panics if I stay mad at her for long so she'll immediately offer her self to me so I can let out my frustration on her. She'll cry she'll scream but she'll accept it so that we can move on. Its this display of willingness and strength to handle it leads me to be affectionate with her after words. I've had submissive girlfriends before but thus current girlfriend is special.

Does any one else have a physically rough relatonship like this? I cant be alone.

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  • I am a girl and I'm the same way. I would do anything for my boyfriend to keep him happy and with him. I've done all kinda of crazy s***.

  • Was messing with one who was 28 and mother of two. Fugly as could be, fat butt and thick in the middle but nicest DD t*** and they didn't hang that low for being DD. My wife's DDs hang to her belly button. She was very submissive I am sure because very few guys would f*** her except maybe just once. I'd stop by from work daily and f***** her for 6 months. She may have been ugly but that was the BEST ass I EVER got in my entire life. Just how many 28 year olds would willingly f*** a 52 year old guy out of shape like I am and enjoy it as much as I did.

  • You are a very lucky man: she can't really win an argument, and you can't ever lose one. You need to recognize just how incredibly fortunate you are, and never let this girl get away from you. Why? Because you will never find anyone else who will give you what she gives you.

  • Here's my take on it: Your girlfriend's a little f***** up and she knows she's a little f***** up. This is her way of proving she's devoted to you. Her way of saying "Yes, I'm broken but you'll never find anyone more loyal and devoted to you than I am." It's like a guy who is less than well-endowed going all out with foreplay, he's putting in the extra effort to make up what he lacks elsewhere.

  • No, you are not alone. Submissive women have a desire to humble themselves deeply and (sometimes) publicly, and the more submissive they are, the more the humiliation carries with it an increasing element of pain. They want to be roughed up, and some even will admit to having a rape fantasy that you allow them to live out by pounding them in exactly the way you describe. Just be careful and don't ignore any repeated refusals to take the a*** treatment you're giving, but as long as she's taking it and understands that she is actually asking for it, keep giving it, because YOU ARE GIVING YOUR GIRL EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS AND WHAT SHE NEEDS.

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