He's not what he said he was...time to GTFO!!!

He and I are mid-forties. We met online, talked, hit it off. I brought up sexual things, told him that I m*********, he told me that he didn't "need" to m*********.
I didn't believe him, and after we have lived together for well over a year, he has lied to me about this so many times...I have set him up to know when the s** lube (when we had it, before he threw it away because "it causes too many problems") was used, putting dust on the lid, it was kept in the bathroom of the very small place we lived...
He actually had the nerve to accuse someone else in the neighborhood (we were living in a campground then, waiting for a better place) of coming into our living space and using the lube. Yeah, RIGHT...very valuable things lying around that were never stolen/vandalized/moved...are you really 12 years old? This from someone who is retired military. Really, now: do you EXPECT anyone, including me, to believe this bullshit?
Ok, I have seen his hiding out in the bathroom, then coming out all grayfaced and wiped out, not interested in s** (because he had relieved his selfish ass just inches away from me, due to his ability to have silent o****** from decades in the military/close quarters).
I have also seen that his testosterone seems to be very low, he refuses to get it checked.He only does THREE THINGS FAST: eating, reading, and COMING.I am going to find someone who is a good kisser and lover, and also someone who is willing and eager to have hot s** with me on my period. If you can wade through mud, YOU CAN F*** THROUGH BLOOD. My s** life with him is no life at all: he is only good at two things - eating loads of s***, and paying for things.No wonder he throws money at women he barely knows, including me. He knows that he is totally inadequate sexually (nice body and face and nice p****, but kisses like he's taking temperature with tip of tongue, and is horrible at oral s**, and comes way too fast). He seems to be apologizing in advance for his horrible skills as a lover. Doesn't want to learn, and should stick to hookers and other women that will LIE to him about his almost nonexistent abilities to even marginally sexually please a woman.

And he also lies about his head-swiveling appreciation of just about every decent-looking woman in view. Just f****** admit that you are a normal man, and that you are not dead! He wont do this...he argues and tells me that I am imagining things. Yeah, I am imagining that I signed up for a REAL MAN who didn't make lies and excuses for being human. Respect is all about not lying to the other person about important s***. This s*** is important...what else has he been lying about, when he can't be honest about s** and the opposite s**? He knows all about my love of masturbation and checking out men (and women)...I am female, BTW. He has lied for no reason that I call valid, since the beginning of this "relationship".I have to get mine and get the non-f*** out...this guy would pay for my life for the rest of my life...HOWEVER, I would rather work two part-time jobs and eat beans and rice most days and have a HOT S** LIFE with a man who ADMITS to being a red-blooded man, THAN TO LIVE WITH A SELF-LOATHING A****** WHOSE ONLY SAVING GRACE IS TO KEEP UP APPEARANCES SO HIS FAMILY DOESN'T CONTINUE TO THINK THAT HE IS A TOTAL FAILURE IN RELATIONSHIPS. His ex-wife f***** him over, denied him s** but he stayed over 5 years after she started cutting him off, "because I took a vow." H***, NO - the man cuts me off, I AM G-O-N-E!!!!! Life is too short to have a s***** or no s** life. S** with him is not even a turn on...I used to love him, but I won't kill him...he's a good guy, if you are into self-loathing wimps who can't even learn to kiss well. He jacks off in secret, even when I told him at the beginning of the relationship that I have no problem with masturbation; I only have a problem with LYING.Thanks for the money, I am building myself up by working all the time so I can LEAVE YOUR ASS and find someone who isn't OLD BEFORE THEIR TIME and who also likes to f*** a lot and isn't just OK with settling for a woman who won't leave them.
Guess what? I'm gonna be the THIRD WOMAN to leave you. Good on YOU for continuing to believe that the woman is the only one who can f*** up a relationship with you: YOU ARE SO WRONG.Believe me now? Probably not. You can do no wrong in your eyes. Any apologies you have said to me are empty...it's a shame, because you make good money and are the ideal of the "good guy"...but you lie to yourself, and you therefore lie to others.
I wish you luck with making your family proud, may you find the passive cow who will not question anything about you and make you believe that you have achieved the dream. Me? I went looking for a good guy, and found a good guy "on paper". I would rather be broke the rest of my life than to sell myself out for an empty, sexually dead relationship with someone who has l*** for his brother's wife. LIAR!

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  • Good you got that off your chest. Seems like your p***** that he masturbates....hmm What you need is to be bound, blind folded and have your hair pulled...bent over and be given a good firm spanking! At least as a start.

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