I want to be raped

I know that in real life it's wrong and all and I don't want it to happen to me in the wrong way, but I love the idea of a big strong hunk taking control of me and having his way with me. I want him to handcuff me to my bed and spread my legs open and gag me when I try to scream. From there I want him to abuse me with s** toys and play with my spread p****. Then I want him to f*** me hard, and then decide when it's all over that he wants to keep me.

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  • You are the worse h***** i ever paid for,and i want my money back.

  • Nothing wrong with that. Like others have said, it's pretty common to have that kind of fantasy. Find someone you love and trust, and read up on dubcon [dubious consent] play.

  • Don't pay attention to the nay sayers. It's a very common fantasy. Nothing wrong with you..you may be a submissive. I'm a Dom and can tell you most submissives have rape fantasies. Take it slow...get with a Dom and work your way up to a rape fantasy scenario. It's a deeper level of bdsm and requires a great deal of trust on both parts.

  • Really great advice: follow it.

  • Don't say you want to be raped,rape is the UNWANTED sexual violation of another person. I think you want to be roughly dominated and that's okay with a trusted partner but plz don't get the 2 mixed up. Pll who are raped don't get sexual pleasure from it, its a terrifying experience that leaves many women permanently scarred mentally emotionally and physically. The difference between what you want and what rape is ,is control. Your setting the scene for yourself with exactly what you want rape doesn't give you that luxury.

  • That's a wonderful fantasy! You should definitely role play it with your boyfriend or significant other. Just be sure to use a safeword so no one gets hurt.

  • Alot of women have rape fantasies. The kicker is they want all this nasty s*** done to them but wanna be the victim so they don't have to lose their "innocence".

    Woman:"OH NO!! Don't share me with ur friends and have them all c** all over me while i have a d**** in my ass!"

    Woman: (aww...)

  • Are you skinny or a fatso.if you are fat.you have to pay me 50 grand for rape.10 grand for just talking to you.100 dollers for just hugging you.500 dollers for just kissing you.if you are not a hot girl.you have to pay alot of money for my time.sorry,i want money.

  • Listen dogs keep posting stuff like that and gonna get in trouble when someone reports you

  • It is all jut a joke,can't you take a joke about all this.i am just saying to this person that wrote this confession post.hey listen,you want love,you gotta pay for it first.that is all i am saying.this is not sweden,this is north america.brothels are not legal in north america,but they are legal in sweden.all i am saying to this person,is i am willing to love her for a good price.

  • Should be pretty easy to find someone like that here for you

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