That ass

Before I begin I have to give the background to all of this. I hang out with a group of online friends and we mostly talk on skype and what not. Two months ago two of them got together. And you know we were all so happy, cause we thought it was just the cutest thing, and being that we had been talking for so long we all approved of the relationship.Regretfully I approved too.
Now the relationship was all good and we weren't really bothered by it at first except for dropped calls when one of the couple would be hosting and then would just leave without warning.
I guess from that point things should have been clued in to us that there was something wrong with the guy because his reaction to us was just blown out of proportion.
From there the relationship began to slide. the guy getting jealous over a cartoon character that the girl was a fan of. He got so jealous that he blew up on her, and hearing about it from them should have been a clue. To start the guy said he had blew up on her and then told her that he would control his anger issues and wouldn't get mad over the cartoon again. But what i found out from the girl was that the guy had made her promise not to mention the cartoon ever again and that if she didn't he would hurt himself. He had manipulated it so that the girl was the one doing all of the work in the relationship and so that he didn't have to change. But like I said I didn't hear any of this until later and by then it was too late.
So you know when I heard it from the guy I just laugh it off because I found the whole thing to be ridiculous, I mean come on who got jealous of a cartoon character. And from there it progressed he made her give silly promises, one being on to come in the main chat where everyone hang out at on a certain day, and he told it would be her day and that they would talk to each other on that day. And yet he didn't make the same promise she did, and through out the day he would be in the chat posting stuff and it just p***** me off that he would expect things from her but not want to give as well. And get this he didn't contact her at all on the day that was to be their day, no she was supposed to be out of contact with everyone be with him for a s***** day and they didn't even talk to each other. Its funny right and get this the mother f***** sent her another message asking he to take the next day off the chat, too and make it a day just for them also. gosh let me tell you I really wished I could reach through the scene and punch him at that point.
I really wanted to blow up on him then but I didn't because she wasn't supposed to be talking to anyone on that day and I didn't want to cause her any more problems then she already had. So I kept it in, helping her keep her s***** relationship together even though it was the last thing I wanted to do and I told her that, too.
And well it came to head one day, their relationship had gotten to the point where he had turned a confident and very pretty girl into a self conscious person who thought they were nothing. And she was jealous of one of the other girls in our group because she felt that he was harboring feelings for that girl. Truth to tell I agreed with her all of the evidence added up and it just seemed to suspicious. SO she wanted me to tell him all of this for her. And long story short a few days after I told him all of this the girl she was jealous of posted in the main chat a conversation she had with the guy. And lo and behold they were talking about his girlfriend insecurities and he was spreading everything about her in such a way that she came out as a jealous harpy who was too clingy. It p***** me off, first of all he had no right telling her feelings like that to the very same girl she was feeling inferior to. Second he had no right to paint her in such a way,because all that that said was that her feelings meant s*** to him. And third the fact that he had just not five minutes ago come from ranting to me about how he hated it when his girlfriend spread their conversations, and then was doing the very same thing he hated her doing p***** me off beyond proportions. And the group just happened to be in a call and I just happened to scream and shout at him all of the s*** I really felt about him and I must say it felt good. Sadly the girlfriend wasn't in the call and so she missed the whole thing,or I should say she missed everything that he hadn't bother to tell and knowing him he twisted it around and s***. But to end it they are still together and he had proposed to her wanting to marry her, she said yes, and she is lying to herself saying she is happy when he is making her life a living h***, but cant do anything because she is avoiding me in the main chat and in the private messages because he is mad at me. For all I care he can take his anger choke on it, at least then he would be less of a bother that way.

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  • What are you 12? Go outside and play.

  • This is my life and I can live how I want to. I am venting what has been on my mind for the longest, that is why it is in the venting section, duh.

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