Havent had s** in 2 years

Right here it goes...

I am obsessed with rough violent s** however my husband is terrified of it. Last time we had s** he said I am to demanding in the bedroom. I didnt think there was such a thing. Personally I dont get it as I thought men loved s**? However this is just the begining.

My s** life is lacking the most critical part the s**. Never in my life have I become so heavy with masturbating. Every day I will call him when I get home from work just to figure out how much time I have with my vibrator or d****. I m********* to p*** modt of the time like bondage, rough s**, g******** etc. P*** hub has become my most hit list on my ipad. Otherwise I will run twisted fantasies through my head. This still isnt enough.

I have had constant thoughts of finding someone to fulfill this desire yet I can't cheat as I would feel so guilty. Yet I am obsessed with rough forceful s** and there is no one to take advantage of me.

Whats worse is he brags about s** to his mates like he is a pro. Maybe he is having this mindblowing s**.... just not with me.

Could it be I am to kinky?


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  • My situation was the opposit my bloke wanted it rough but I was unsure. One night after a drinking session, he said his mates(5) were comming back and I had to be a hostess, at home he stripped me to my stockings and suspunder and ordered me to serve drinks. I said no and he ripped my clothes off, my p**** was wet and I took the drinks to the boys, my big t***(38dd) swayed as I walked in they felt me and got her c**** out and forced me to my knees and a c*** put in my mouth and one into my c*** and the f***** me taking turns in my mouith and c***. I subitted and loved it but comlained to ease my consiance but I loved it

  • Men have just as much right to set limits as women. That being said we all have the responsibility to accommodate our partners to the best of our ability. Perhaps you can compromise? Something that will satisfy some of your desires without pushing him too far out his comfort zone? A frank discussion about the safewords, negotiated limits and scripted scenes may help to alleviate some of his fears and give him the confidence to experiment a little.

  • I don't know it's not too much too ask. If it were me I f*** you upside down if you wanted and j*** all in your mouth and make you swallow it like a dirty w****. Tell him you really want to have s** and gradually work him up too it.

  • Wow he a fool, I'd tie you up and tease you for a long time make you c**, then f*** you like a w**** and s**** in your mouth

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