I want to play with my b****

That I really want to do fun things with my b****. Like, the pencil test where you stick a pencil under your b**** and if it can hold it you're big enough for a bra. I like to do that. I wish I could think or more things to stick under them. Or like the test where you see if your b**** touch the wall before your nose does. I want to be able to do other games and stuff like this.

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  • . This girl and two guys approached us and the girl commented on the saying on my Wife's shirt. The girl looked very young, she told my Wife she had a fake ID that said she was twenty-one. She claimed to be twenty, but to me she looked fifteen. She explains to my Wife that she only looks young because she is so thin and has an "A" cup bust. She tells my Wife that her boyfriend makes her wear a bra so that at least she will have some shape. She tells my Wife that she can understand why my Wife needs to wear a bra because of the size of her b****. My Wife tells her that she is not wearing one. The girl doesn't believe her and pulls out the front of my Wife's shirt and looks down at my Wife's b****. Now the girls goes into this rant about how my Wife's body is "amazing". She tells her that her boyfriend is very shy and is afraid to ask my Wife to Flash. My Wife says sure and pulls her shirt up. The girls hands go immediately to my Wife's b****. She starts saying how she can't believe how little they drop considering how big they are. She lifts my Wifs's b**** several times and let's then fall into her hands. Then she squeezes them and says she can't believe how firm they are. She starts asking my Wife if her back bothers her because of the weight and wouldn't it be nice to have someone walk around behind her and hold them up. At this point she moves behind my Wife and reaches around and cups both b****** with her hands.
    At this point I look over at the two guys. Her boyfriend has a camera and is taking pictures and the other older guy has a video camera. I don't know that much about cameras but I do know that on a still camera the red beam is the auto focus and flashes for each picture and with a video camera the red beam stays on all the time the camera is recording. By this time they must have thirty seconds of their friend playing with my Wife's naked t***. The girl and my Wife now laugh some more and then the three of them walk away.
    I'm wondering how many

  • A pencil under b**** doesn't mean big enough for bra. it means you have saggy b****. It's not a good thing...

  • Baggy b**** are disgusting.that is why i am gay.

  • Boobies.

  • So do it, they're your b**** you can do what you want with them. It's great that you enjoy them and no doubt your partner will feel the same way. Have fun with them, have fun being a girl and love your body no matter what anyone says.

  • I'd like to stick my c*** under them.

  • Someone hasn't hit puberty yet..

  • Hey ive been looking for a girl to show me the way out of virginity

  • I'd like to stick my c*** under them.

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