I am a Closet Sissy C*********

I am sissy billie and i can't think of anything but sucking c*** and eating sperm. i love to dress in women's clothes. i love to be feminine. i love to be controlled by women, embarrassed and humiliated in front of lot's of people, and i really want to be pimped out. i want all my old girlfriend's to find out i am a sissy c*********. i would love to be forced out of the closet by my friend natalie. i want to be in a bisexual bukake film. most people would never imagine what a pervert i am, but i want to be forced to come out by a strong, dominant woman or dominant man.

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  • Im a sissy and want to please real men

  • Me too, but only in front of women.

  • Im a closet sissy fck.dolly also,have a married guy fck me up the butt hole once and awhile,love his huge b**** deep inside me,rich is his name,always blows huge loads in my mouth,luv sissybobby

  • I am always thinking of c***..i know I am a sissy f**..i adore real men and want to please them...ashley

  • I feel the same way. Always thinking of sucking c*** while I'm all dress up slutty . I would love to be force to give BJ's and pimped out myself. Paula

  • I know who you are!! L****!! I always knew you were a f**! You are billie ------, the c*********!! Now I know why you could never get hard with me, and always wanted to know when I went on dates and asked if I used condoms!! Maybe I should have brought the condoms home for you! Maybe I should have f***** Mike or Mark without condoms and then let you lick my p****. How about doin a cuckold creampie video for Bang Bros!!? Time to come out of the closet, billie!!

  • Omg, you do know!! I am so happy you know. I can tell its you because of what you said about dating and condoms and Bang Bros. I would do a bukake or cuckold cream pie video for Bang Bros. You can still control and dominate me. You can p*** me out too. I really wish you did bring the condoms home for me and let me lick the c** from your p****. Do you remember when I licked somewhere else? i loved doing that. I wish you would humiliate me. Please give a gay guy my number and leave me a msg or text telling me you exposed me. Thank you so much NR (your former name). I'll always love you and will be your slave anytime you command me. Please make me into a f** c*********.

  • My friend Natalie just introduced me to a gay black man and told him she thought i was in the closet!!! My dream come true! I have a job doing some work for him and I can't wait to see what he will make me do. I am so happy she has finally taken control and put me in an embarrassing position. I can't wait for him to take control of me and make me suck his c***. Even better, I can't wait for her to know that I sucked him off and ate his sperm. I can't wait to see her eyes, the look on her face, when she asks me if I sucked his c***! Such delicious humiliation! My dream come true!

  • I want you on me. Exclusively.

  • my c*** gets hard when i think about doing you in front of your girlfriends. but maybe what we really need to do is keep your secret a secret, have you actually marry one of the girlfriends, and then surprise her on your wedding night by letting her watch me do you and having you tell her "he owns me and he owns my ass". then i'll pull my d*** out of your ass and stick it in your mouth .......... and then have you kiss her.

  • I wanna feed you my c***.

  • You are now my s** slave,Mr.Slave.you need a spanking.Jesus Christ.

  • You are sooooooo hot, God!!! I want to suck your d***, and then tongue-f*** your ass, and I want to do that in front of your girlfriends, and then in front of your co-workers, and then in front of your parents. Can you tell I want to taste ALL OF YOU? Cuz I totally do!! I mean, I know that doesn't humiliate you, but I want to do it anyway!!! I want that meat and that ass now!!!!!! God, baby, I so totally want you!!!!!!!!

  • love you! want you!

  • I am a c********* and an ass licker &i love it,
    If you wanna do it guy just do it, it's a great life !

  • Bravo! Well said. Well done.

  • while you are serving all these other men i want to serve you. i want to be your slave.

  • Christ, you are sooooooooooo sexy!

  • perverts. disgusting.

  • Can I please just say that I love you too? You are exactly what I need and want.

  • h*** if this is gonna turn into a g****** competition to own your mouth and ass then i want a shot at enslaving you too bcuz you sound so f****** eager that i love it. but i have to say that im probly a little more twisted than the other guys who are out to get you. for example........do you like being throated till you gag repeatedly? do you like pulling a train? and especially --- do you like getting golden showers? if you like that last one i think its something we would do in front of 3 or 4 of your girlfriends......and maybe their parents. would you enjoy that?

  • Ido love being throated until i gag over and over, and i do love pulling a train and being split roasted. i would love taking your shower, especially in front of my old girlfriends Natalie, Jodi, Florence, Anne Marie, and my ex-wives Lisa and Terri. i would love them to see me eat sperm and take pictures and videos and post them online. i am such a f**, a sissy, a subbie.

  • Do that in front of my wife please!

  • If that other guy doesn't take you on as his slave, I will. And you will love the way that I would make you serve me. But more than that, you'll love having me take you around to all your old girlfriends and show them what your true sexual orientation is. And I mean "show" them, not just tell them. You can probably imagine what that would entail, but if not, let me just say that it would involve you taking me inside your body right in front of each girl. Yes, we would "show" them, and we would also be putting on a real "show". I love your attitudes and your appetites. LOVE THEM! And I could easily make you fall in love with me. And you would love the way my c** tastes!

  • Oh my gosh! This is so hot! It's just the thing i dream about! taking you in my mouth, while i am all dressed up like a sissy,-in front of all my old girlfriends! oh my! this is what i really want! how can we make this happen? how do i get in touch with you Master? i want to taste you so badly! please tell me what to do! Please!

  • There is nothing wrong with being a guy and wanting to sucking c*** or wearing lingerie. Why should women have all the fun. You may want to giver your host some desert after you suck his c*** and by r****** (licking) his ass. I m sure both of you will enjoy the experience. On this subject, I am talking from experience ! Eat away !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you two faggots should be ashamed of yourselves. this is disgusting. just disgusting. all this talk about d**** and sucking and a****. god it makes me sick. you make me sick.

  • Please ignore this nutjob moralizer. The two of you are so good together and so hot together, that your relationship as master and servant just HAS to happen. That would be a very beautiful thing. And it would make the world a better place. You need each other, and we need for you to be together.

  • Oh my! Master where are you? i love your comment. i would love a shirt like that. oh how i would love to serve you! how can i find you? i am on my knees, mouth open, waiting for you! i bet your sperm is delicious! i wish i could meet you or talk to you!

    love dckd!

  • I'm a master and I would totally love to dom you, and ruin you for other men. I think you're hot, and I think you'd make a wonderful sub. [And by way of irony, the verification code that was needed to make this post was "DCKD", as in "dicked", which is what I would like to do to you. I kid you not: that was the code. And I would love to "d***" you -- all night -- and make you my own personal sweet b****. In fact, I'd get you a shirt to wear when we went out that says, "DCKD". And that's what you would be.....all the time.]

  • Well, you've gotten a lot of attention since I wrote, haven't you. I have been thinking about you, thinking about dicking you constantly, thinking about filling your belly with c**, thinking about filling your ass with c**, thinking about all the ways we can humiliate you in front of people, thinking about how sweetly submissive you are and how good we will be together as a couple. Do you want my d*** in you? Or have you connected with one of these other posers who know nothing of how to treat a man in heat? You and I both know that you will always be DCKD, but the question is......by whom?

  • Oh my gosh,just read your comments and would luv to have some one like you do all tbose dirty things to me,ps.you have my sissy clitty leaking thru my lacy pink panties,luv,sissybobby

  • Still need to be dicked!!

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