What the H*** am I Thinking?

How can I love and want to be with this woman who has/is:

Coke Addict (5 mo clean?)
Rehab 3 times
Almost Successful Suicide
Inpatient Psy 4 times
No Job in 3+ years
Huge Lies

Don't get me wrong I have my faults but none of them even close to the level of these. How can you love someone so broke and self destructive? But yet I do! I feel like an emotional r*****!

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  • If you're a typical male, none of that matters as long as she looks hot. Everything you mentioned is neatly canceled out by a small waist and big ol' tittays. Then, after she's sucked your soul out, cheated on you and maybe stolen some of your $hit, you'll get to whine like a betch about how "all women are nasty" or something mature like that. Looking forward to hearing your bitter diatribe here on CP when you can't tear off any more of that mentally compromised tail.

  • And,also how your a 'nice guy' who always get's 'hurt'

  • Well mate ive been there married to one for 20 years virtually everything you said apart from bankruptcy, get the f*** out best thing i ever did

  • F*** that noise, leave that alone because you're only putting a noose around your neck

  • Some pll like a project its not that your in love with her ,its just her faults probably give you a sense purpose.Pll do this for many reasons but you have to see that no one can make her into that person you or she wants to be she needs to fix herself and if your there wants shes healthy maybe you can start something real with her but at this moment pain is the only thing she will give you not love.

  • Love is blind. But it shouldn't be f****** stupid.

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