Ass play

For awhile now my girlfriend has been rubbing my a****** when we have s** or when she gives me a b******. I think it feels great and want her to push the envelope even further. I am afraid she will think it is weird if I ask her to put a finger in my ass. What's a not so embarrassing way of doing this?

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  • Do it! When she's rubbing you, tell her in a sexy voice...oohhh...put it in me...she will be so hot! While she's doing it, say things like "Oh yeah, finger me, finger f*** my ass"...she'll be juicing up good. Maybe you can discuss her getting a strap on and f****** you. It feels great and you'll have an explosive c******. You might want to use an enema first (not the laxative type!) so you'll be nice and clean, that makes it even hotter, when there's no fear of uncleanliess.

  • I let my wife f*** me with a strap on I love it the bigger the better

  • If she's already playing with your ass, she's into it. She's waiting for you to tell her to finger you

  • Same wife bends her leg while im on top so my open cheeks straddle her thigh as she sucks my nipples. I get excited and thrust my ass onto her thigh and say things like do it....i feel so slutty...make me your w**** but she hasnt offered tp go any farther.
    What else can i do?

  • Ask her!!!!!! stop being a p****. if you want her to do it, you have to ask hee\r

  • Just be patient she will do it sooner or later. .. just tell her when she does it that u really like it

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