Stupid b******!

I got this nice dress from a friend and its one of the dresses that you put on from the bottom... You put your feet in then pull up. I was trying it on earlier today and my b****** where to big to get the dress over! It was annoying as f***!

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  • I had the same thing happen last Easter when i was 15.I was going to be baptized at easter vigil and a friend of mine loaned me her poofy,white,short sleeve,above the knees baptism dress and matching bonnet to wear for the ceremony.Three days before i tried the dress on and it fit snug on me and held my b**** in so i looked kind of flat chested!Since i was a little bit taller than she is,the bottom of the dress came to my midthighs!I wore the traditional white tee shirt with the cloth diaper and plastic pants under the dress with the lace socks and white 'mary jane'shoes.I looked like a little girl with my somewhat flat chest! The worst part was when i bent over to recieve the water on my head,the dress went up in back and everyone saw my diaper and plastic pants!

  • I like how this was posted just so she could read feedback about her b****** smh women these days

  • So theres nothing wrong with that, im sure youve posted stuff just so you could brag. so you need to get off her case.

  • Is there anyway to put the dress on from the top? if not then ask your friend for the receipt so you can get a bigger size, just tell her you really like the dress but its not fitting in certain areas and it needs to be bigger.or better yet you can ask where she got it from and get it yourself in a bigger size no one the wiser.

  • I did... But they have stopes ordering the dresses and are all out (it was a recall because one of the seams are messed up)

  • Could you afford to take it to a tailor? they could alter the dress for you.

  • *facepalm* never crossed my mind. Thank you!

  • *stoped

  • Actually, hun, it's "stopped".

  • Thank you. Spelling is not my high point XD

  • Please post a video with you showing us exactly what happened...a re-creation. We must see this to properly analyze and then a decision can be rendered. If you need help with video production or props, please contact me.

  • ... Maybe

  • Is it bad that i dont feel bad that you have huge b****?

  • You don't need to feel bad

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