Can't get my boyfriend to c** :(

Lookings for advice - my boyfriend and I work on every level. We've been together five months and the conversation is amazing, we're into all the same stuff, incredibly attracted to each other and yet the s** is just not working. In all areas of "sexual-ness" its great, but s** itself just isn't working. Am I alone in this? How can I fix it?

Jun 30, 2013

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  • If not some medication, maybe he plays with himself too much or too roughly. A hand has strength/control a p**** can't ever have, but a p**** much smoother, softer than even the softest hand. Still after months/years a guy can have built up a certain level of friction necessary due to not having anything else for so long. Sometimes a few days without any stimulation can help to reboot/reset his triger level (don't be cruel... 3 maybe 4 days tops!) Or so used to his own hand/technique that another person can't do it just right for him. No one knows a guy's c*** better then himself. Be open and ask him to show you how he likes to do it (maybe ask him to let you see him jerking off so you can see what he does). Tell him its ok to direct you, tell you exactly what to do. Might be too polite to tell you when you are going too slow/fast not hitting it just right anymore, etc. Maybe he has some a kink he thinks is really bad/nasty/perverted and he cant get off without it, but he is afraid to tell you what it is. Don't worry, you will give him off eventually!

  • Lol! Usually it's the other way around. Maybe your doing everything wrong.......maybe. Be more specific and I might be able to help you

  • Check his medication - there's lots of stuff out there like antidepressants and stuff that'll wipe out a man's libido. And it don't have to be drugs, it could be like a food allergy or something.

  • Is he able to bring himself to completion when he masturbates? If so what does he think about to help get him there? This will give you insight into what turns him on. Beware of self-censoring. He might feel some of it is too weird to share. Assure him that you love him and will do your best not to judge but that you NEED him to be honest with you.

  • Hes gay! Keep him as a bff but get guy with a good hard c*** that will c** all over ur p****! Then have that loser lick it I bet u he will c** while doing that

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